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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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The Muslim Jihad against Russia. Without Russian resolve, half of Europe would be Islamic.

Islam victimizing yet another Christian state.

by Ferdinand III


When Muslims murder Russian children [Beslan 2004]; murder 35 people at Domodedovo airport; destroy trains or attack public spaces [almost yearly]; blow up theatres; or attack Moscow subway systems, the really smart people with baritone voices and concerned faces, blame the Russian 'oppression' of Chechnya, for Islamic terror. If only the Russians would withdraw from Chechnya, than peaceful, moderate Islam would stop its terror against civilian innocents. The ignorance is laughable and dangerous. It completely ignores the 600 year Muslim war against Russia, which is the singular fact which has shaped Russian culture and history. You cannot understand Russia unless you comprehend this endless Muslim assault.

Blaming Russia for the violence and fascism of Islamic terror against Russian targets, public spaces, and civilians is akin to the insipid non-argument that if only the Jews would not build apartment blocs on some bird-shit covered hillock on the 'West Bank' than Arab fascism would magically transform itself from age-old war and terror against the Jew; into multi-cult inter-faith and harmonious love. All would be wonderment only if those damn Jews or Russians stopped their oppression of those peaceful, holy Muslims! The reality is of course the opposite. Islam does not tolerate the other, the infidel, or the Jew and Christian. It never has, it never will. Like the Jews, the Russians have been the victims of timeless Muslim racism, supremacism and violence. Chechnya, the West Bank, 'Imperialism', Western moral 'degradation', or Lady Gaga are just excuses for Islamic holy war. Rationalizing Arab and Muslim violence is not intelligent nor particularly nuanced. It is incredibly dangerous, cowardly and dumb.

Russia was first attacked and oppressed by the Mongols who later converted en masse to Islam. The Golden Horde Sultanate ruled central and Western Russia for some 300 years. Moscovy, Novgorod, Kyiv and other Russian states had to pay large ransoms to their 'masters' the Islamic Mongol, known as the 'Tartar' in Russian history. No more signal event formed Russian character, culture and attitudes. The legacy of Tartar rule which was only ended in the mid 15th century by Ivan the Terrible – demonized in the West as a bloodthirsty madman – oriented Russian social, political and philosophical views which are still present today. The entire Russian edifice of thought – a centralized fundamentalist Church; strong man rule; ruthlessness in war; societal support of the state – was created during these 300 years. In order to defeat something as pitiless, fascistic and vicious as Jihadic Islam, the Russians naturally had to use a superior measure of force and intolerance. Otherwise Russia would now be Islamic.

And that is a key fact that most don't understand. There was every reasonable chance that Russia would be an Islamic, not a Christian state. From 1444 until 1918 the Russians waged a total of 11 major wars against Islamic expansionism. All of these wars were instigated by the Muslims. There is not one single major clash, which was generated solely by Russian imperialism. In the course of these campaigns over 450 years, the Russians lost more than 2 million men; and some 5 million civilians to the Turkish-Muslim slave trade. Millions of non-combatants would also have died and been displaced. Whole regions and major cities were eradicated by the Turks and Muslims, dislocating civil and economic life for generations.

It is not an exaggeration to state that without Russian military power and the resolve to defeat Islam, much of Eastern Europe would be Islamic today. The Turk could have conquered not only the Balkans, Ukraine, the Black Sea area and Central Asia, but also of course Moscow, the Baltics, and parts of Poland and Hungary. If the Russians had lost any of a series of wars against Islam, more than likely half of Europe would now be Islamic and the Muslim slave trade, which enslaved 10 million Eastern European Christians over a 800 year period, would have seen a doubling or trebling of these numbers. Geo-politics as well would obviously be significantly different today, with Russia being a formal part of the Muslim bloc.

Here is a list of the series of Islamic-Russian wars, as the Muslims tried to conquer the Orthodox Christian state:

- Turkish attacks into South Russia through the Caucasus and the Balkans starting in 1444 lasting the entire century

- The first Russo-Turkish War, 1676-1681

- The second Russo-Turkish War, 1686-1700

- The third Russo-Turkish War, 1710-13 (part of the Great Northern War waged by the 'Great' Peter)

- The fourth Russo-Turkish War, 1735-39

- The fifth Russo-Turkish War, 1768-74

- The sixth Russo-Turkish War, 1787-92

- The seventh Russo-Turkish War, 1806-12

- The eight Russo-Turkish War, 1828-29

- The ninth Russo-Turkish War, 1853-56 (Crimean War)

