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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Muslim barbarity against the Infidel – the 8th century.

Moon cult intolerance on full display.

by Ferdinand III


The 7th century record of Muslim atrocity against the hated Kufar is detailed here. The 8th century was even more violent, bloody and Jihadic. The Muslims – those very few 'misunderstanders' of the Koran and Mohammed – were quite busy chaps indeed in the period stretching from their invasion of Spain to the rule of Rashid in Baghdad during the late 8th century, a rule which libtards celebrate as the apogee of man's civilizational development [even though thousands of Jews and Christians were slaughtered in the Abbasid capital during his reign and Dhimmi laws including tax slavery were harshly implemented]. During the 8th century the Arab-Muslim Jihad conquered North Africa, Spain, southern France, and pushed into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Millions were killed; many millions more enslaved, and countless forced into accepting Islam or facing a life of exile, penury, second – class social status, or tax slavery, all dependent on the whims and fancies of the local Muslim ruler. Multi-cultural harmony!

[Sources: 1. Ibn Warraq, Why I am Not a Muslim 2. KS Lal, Muslim Slave System in Medieval India and Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India 3. MA Khan, History of Islamic Jihad 4. Shashi R Sharma, Caliphs & Sultans – Religious Ideology and Political Praxis 5. Benjamin Walker, Foundations of Islam.]

By 700 the Muslims controlled most of the Middle East and North Africa. Schisms were of course appearing in the Arab empire, with a Sunni-Shia civil war starting in 656 AD and lasting some 30 years. There was also general social unrest in the conquered territories. Jew and Christian uprisings were common but were easily crushed. Even as Muslims began their inexorable march towards fragmentation in rule and theology, the Jihad continued. In fact the 8th century saw the spectacular advance of the Muslim empire as new lands provided booty, stolen property, wealth, trade and slaves. No where was this more important than in the India-Pakistan border region known to Arabs as the 'Sind'. From circa 700 AD to the coming of the British Raj, some 150 million Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs [a 15th century creation premised on resisting Islam]; were murdered by the Islamic Jihad. This means an average of 150.000 dead every year through war and enslavement [which oftentimes led to death]. Some 5.000 a day. This means of course that Islam is peace and love.

In 712, Governor of Iraq, Hajjaj, ordered the conquest of Sind under the command of his bloodthirsty true-believer Muhammad bin Kasim. Moderate, tolerant Kasim was instructed to “bring destruction on the unbelievers… [and] to invite and induce the infidels to accept the true creed, and belief in the unity of God… and whoever does not submit to Islam, treat him harshly, and cause injury to him till he submits.” Sounds charitable. Massive genocide followed the campaign. According to one chronicler the Arab Al-Biladuri, who participated in the attacks on the Hindus and Buddhists, unrelenting bloodshed was everywhere and the base fact of the war. For instance after capturing the port of Debal, the Muslim army according to Biladuri, slaughtered the inhabitants over three days and the priests of the temples were killed and offered to Allah as a sacrifice. Now that is cultural toleration!

After the initial surge of cruelty, and the formative purges of the darker skinned Hindus and Buddhists, Kasim decided to allow the infidels to continue their profession and religious practice. Learning about this sympathetic treatment, a furious Hajjaj sent a letter condemning Kasim’s method of pardoning the infidels. It read, “… The great god says in the Koran [47:7]: “O True believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads.” That seems pretty clear. “Henceforth, grant pardon to no one of the enemy and spare none of them..” The Koran commands the death of the infidel – how compassionate.

Kasim got the message and to prove his belief in the divinely ordained command he captured the large city of Brahmanabad, where he invited the infidel idol-worshipers to accept Islam. On the latter’s refusal, he ordered all adult males be beheaded with swords and their women and the children were captured as slaves. 26,000, men were put to the sword. 20,000 women and children including the daughters of the Sind Chief's along with the Sind King's severed head, were sent back to Baghhad as the Muslim state's share of the booty. The remainder of the population was enslaved and parceled out amongst the soldiers. [Chachanama, Muhammad al-Kufi, trs Kalichbeg, I, 155; Shashi R Sharma, Caliphs and Sultans, p. 95].

That was just the beginning. A never-ending stream of captured slaves continued to flow from India to Baghdad after the ferocious Kassim had conquered the Sind. In a period of five years for instance, from 705-710 AD some 60.000 Indians were sent into the Arab heartlands as slaves or some 12.000 a year. This rate of enslavement would only accelerate as Muslim predations on India gathered strength from the 8th century onwards. In fact the Muslim Jihad against India never stopped during the 8th century. More than 1.5 million Buddhists and Hindus were enslaved in this century alone, many tens of millions were killed.

Considering that no Hindu or Indian culture remains anywhere in the Arab states today, one can only assume that these slaves of 705-710, and the masses which followed in chains over the centuries were killed, or died. The same was true of course for the 11 million Blacks taken by the Arabs and Muslims as slaves over 1400 years. No Black culture remains in Greater Arabia. The Blacks were killed, worked to death, or used as fodder for wars and military campaigns.

