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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Chechnya and the Jihad against Russia. 800 years of Muslim aggression.

Don't blame Russia for the Islamic Jihad.

by Ferdinand III


The endless Moslem Jihad against Orthodox Christian Russia, is a simple fact of history. The clever multi-culturalists know nothing about the 800-year war between various Moslem groups and the Christian-Rus' empire. Mongols, Tartars, Turks, and Arabs have fought a systematic war against the infidel Russian state since 1200 AD. The objective is clear – to eliminate Russia as an independent non-Muslim entity. With over 30 million Muslim subjects in its population of 140 million, including the 'radical Jihadists' in Chechnya and Dagestan, the Russians will always be beset, with a vibrant and deadly 5th column. This is unfortunately Russia's destiny. But as I have written before, without Russian power, most of Eastern Europe would be Islamified. Say what you want about Putin and the new KGB running Russia. We at least owe Russia a heartfelt thanks for rolling back the Islamic Fascist tide. Russian self-assertion began with the great Alexander Nevsky in the early to mid 13th century, and reached a precocious level under Ivan 'The Terrible' [he wasn't]. The destruction of Tartar/Mongol power by Ivan led directly to the victories 2 centuries later of Peter and Catherine the Great, and the very real possibility that the Russians would take Constantinople (they were stupidly prevented from doing so by British naval power and alliance with Turkey). Russia has saved millions from Muslim slavery and Fascism.

Yet only the deep minds in the media would wonder who or what would blow up 35 people and injure over 100 more at Russia's newest and best airport in Moscow, Domodedovo. What a mystery! For any of us who have traveled there, this new structure is an example of Russia's new self-confidence, created by energy money and Kremlin political will, demonstrating to the outside world a country which has replaced drab Stalinism with Western architecture and attitudes. The Muslim attack was timed for 4:30 pm, the busiest part of the day, to enact as much damage as possible. Yet for the media, it was not yet another example of Islam and Muslims hard at work destroying infidels, but rather 'terrorists', 'Jihadists' or those disaffected 'Chechens', dismayed that their brutal insurrection in the Caucasus during the past 15 years, which has killed tens of thousands of people, has not succeeded. The media would rather simply blame Russia.

What about Chechnya (so question the really smart people)?

This new attack follows on previous attacks in St. Petersburg in December 2009 and in Moscow and Dagestan in March of 2010. These scenes of carnage illustrate the never-ending nature of Muslim aggression. It is timeless, endless, and will use any excuse to manifest itself. It proves yet again that Islam is not a faith, any more than any other intolerant fascism has been a faith. It is simply an ideology of violence and war. Yet of course, the really smart people will intone that perhaps the Russian 'occupation' of Chechnya is to blame. Please. Russian expansion has been a blessing for central Asia, and one of the main reasons why Islam is dormant in places like Tartarstan or the Central Asian republics. Simply put there is no coherent argument which can be made that Russian 'imperialism' has not been beneficial to the peoples of the Caucasus or Central Asia. Education, health-care, infrastructure, culture and some form of civil peace have all benefited the regions.

What can be argued over is the immorality and fungible destruction of Stalin's forced resettlement programs of Chechens from the Caucasus area to Siberia during World War II. This was undoubtedly a tragedy. But post Gorbachev many Chechens were allowed to move back into the area. Fueled by Islamic sentiment, Arab money, and Koranic invocations of racism and hate, some of these transported Muslims decided to end Russian rule and establish a Muslim statelet. The wars which commenced in the 1990s were expressions of Jihad and the intent was to build up a Muslim only Sharia based state. It would be an incoherent person indeed who did not agree that Russia had a right to protect its national territory and non-Muslims in the areas affected by this modern Jihad.

Contrast the Muslims with the Germans for example. During World War II Stalin relocated the 'Volga' Germans to Siberia. Many German families had been living in the Volga basin since before the time of Peter the Great or some 250 years. In fact one of the most important factors in Peter's world outlook was the prosperity, work-ethic and innovative genius of these Volga Germans. They inspired Peter to turn Russia which had always been an Orientalist empire facing Eastwards, to now look West for inspiration and progress. Millions of Germans were brutalized in much the same manner as the Chechen Muslims during World War II. But what do we see today? Are there German Lutherans screaming Christ is Great blowing up Moscow airports, theaters or rail stations, or attacking children's schools in the 'Black Earth' area of Russia's southern farmland ? Hardly.

Only Muslims are given excuses of course, as they continue to maim, kill and declaim against non-Muslims. It is a sickness. It is called post-modern mental derangement.

Chechnya is the not the root cause of the Muslim Jihad:

The central fact of these recent attacks in Russia is the permanent nature of Islamic jihad. Since the days of the Golden Horde occupation of Russian territory during the 13th century and beyond, various Muslim groups have attempted to either dominate or roll-back what is viewed in the Islamic world as Russian-Christian imperialism. Muslims believe that conquered territory is forever Islamic territory. This holds true for Russia. Once dominated for 300 years by the Islamic Horde, most of Russia is free of Islamic rule. Yet this is not enough for the Islamic jihadists. Russia must be recommitted to the Islamic state.

