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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Muslim barbarity: 10th and 11th centuries

Perpetual Jihad demanded by the Koran and Mohammed.

by Ferdinand III


Islam, like Nazism, Communism or any communal project, in which the individual is subsumed into the cult, is by definition expansionist. It has to be. With the individual neutered in a state-church amalgamation, there is no chance that markets, innovations, investments, creativity can flourish. Ritualisation, memorization, prostration and following diktats replaces rationality, internally generated enterprise and wealth creation, and social-economic stability. Islam has to expand to survive, acquire assets, and allow the 'faithful' to see that Koranic prophecy of world domination is being fulfilled. In this regard, there is little difference between Islam, Nazism and Communism.

During the 10th century the Islamic world controlled the Mediterranean sea basin, Spain, North Africa, the Levant, ancient Assyria, Persia, Afghanistan, southern Russia, northern India and Eastern Africa. The imperialist march and consolidation of power over non-Muslim majority subjects continued during this century of course. The Koran, Mohammed's example and injunction to conquer the world, and the need for plunder, booty, women and slaves made Islamic imperialism a necessity. The fact that such a pagan Fascism was decorated as a 'religion' gave cloak and cover to the obviously naked political program which lies at the heart of the cult.

The list of atrocities committed by Muslims during the 10th century are too numerous and repetitive to list, but a sampling should bear witness and give lie to the idea, that somehow an Arabian moon idol worshipping cult, is peace and happiness. Some examples will suffice. In Damascus in 924, the Church and convent of Mary was sacked and burnt to the ground. After this event other churches were summarily destroyed and Christians ostracized, forced to flee or set upon by mobs. Similar acts of intolerant anti-Christian hatred, occurred in Ramleh, Ascalon, Tinnis, and Egypt during the early and mid parts of this century. Thousands of non-Muslims were killed, many more enslaved and Christian places of worship and gathering obliterated throughout the Levant. In the capture and sacking of Thessaloniki for instance in 903 CE, 22.000 Christian captives were divided amongst the Arab chieftains or sold into slavery. Many females became sex slaves and were used to reproduce Ghazi or Muslim warriors. No doubt in old age they were simply discarded, their usefulness for sex and birthing having expired.

In Spain we see the same theme. Contrary to media and academic barbarians who keep intoning, without a shred of evidence or intelligence that Ummayid Spain was a multi-cultural paradise, Christian and Jew persecution was endemic, annual and ruthless. Massacres of non-Muslims occurred yearly in Spain, as did enslavement during the usual spring and summer campaigns which emanated from Cordoba, Toledo and other Muslim conquered centers of what was once, rich Visigothic-Romano states.

Early in the 10th century there were massacres of the Spanish Christians in and around Seville. Thousands in the hinterland of Seville were enslaved – yearly. During the early 10th century, Al-Hakim biamr Illah gave orders that every Church in southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant should be destroyed. Most were. A Muslim historian records that over 30,000 churches built by the Greeks in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere were destroyed, their contents seized and sold in the markets and lands confiscated. [see Tritton AS, The Caliphs and their non-Muslim Subjects. London, 1970, p. 54]. Books, literature, learning and libraries were all lost giving lie to the nonsense that Arabs and Muslims 'saved the West' with their learning and resuscitation of ancient Greek and Roman wisdom. In reality all ancient learning was well embedded inside Western states and only in the West did people question the non-empiricism of the ancient scholars including Aristotle, and their irrational mysticism and unscientific declarations. The Muslims, educated by Nestorian Christians and Greeks, simply accepted the fatalist theories of the Greeks as the final word in human intellect. Not very scientific.

In Persia, the same patterns seen in Spain, North Africa and Syria were repeated. The Zoroastrians faced frequent forced conversion, the loss of property and wealth if they did not become Muslim or were exiled or persecuted. Mini-revolts and riots against the Arabs were common in 10th century Persia. Contrary to myth, Islam never was spread by preaching. It was a project of coercive violence and war. To escape such social dislocation and intolerance, many Persians simply fled to India where a large community still exists today.

The 11th century saw more of the same. The most notable works of Christian worship including the Holy Sepulchre were eradicated in 1009 by the orders of the Caliph Hakim. Muslim apologists always highlight his 'insanity'. What is insane is anyone missing the pattern of behavior within Islam between 636 AD and 1009 AD which made the destruction of Christendom's most holy location an inevitability. Christians were routinely killed, enslaved or forced to flee Hakim's domains during the 11th century. Pilgrims to Jerusalem were assaulted, subject to brigandage or simply killed before Hakim outlawed Christian pilgrimages in 1009. Tens of thousands had been killed, taken as captives or injured over the late decades of the 10th century until this date. This is one reason why the Crusade of 1095 was launched. A fact lost on the big brains in today's Western world who parrot, like multi-cult robots, that Islam means tolerance.

