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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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The Age of the Ineffably Uncivilised. The Enlightenment as ‘EnDarkenment’.

The self-immolation of Western Civilisation has a 300 year history.

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How did the West end up mangled, self-immolated in an orgy of Covid Fascist governance, which has no basis in science, medicine, common sense, legality or morality?  How did a flu with an infection rate of 0.15%, and a death rate of 0.3% lead to the destruction of Western civilisation or what was left of it?  The Covidian project viewed in the longer duration of history, is a logical and appropriate last chapter to Western civilisation. 


For the modern conceit, immersed in egotistical ‘me-isms’, debauched by its own propaganda, the world is the ‘age of science’, the ‘age of information’, the ‘age of knowledge’, the ‘age of light’, saturated with the profound numbness of ‘social media’ and ‘streaming’ entertainment, enraptured by naturalism and materialism, with the inevitable philosophical conclusion that these non-sciences will lead to; namely, the human viewed as a pathogen, a virus, at best just an economic unit without the redeeming features of its supposed cousin the ape, an evolved disease worse than cancer.  This modern hatred of the human, and its Western ‘virus variant’ contained within the Marxist-Philosophes lipids of anti-White racism which has spread throughout the bloodstream of a dying and anaemic society, has its roots in the 18th century. 


As with most Orwellian projects the opposite of modern propaganda, which includes its panegyrics to the ‘Enlightenment’ is true.  The modern age, in the age of Flu-Fascism, Covidism, the fatal and obnoxiously ignorant conceits of ‘medical science’, is far from ‘en-light-ened’.  It is en-dark-ened, a base, mendacious, totalitarian and forlornly, wearily insipid doddering, near dead construct.  The West has been emasculated, debauched and will soon fail.  The genesis of this demise is easily traced back to the formation of the modern Dark Age in the ‘Enlightenment’, where men who built and did nothing of importance, exchanged reality for word salads and naturalism; where culture, heritage, respect of the past, along with individual rights and character were traded for phases and dialecticism; where direct governance was sold for the corruption of representation; where self-management bartered away to the state; where local and individual responsibility was usurped by national absolutism.  The Divine Right of Kings was a 17th century Protestant invention and, in its wake, came the Philosophes actively supporting the eradication of the individual and natural law rights; for those granted by the state and its institutions.  The ‘rights of men’ promulgated the Philosophes, were nothing of the kind.  They were simply the rights of State.  The Church, the family, the individual all consumed by the State, who would perhaps, grant some rights back to those now subsumed in the never-ending project of state power accretion. 


The only exception to the above was the American Constitution which tried to limit government but has failed and with the stolen election of 2020 by what should be termed the Communist Party, has failed spectacularly.  The United States is better named the Failed States.  Votes do not matter, neither is law much observed or even considered as relevant.  The US Constitutional Act of 1789 lasted barely 150 years, before Eisenhower admitted that the ‘military-industrial complex’, meaning the grinding gears and organs of omnipresent state power controlling all aspects of life, had reached an ascendancy.  60 years later in the Biden-coup, the erection of the Covidian Totalitarian state, his prescience was confirmed.


History is taught through propaganda.  In the West, the Darkness and crass ignorance of 17th and 18th century ‘thought’ is presented as a startling creation of science and learning.  Very little that is novel or even apposite can be traced to this period.  Protestant states, newly formed from the Catholic, eager to criticise and hate what came before, whilst elevating their current as the modern and better; engaged in a wide-ranging fraud of propaganda that would find echoes in the 20th century.  The rewriting of history, now so common in the modern world from vote counts to climate temperatures, to previously accepted historical facts now declared counter-factual, was furious and voluminous.  Given that the Protestants conquered North America and established, for a very short historical period, a civilisation of relative freedom and opportunity, the permeation of these themes in education, popular culture and academia was cemented and disseminated by a common language, and further emboldened by the electronic media of television, computers and websites.