The war in Chechnya is often blamed for Islamic terrorism within Russia. This is also a fallacy. Chechnya has long been a place of war irregardless of 'faith'. As many Christians and non-Muslims have been killed in Chechnya as Islamic devotees. The cry that Russians are attacking only Muslims is a lie. Russians have butchered many Russian citizens in Grozny for example, in past wars in Chechnya. There have been many 'deals' between Russian and Muslim leaders and alliances between Russian and Muslim groups have been fluid and complex. Simply put, the war in Chechnya is not about Islam, but about the Chechen belief in self-determination and the expulsion of Russian influence.

In this vein, Muslims will use any excuse to further the aims of the moon cult. So if Muslims blow up innocents in Moscow that is okay, because Russians did bad things in Chechnya. This argument makes little sense and can't be defended. In the case of the recent attacks the following is pretty clear:

  1. Some Muslims desire to clear the Dhimmi from Chechnya, which will include the liquidation of non-Muslims.

  2. It is a part of the general program of radicalized Islam, which is waging war against the infidel across the world.

  3. Some [or many ?] Islamic elements have no interest in integrating itself with the modern world, or non-Islamic areas.

The above are pretty obvious when you view the sweep of Russian history. The only reason that Tartarstan is peaceful is because it is a semi-autonomous republic run by a family clan for the benefit of that family and its tribe. Both the clan and family are fabulously rich. There is no need therefore to wage jihad, if the Muslim leadership is affluent, fat, happy and living in rich ornate palaces spread along the Volga. Muslim corruption in other words is useful to keep Tartarstan quiescent.

Less so is Chechnya and Dagestan. Both are poorer than Tartarstan for obvious reasons. In Chechnya there is the endless 300 year war waged by 'nationalists' against Russian expansion. Islamic intolerance only fuels this drive for self-determination. In both regions corruption and Islamic mis-rule has resulted in a mis-allocation of wealth and resources and far fewer plundered resources for the leadership to share with the mass. Islamic revivalism is thus an easier sell.

Domestic Islamic terrorism within Russia's borders, has no antecedents in poverty, nor in Russian imperialist oppression. There are some 35 million Muslims in Russia, who openly worship at over 8.000 mosques. There is no discrimination against Islam within Russia. With the collapse of Communism, the separation of church and state in Russia is as complete as anywhere in the West. People are free to choose a faith, or cult, of their choice.

For every harping Marxist who blames Russia for Islamic terror here is a factoid. Russian 'imperialism' has been good for the Volga region and the Caucasus. It brought civilization. It is the moon-cult which rejects modernity. Blaming Russia for this, is akin to blaming AmerIndian alcoholism on the white-man's rule. It is lunacy. As written previously about Russia and Islam:

The most important event in Russian history was of course the Mongol occupation lasting almost 300 years from the 13th to the 15th centuries. The Mongols effectively blocked off Russia from Western influence and forced the Russians to orient themselves eastwards. The cultural-political implications of this are still felt today.

Strong man rule [to free the Russians from the Mongol influence] informs Russian military and political history. Examples include Alexander Nevsky who saved Novgorod and Moscovy from the Teutonic Knights in the 1240s; Ivan the III who expanded the Russian state in the 14th century to the detriment of the Mongols; and Ivan the Terrible who established the largest empire in Europe in the 15th century by attacking and destroying Muslim-Tartar power in the Volga river and beyond. These men were military-political leaders who dominated their eras and established wide ranging and deeply personal imperial rule.
Russian imperialism until the time of the pagan-fascist Lenin was beneficial. It established a Christian state in the heart of Asia. It reformed pagan, pre-modern and decidedly vicious states, satrapies, and anti-modern regimes. Education, trade, transport and industry were improved. The bonds across 7 time zones were solidified with engineering marvels including the world’s longest railway. Culture and society improved. Even today the Islamic former Soviet republics in central Asia covet Russian education, language and culture. It was a marked improvement on the pre-Russian era.”

All true. If Islam rejects the benefices of the modern world, than its ideology is to blame. Dark theories about Muslim's having the 'right' to blow up people in distant Moscow, allegedly in support of a war in Chechnya is intellectual vomit. If Muslims are so concerned about their 'rights' in Chechnya, or wish to fight the Russian infidel in Chechnya, than obviously they should be waging jihad in Chechnya, not in the urban heartland of the Christian oppressor's empire liquidating innocents. It is rather insipid to blame Russians for the Islamic lack of tolerance, and its inability to co-exist with others. And even if the Russian's left Chechnya which they shouldn't and can't, Muslims would find other excuses to wage jihad in centers far from from Islamic mis-rule and ignorance.

This is the 'path' of Islamic Jihad. It is endless and timeless.  Any excuse to commit murder and destruction is offered and believed. In Russia, 800 years of Muslim war on the 'other' proves these obvious facts, notwithstanding Islamophile arguments to the contrary.


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