During the 10th century Christians everywhere were targeted by Muslims. In 1064 for example, the Seljuk Sultan, Alp Arslan, devastated Georgia and Armenia murdering tens of thousands, presaging the Armenian-Christian genocide committed by the Turks in the late 19th century and again in 1915. Yearly thousands of Christians in the Armenia-Anatolia-Caucasus area were enslaved, or forced to flee. Islam was a slave society. Slaves did all the work, and female sex slaves produced much needed Muslim warriors. Christians were not viewed as human, but more as assets, chattel and useful sexual meat for pleasure and procreation. So much for inter-faith harmony.

Jews were not exempt from Muslim persecution and violence of course. In Fez Morocco in 1033, 6.000 Jews were massacred by mobs and the state. Thousands of Jews were killed between 1010 and 1013 near Cordoba. Outside of Cordoba thousands of Jews were forced to convert, flee or were simply dispensed with during the middle part of the century. In 1066 an entire Jewish community of 4.000 in Grenada was annihilated by Muslim Ghazi and frenetic true-believers, for not converting to the moon cult. In Kairoun (Tunisia), the Jews were persecuted and sent to exile in 1016, and any who dared to return, were simply re-expelled. In Tunis, during the early 11th century the Jews were forced to convert or leave. In subsequent decades, there were fierce anti-Jewish persecutions throughout Tunisia resulting in thousands of dead and wounded Jews. Many of the survivors most likely fled to less hostile climes.

Let us not forget India – the scene of the greatest genocide in history and one which is completely ignored by the really smart people. The 11th century witnessed the barbaric assault by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni on Hindustan starting circa 1000 CE. He launched 17 plundering, looting and slave-taking expeditions to India. His secretary one Abu Nasr Muhammad Utbi, effused in his diary that after attacking Waihind in November 1001 CE, Mahmud’s army slaughtered 15,000 fighting men in a “splendid action”, before capturing 500,000 men and women as slaves. Even allowing for poetic license, and assuming that 500.000 slaves captured in one campaign might be too high, the total enslaved was certainly fantastic – and that was in one campaign, in one year alone. The Jihad against Hindus and Buddhists was an almost yearly event and lasted more than 800 years.

In Mahmud’s attack of Ninduna and Panjab in 1014 for example, we hear from the Arabs that the “slaves were so plentiful that they became very cheap and the men of respectability in their native land were degraded by becoming slaves of ordinary shop-keepers (in Ghazni)”. The extent of barbarity of Sultan Mahmud was vividly described by contemporary Muslim historians. Hundreds of thousands were killed [more likely millions] and far more enslaved [many millions]. In the attack on Thanesar, “the blood of the infidels flowed so copiously that the stream was discolored and the people were unable to drink it”. Similarly in the slaughter of Sirsawa near Saharanpur, “the Musalmans paid no regard to the booty till they had satiated themselves with the slaughter of infidels.” [Utbi, Tehrik-i-Yamini, ED, Vol II, pp 41-42, 49-50]. When Mahmud learnt that the famous Hindu temple at Somnath housed a monolith brought from the temple of Ka’ba, which was destroyed by Mohammed in 630 CE, he ordered the immediate destruction of the Kufar place of worship.  50.000 Hindus assembled to protect their sacred temple and according to Ibn Asir [Kamil-ut-Tawarikh], all were killed and their monument obliterated.  So much for inter-cultural dialogue.  

Most likely during the 11th century some 20 million Hindus and Buddhists were killed or some 200.000 a year. This is probably a low figure. The actual numbers might be double that. If 20 million or so were killed, at least half of that or some 10 million would have been enslaved, or about 100.000 a year. We are discussing in one century alone, in northern India alone, the destruction of some 30 million non Muslim human beings. This is three times the Atlantic slave trade. It is the same amount as those killed in Stalin's Russia, or in Mao's China. All of these episodic events are viewed with contempt and reviled today. But not Islam's march of destruction in Indian during the 11th century. Oh no, of course not. For really smart people Islam is love and happiness. Just witness how Muslims treated 11th century Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus and Buddhists. Surely Islam is tolerant and Allah oft-forgiving and most merciful [to Muslims only].  At least those tolerant Muslims let some Kufars live - an example one supposes of orgiastic multi-cultural harmony. 




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