How did the ‘En-Darkenment’ create the destruction of the West?  The 17th and 18th centuries unhinged human experiences from reality and cultural legacy.  All that was old or historical was irrelevant.  Progress was the religious principle.  There was no need for the Bible since the stories (at that time) could not be confirmed (archaeology has long proven the Old Testament true).  Jewish and Greek mores and ethics, whilst interesting were not of much use in a ‘modern’ world, in which an updated more ‘rational’ charter was necessary.  Free masons and others explicitly merged many strains of metaphysics within a governance program to marginalise previous systems of faith, however poorly understood these previous beliefs might have been.  Rationalism propelled forth a crass and anti-science naturalism, in which it was asserted that the Earth was millions-billions-perhaps trillions- of years old and all creatures had common descent from an original, and all ‘evolved’ through natural processes.  The rationalist-dialectical program is first and foremost an attack on reason, reasonableness, faith and non-physical attributes of living in reality.  The ‘Endarkenment’ has led ineluctably to the following:


  • 1.     A rewriting of history
  • 2.     Virulent anti-Christian ethos
  • 3.     Atheism and Marxism
  • 4.     Cults of relativity
  • 5.     Fraud to support various anti-science naturalist theories
  • 6.     Propaganda in education and media
  • 7.     Statism and the appropriation of individual rights
  • 8.     Public Health usurping private rights
  • 9.     Loss of self-defence
  • 10. Outsourcing to the Deep State most aspects of self-determination
  • 11. The rise of academics, academic power and ‘experts’
  • 12. State power forcing obedience and compliance
  • 13. Denigration of the human as a worthless pathogen


Once you deracinate faith, culture and the individual from reality, the rest follows.  Relativity, materialism, deference to the State, the loss of rights and responsibilities, the State owning your health and body, will inevitably lead to a Fascist governance.  Slippery slopes are real.  Once you begin the journey to hell, it cannot be stopped.  It was never paved with good intentions, nor with gold bricks of happy purpose.  From the 17th century onwards, self-elected, self-selected, self-proclaimed ‘professing’ ‘geniuses’ sought to control minds and populations.  Eradicating opposition was their stated aim, through misinformation, propaganda, and anti-science, married with coercion, the threat of physical force, marginalisation, and even death. 


Covidism did not just spring out of the ground fully formed, announcing itself.  It has 300 years of materialist philosophy and development behind it.


The Clock and the Camshaft, J. W. Farrell

And other Medieval Inventions we still can’t live without

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According to Protestant-Atheist-Muslim propaganda the world of the Medieval European Christian was so dark, one could see nothing.  It was a blinding, raging, never ending sea of black, no light, no reason, no understanding, no innovations, no initiatives, never mind science, mathematics, technology or even books.  Squatting, hairy, dirty, senseless, filthy, mired in abject ignorance, unable to speak properly, disavowing the greatness of pagan slave-based Rome or the slave-owning, largely illiterate Greek empires, unmindful of hygiene, nutrition, health, no encounters with a bath; the medieval Christian was a half-naked savage, less worthy than the human-sacrificing Mayans and Aztecs, probably on par with your average African Bushman, who at least has the redeeming quality of being good with a spear.  The era was parlous, full of squalor and stupid, good for nothing except as a bad memory of illiterate barbarism, Gothic in every way.


So runs the current propaganda in train since the 17th century (or 15th if we include the arrogant and quite talentless Petrarch), manufactured in the main by people who could not, and cannot do anything.  They did not, nor do they now, invent, create, build, fabricate, improve, or even deign to understand complexity.  The complicated nature of medieval life and its attendant progress, wealth, innovation, is like the created world, plain to see, if one has the eyes and open mind for it.  Without medieval Christendom there is no European world-mastery.  Culture is king, not geography, husbandry, seasonal changes, or luck.