The Christians fared just as badly. Christians in Syria, Turkey and Armenia were systematically reduced, slaughtered and enslaved. Hundreds of thousands died. Many more were impressed into the Muslim slave trade and used as warriors, miners, builders, or concubines. In 704-705, 'enlightened' Caliph Walid I, always used by Marxists as an exemplar of good governance, gathered together the nobles of Armenia in the Church of St. Gregory and in the Church of Xram on the Araxis and burnt them alive. Another example of inter-faith dialogue. The population of Christian Armenia was put to the sword. Tens of thousands of men were crucified and the women and children were indentured as slaves or sex chattel to produce Muslim warriors [one aspect of the Islamicization of the Near East was the simple but relatively unknown fact that female slaves were used to breed Muslims, a child born to a Muslim man by a non-Muslim slave was deemed to be a Muslim.]. In the sacking of Ephesus in 781, 7,000 Greeks were taken captives and were deported en masse. This occurred throughout Byzantinized Anatolia. The intent was obvious. Walid desired to de-Christianize his domains as quickly as possible.

In Egypt the same was occurring. Christians were being forced to either convert to Islam or face exile or death. In 722, with state sanction, the surveyor Usama b. Zaid, attacked convents and churches murdering thousands and taking pillage and booty. Caliph Marwan (744-750) continued this policy and plundered and destroyed many monasteries in Egypt. The reduction of Christian society as an official policy of the various rulers of Egypt during this period. Millions were either forced to flee, were killed, or coerced into conversion.

Worse occurred in Spain. The Visigothic Kingdoms were rich, advanced and astonished the Arabs with their wealth and power. Massive buildings – later taken over and converted into Muslim centers and wrongly attributed to Islamic engineering – dominated the great cities of Spain. Only in Granada during the 11th century were the Muslims to build anything of note in the form of the Alhambra fortress, a place designed and built by Jews and Christians one should add. The devastation rendered onto Spain by Islam was colossal. Millions were murdered. Millions enslaved. The countryside destroyed through the unending Jihad. If not for the Christian victory at Covadonga in 720 AD and again by Charles Martel in 732 and 737 AD, Spain and France would have Islamicized. No doubt modern academics and libtard multiculturalists lament these great Christian victories which preserved European civilization.

Two writers amongst many who know that real historical legacy of the Arab subjugation and eradication of Christian Spain are Bat Ye’or and Andrew Bostom. Both are respected experts on Islamic history, including the destruction which ensues once a state such as Christian Spain becomes Islamicized:

We believe that reiterating these ahistorical, roseate claims about Muslim Spain abets the contemporary Islamist agenda, and retards the evolution of a liberal, reformed ‘Euro-Islam’ fully compatible with post-Enlightenment Western values. Iberia [Spain] was conquered in 710-716 AD by Arab tribes originating from northern, central and southern Arabia. Massive Berber and Arab immigration, and the colonization of the Iberian peninsula, followed the conquest. Most churches were converted into mosques. Although the conquest had been planned and conducted jointly with a strong faction of royal Iberian Christian dissidents, including a bishop, it proceeded as a classical jihad with massive pillages, enslavement, deportations and killings.” 

In the regions under stable Islamic control, Jews and Christians were tolerated as dhimmis – like elsewhere in other Islamic lands – and could not build new churches or synagogues nor restore the old ones. Segregated in special quarters, they had to wear discriminatory clothing. Subjected to heavy taxes, the Christian peasantry formed a servile class attached to the Arab domains; many abandoned their land and fled to the towns. Harsh reprisals with mutilations and crucifixions would sanction the Mozarab (Christian dhimmis) calls for help from the Christian kings.... The humiliating status imposed on the dhimmis and the confiscation of their land provoked many revolts, punished by massacres, as in Toledo (761, 784-86, 797), Saragossa from 781 to 881, Cordova (805), Merida (805-813, 828), and yet again in Toledo (811-819). The insurgents were crucified, as prescribed in the Koran 5:33.”

Arab controlled Spain was thus not an example of shining, benign multiculturalism. Jews and Christians were hunted, killed, forced into Islam, or perhaps deported. Jews and Christians who accepted Muslim overlordship and their dhimmitude were allowed to work, pay taxes, invent, conduct trade and generally engage in activities which benefited their Muslim masters. This is true of any slave society. Saying that Jews were at times 'tolerated' in Ummayid Muslim Spain and than extrapolating their tolerated slave status to create a mythical world of heroic inter-faith cooperation is to put it mildly, insane. It would be as if the slave society of the Roman empire, where Gallic, Greek, Berber, Jewish and other assorted slave nationalities worked for the profit and the power of their Roman masters, was for some reason declared the great exemplar of multiculturalism. Nonsense.

The 8th century was thus one of unremitting Jihad and Islamic blood-letting.

The succeeding centuries saw even worse barbarity.

But I suppose all of this just proves that Islam is peace.



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