- The tenth Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78

               -The eleventh Russo-Turkish War, 1914-18 (World War I)

There is no question that these 11 wars were Muslim holy wars. The Turks wanted booty, slaves and land. Islamic fascism, like all fascisms, mandates expansion. Without external warring and the seizure of riches from other states, Islam implodes. Without the slave market and the use of slave labor, Muslim states in the pre-modern and early modern periods would simply have gone bankrupt. Muslim lands were undeveloped and de-industrialized relying on slaves and the exploitation of easily obtained resources and profits from trade routes – not to mention plunder, sackings and theft. Islamic empires existed solely by the riches they could command, ransom or steal from other states. Jihadic war and intimidation were mandatory. With the Turkish-Ottoman empire [14th century to the 20th], Sultans and Caliphs were forced to hunt for plunder to solidify their rule; prove their Islamic piety; follow Islamic orthodoxy which necessitates Jihad; and acquire wealth to spread around and quell social discontent. War was and is, the most important feature of Islamic theology.

Russia came face to face with Islamic Jihad on its Western frontier after the Polish and Hungarian armies were completely crushed at the Battle of Varna in Bulgaria in 1444 by the Ottoman Turks under Murad II. This defeat ended any serious European attempts to prevent the conquest of Eastern Europe by Turks for several decades. Russia was the only power to prevent the total takeover of half of Europe. In a series of battles the Russians turned back the Turks in the 15th century. These defeats gave the central European states time enough to re-militarize and hold the line along the Hungarian plain against the Muslim advance. This defence which was always tenuous held, buttressed by an enormous series of forts, battlements, and military outposts which first stalled, then stopped the Turkish advance. It was incredibly expensive but effective.

After suffering a huge naval defeat in 1571 at Lepanto, which confined the Turks to the Eastern Mediterranean and 2 subsequent defeats at Vienna, the last one being in 1683; the Muslim Caliphate turned its attention eastwards towards Ukraine and Russia looking for easier and better opportunities. Unable to conquer central Europe, the Turks who controlled a great swathe of land stretching from Bulgaria, north and east around the Black Sea and into southern Russia, viewed the rich soils and trading area of the Russian city states as a perfect opportunity for booty, slaves and plunder.

The Turks in combination with Mongol Tartars in the Crimea and Chechen Tartars from the Caucasus, enjoyed some initial successes against Russia pushing the Russians back along the 6 major river systems which fed into the Black Sea. Even the armies of the Great Peter were defeated by the Turks and Tartars. It took 6 wars and 120 years of hard fighting before the Russians were able to assert their power over the Black Sea area and its river basins. By the time of Napoleon the Russians had successfully defeated the Muslims and re-conquered once Christian lands in the Ukraine, Crimea and the Caucasus. The Black Sea, became a Russian sea.

During the middle period of the 19th century the Russians fought 3 more wars against the Muslims. The last was the most successful. If not for Britain Constantinople today would be a Christian city. In February 1878 the Russian army had almost reached Istanbul. The British were terrified that the city might fall and that the Bosporus trade routes would be controlled by the Russians. In one of history's most ironic and rather insipid acts the British sent a fleet of ships to aid the Turks. The infidel in alliance with the house of Islam. The Russians did not want a war with Britain. They had already suffered 200.000 dead in this latest campaign and therefore contented itself with a Treaty in which the Turks were confined to Asia.

The Ottomans finally collapsed during World War I when unsurprisingly, they ranged themselves with the militaristic despotism of Germany and the Austro-Hungarians. The price paid was steep – the entire loss of empire. Atarturk the first President of secular Turkey had little choice but to Westernize his backward, superstitious and impoverished state. Islam militates against freedom, free will, innovation, capital and progress – not to mention thinking and rationality. Recognizing this, Atarturk and the 'Young Turks' began the heavy and long process of trying to modernize what was in essence a pre-modern, Jihadic, plundering, slave-based failure. It has been successful but even today the Jihadic and fundamentalist nature of Islam is all too prevalent and powerful in Turkey.

In summary we can state this. Without Russia much of Europe would be Islamicized. There are many things one can criticize about the Russian state and Russian history. Communism could only have occurred in a state like Russia, with its long history of communal support of strong – man rule. But that legacy was formed by the wars with Islam. Muslim Jihad is the single most important factor in Russian historical development. There is little which can refute that fact. Islamic Jihad still goes on today of course. Chechen Jihadis are active every year in Russian urban centers spreading death and chaos. It is the continuation of a 800 year war.

War with Islam is a 800 year old fact for Russia. Islam has always desired the conquest of this Christian state. And it always will.


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