Take the camshaft.  No camshaft no manufacturing.  You only find the invention of the camshaft in Medieval Europe as early as the 9th century.  As Farrell writes, ‘’The camshaft was the key to powering the mass production of cloth, iron, hemp, leather, and paper, all of which benefitted from the repeated force of heavy pounding….As Jeremy Naydler argues, the camshaft represented the first example of machine programming in human history.  By adjusting the cams on a shaft, the millwright could ‘program’ both in what order and at what speed the mill’s trip-hammers would operate….Paper was certainly the result of a fortuitous conjunction of cam and gearing.’


Nothing fortuitous about the interplay of gears and cams.  It was designed and modelled as such.  Tonnes of vellum and parchment gave way to mass produced paper starting in the 15th century.  But long before the 15th century the tools and institutional developments and related processes had been establish for modern science and math.  The Medieval invention of paper and book making simply hastened that on-going initiative.  ‘…a vast intellectual and legal revolution occurred in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in the West, transforming medieval society so that it became a receptive ground for the rise and growth of modern science’.


Innovations in math and science were protected by the creation of Universities funded by the Church and cities through their merchant classes.  The Age of Discovery was one built on such progress including the perfection of the astrolabe and other technologies related to long-distance travel (ship building, the Viking longship, sail power, map making, logistics).  Farrell like most academics wrongly places the Astrolabe as a Muslim creation.  This is ahistorical.  The astrolabe was known to the ancient Romans and Byzantine Greek Christians and was adopted by Muslims through the Jihad and destruction of Christian Levantine and Byzantium territory.  There is no evidence that Muslims improved on the original design confirmed by the fact that Muslims were never to engage in an Age of oceanic Discovery.  The Vikings also invented an astrolabe based on lodestars no later than the 9th century, giving them the confidence to sail to North America.  Different types of astrolabes were common in Europe in the medieval, era some ‘cut down’ to provide portability.  They were widely used no later than the 10th century and abetted the early period of discovery from the savagery of Viking exploration to the first forays in the 15th century around Africa and in the wider Atlantic.


The compass surpassed and replaced the astrolabe no later than the late 13th or early 14th century, again made and developed in Christian Europe, perfected in Amalfi Italy.  This was a round container that protected a mounted magnetic pointer which could rotate around a compass card that featured eight designated directions.  With the compass, portable, easy to use, on board the astrolabe and fear of bad weather or overcast conditions, was greatly reduced.  Accuracy of distance navigation improved considerably.  Detailed charts were made based on the magnetic attraction of the north pole, providing common maps and routes.  Allied with improvements in European ship building the Age of Discovery became a reality. 


The camshaft and the compass are just two of many Medieval Christian innovations.  But you won’t hear much about them.  For those religious dedicated to opposing Europe’s Christian past, these and hundreds of other inventions are just ignored, given to the Muslims, Chinese or non-White Christians as their innovative product, or simply moved into the ‘early modern period’ as an example of the ‘rational, scientific, revolution’, created no doubt by smart, clever people like those ascribing 1000 years of variegated progress the appellation ‘dark’.


There is however, very little that is ‘light’ or clever which is based on dissimulation and ignorance.


‘Reformation Myths’, #3 by Rodney Stark. More science in Medieval Universities than in the modern.

Ignoring the contributions of the past and denigrating real history is anti-science.

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#1 here and #2 here.

The claims that the ‘Protestant Reformation’ created the ‘modern world’, is as obtuse and incoherent as the fantasy that Muhammadanism fabricated ‘capitalism’, or modern banking, or that the backward bronze-age cult of Mecca, fashioned ‘golden ages’ or apogees of civilisational creation.  Modern civilisation, specifically Western Civilisation, is simply an outgrowth of Christianity and in particular the culture, ethos, mores, and technological developments of Christian Europe over a 1400-year era.  This is an indisputable claim founded on facts, reality, and historical veracity.  One can no more ‘segregate’ Catholic Europe and its civilisational mission and historical immensity from our own modern era, than one would separate the forearm from the hand.  The whole is continuous and greater than the parts.


