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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Muslim barbarity against the Infidel – the 9th century.

Nothing but love, peace, harmony, good intentions........

by Ferdinand III


The Muslim Jihad was a social and political movement, designed to promote 'peace' on earth. Islamic peace is of course totally different than that of Christian peace. In the New Testament the teachings are plain about the need for tolerance of all people including non-Christians. Peace meant the ability to pursue one's daily life, aspirations and personal spiritual program without suffering hindrance, pain, enslavement or a physical assault. Do onto others.....In Islam the opposite is meant by 'peace'. For Muslims peace can only be attained when the entire world submits to Allah, or is dominated by his cult. At this point 'peace' can be arranged between the Believers and Unbelievers since the followers of the Allah idol have supreme power and control. Islamic 'peace' thus means totalitarian power.

The irruption of Muslim armies in the 7th and 8th centuries was no passing historical 'progression' or 'dialectical phase'. It was an expression of the permanence of Muslim war against the 'other' – still a rather obvious fact today, at least for anyone who can see, rationalize and walk upright. The 9th century was little better as Islam continued to expand and began the long defeat and conversion of Turkish tribes which would have so much of an impact on world history.

[Sources: 1. Ibn Warraq, Why I am Not a Muslim 2. KS Lal, Muslim Slave System in Medieval India and Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India 3. MA Khan, History of Islamic Jihad 4. Shashi R Sharma, Caliphs & Sultans – Religious Ideology and Political Praxis 5. Benjamin Walker, Foundations of Islam.]

One needs to emphasize this important point. Islamic is naturally, genetically Jihadic. Peace can only reign when Allah has 'gathered' all of men under his banner. Free will, individuality, modernity, tolerance are foreign concepts in Islam. They simply don't exist. What the Koran is, and what the life of Mohammed and Islam's imperialism proves, is that such niceties as the Golden Rule or Natural Law Rights are completely unimportant since the program is political, social and coercive. You must submit and prostrate yourself or suffer the earthly and supernatural punishments.

By 800 the Arabs in the first wave of Muslim imperialism, but certainly not the last, controlled lands ranging from the Spanish Atlantic to the Sind. Most of the 9th century was spent consolidating these gains and attacking key Christian cities and fortresses such as Constantinople, which was unsuccessfully assaulted no less than 5 times by the Arabs during the 9th century. It is clear that if the great Christian citadel along the Bosphorus had falled to the Arabs, that a general reduction of the Balkans and Eastern Europe would have followed almost immediately. Byzantium, from 800 to 1453 AD saved Europe more than once.

During the 9th century the navy of the Aghlabids from North Africa (800-909), “harried the coasts of Italy, France, Corsica and Sardinia.” They conquered Sicily in 902. “Besides Sicily, Malta and Sardinia were seized mainly by pirates whose raids extended as far as Rome.” Muslim slave trading was extensive, linking up with the 9th century Viking attacks on the northern European littoral. Vikings sold slaves to the Muslims in exchange for Caliphate gold and booty. The linkages between the Vikings and Muslims are well documented and supported by archeology and era-specific accounts.

A few Arabs and Muslims even made the long trip north, and recounted the coarseness of Viking life compared with the rich tapestry of the recently conquered Visigothic Spain. Muslim corsairs were also very active in West European waters, sometimes coordinating efforts with their Viking allies. In effect 9th century Europe was caught in a century-long 2 front war and pincer movement. The Muslims and Arabs from the south, who were trying to link up with the Vikings from the north. This savage and terrfiying century of warfare. It was from this experience of being assaulted by land and sea from two barbarian groups – the Muslims and the Vikings – that the medieval 'serf' organization was derived. In reality the estabilishment of feudal serf entities was the only logical method of repelling yearly raids from brigands, Muslims and northern corsairs. Strong centralized states, with standing armies, good communications and the ability to respond quickly to local crises simply did not exist. Instead local barons and rich magnates would fund protection of local inhabitants and villages in exchange for labor, crop production or money. This method of social defense proved itself to highly competent, and during the 9th century the Western Europeans began to beat back both attacks from the north and south, and this change in the military balance of power, allowed various European regions to engage in political and diplomatic solutions to the never-ending wave of Muslim and Viking predations. Feudalism in large part, saved the unconquered littoral areas of Western Europe.

But the carnage was still vast. Muslim corsairs seeking booty and slaves on the coasts and shipping of Western Europe were active in every month of every year during the 9th century. There are no records – the Arabs were illiterates – of how many Western slaves were taken by the Muslims over these 100 years. We do know that the most famous Muslim pirates of the 16th century, Barbarossa and Dragut, took on average 5.000 slaves a year in their raids in the central and Western Mediterranean. And that is only 2 men and their followers. It stands to reason that at least 5.000 would have been taken yearly, in total, by all Muslim pirates from Western Europe during the 9th century. This means 500.000 European Whites were enslaved by Arabs in this century – or more than the total number of Black slaves transhipped to America during the 17th-19th centuries [most African slaves were sent to Brazil, the Caribbean and Ecuador].

Where is the lamentation by Muslims and really clever people over the abuction and destruction of half a million White Europeans?

In any event here is the critical point: despite this harassment, civilization in the West recovered and eventually far surpassed that of Islam. That is the salient historical fact. The Europeans had a society far superior to anything that the Arabs and Muslims could produce. The gap was already large when the Arabs invaded Spain in 710 AD. In spite of Muslim barbarity, atrocity and closing off of Mediterranean trade, the Christian European world was even further ahead by 900 AD. When the Muslims conquered the sophisticated and elaborate states in Visigothic Spain they acquired assets which could have been used as a basis to create an even greater civilisation. But as usual with Islam, the opportunity was squandered and rejected. By the early 10th century the Arabs were hopelessly impoverished when compared to the Europeans, and seen in the long duree of history, their expulsion from Spain and Sicily could only have been a matter of time.

Byzantium and Eastern Christendom was also under constant pressure from the Muslims. The sealing off of key trade routes by the Muslims, and their constant and ruthless war against Eastern Christendom meant that the shrinking Byzantine empire had to devote more resources, tax money and people to its defense and survival. The economy, culture and social structures naturally suffered. Like Western Europe Christian slave trading by Arabs and Muslims was legion and profitable. Whole towns were depopulated and sold into slavery, and any Christian shrine, center or relic of importance was destroyed by Muslims. Inter-faith harmony did not, and does not, exist in Koranic or Muslim history.

The Arabs also pushed into India and Central Asia, coming into contact and battle with even the Chinese who stopped the Arabs during the 9th at the borders of the Chinese empire. Millions of Hindus and Buddhists were killed and sent back to the Arab heartland in chains, during the wars in 'Sind'. The Turks likewise suffered though no one really knows how many Central Asians were enslaved or killed by the Arabs in the Jihadic assault. It was however probably just as bloody as the Muslim extermination of non-Muslims in Spain or the Hindu Kush. What we do know from Central Asia is that the regime of enslaving Turks lasted centuries culminating in the Mamlukes of Egypt who would eventually seize power over a large part of the Muslim world in the 13th century and eject the Franks from the Holy Land by 1291 AD. The Turks would of course, become the Muslim Jihadists par excellence, far excelling even the Arabs in blood lust, war, the enslavement of the Infidel, and the will to power to spread the Allah cult across the entire globe.


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