Among the many myths and propaganda issued now in ‘modern’ ‘education’ and ‘learning’, is the idea that ‘Protestantism’ (16th to 19th centuries), created ‘science’ and levered the world out of the depths of Catholic ‘superstition’ and ‘darkness’ into the light of reason and invention.  The theme of this lie is that no science worthy of the name in any discipline existed, until the fetters of absolutist Catholicism and ‘extremist’ if not fanatical and inquisitorial Christianity were cut down.  This is about as truthful or intelligent as Orwell’s O’Brien torturing Smith until Smith confirmed that two plus two was indeed five.  Modern day axe-grinders torturing history, maiming it, disfiguring facts and reality, until the body of reality is so injured and sliced, that its wounds must be covered by the rags of lies and mendacity, offered as the clothing of truth and reasonableness.  Lies are still lies. 


Stark, ‘Science did not suddenly erupt in a great intellectual revolution during Newton’s time; this era of superb achievements was the culmination of centuries of sustained, normal scientific progress that began as early as the thirteenth century in Europe’s newly invented universities.  After all, Newton’s First Law of Motion was anticipated by Oxford’s William of Ockham (1285-1349) with his insight that once a body is in motion, it will remain so unless some force, such as friction, acts upon it.  This was further refined by the University of Paris professor Jean Buridan (1300-58) who developed the principle of inertia – that unless acted upon by an external force, bodies at rest will stay at rest and bodies in motion will stay in motion.’


Science, mathematics, modern medicine, technological developments (blast furnace, eyeglasses, the printing press and thousands of other inventions, both incremental and unique); developed in Christian Europe and nowhere else, due to the ethos of Christianity which as a culture, had dominated Europe since the 9th century.  There is no other valid explanation.  Christian Europeans knew that Science (including logic, reason, structure), was both necessary and desirable, in order to understand the perfect design of God and his created universe.  It was not a fatalistic (Buddhist), anti-rational (Islam), circular (Greek, Roman), nor ancestor-bound (Confucianism) view of life.  It was linear, dynamic, inventive.


Stark, ‘Whitehead (co-author with Bertrand Russell of the Principia Mathematica (1913), and like Russell an Atheist), had recognised that Christian theology was essential for the rise of science, just as non-Christian theologies had stifled the scientific enterprise everywhere else.  He explained that: ‘the greatest contribution of medievalism to the formation of the scientific movement [was] the inexpungable belief…..that there was a secret, a secret which can be unveiled…..It must come from the medieval insistence on the rationality of God, conceived as with the personal energy of Jehovah and with the rationality of a Greek philosopher.’


Rene Descartes the creator of ‘rationalism’, argued that the laws of nature were perfect and such laws can only exist if God is the perfect creator, acting in a ‘manner as constant and immutable as possible.’ (p. 100).  Most religions or belief systems including Atheism and Darwinism (these are cults, not scientific concerns if anyone bothers to study the bio-chemical, biological reality of the created world); do not have a creation story.  The Universe is simply ‘eternal’, created ex nihilo, no beginning, no purpose, no Creator.  Even post the 16th century as Stark summarises over many pages the majority of scientists were still Catholic, again putting a lie to the theory that only the ‘Reformation’ produced scientific advance. 


Indeed, Stark states and quotes from other scientists that the medieval university contained more science, than modern versions, an absolute truism for any who have witnessed the philosophical and metaphysical emphasis of much of current ‘science’, better renamed as ‘scientism’ or the cult of science as metaphysics.  The modern hubris and manifold ignorance of the medieval era, its creativity, impulse to inquiry and science, its devotion to naturalism in the curiosity to understand and experiment, the dedication to innovation and improvements, does not speak well of the modern era, mired in various cults, purportedly ‘rational’ and ‘scientific’ but of course, having little to do with either.