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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Holy Koran ! Sura 30 or 'The Romans'. Nothing like damning the Christians to make Islam a religion.

The Christians are ignorant polytheists who ignored Allah 'signs'....and are thus doomed.

by Ferdinand III

Running totals from Sura 2 to 30:

Total number of verses from Sura 2 to 30: 3462

Total number of verses in 2-30, which preach violence against non-Moslems748

Violent verses as a % of total from Sura 2 to 30: 22 %

Sura 2 to 30 as a % of the Koran in pages: 65%

Sura 2 to 30 as a % of the 6346 verses in the Koran: 54%

[meaning still lots more violence to go....]


Follow the cult which conflates Allah with the Judeo – Christian 'god' or else:


Do they [Unbelievers] not travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those before them? They were superior to them in strength: they tilled the soil and populated it in greater numbers than these have done: there came to them their apostles with Clear (Signs). (Which they rejected, to their own destruction): It was not God Who wronged them, but they wronged their own souls

The 'signs' which include all natural phenomena are detailed in verses 19-25. Just being alive is for example, a clear 'sign' that Allah rules. This is called a fallacious tautology.

As one would expect Sura 30 reviewed previously here, has nothing good to say about the Infidel, concerned as it is with the fall of the 'Roman' empire. Close to 30 % of this Sura threatens non-Moslems with destruction in this life or in the next. It is hard to make the claim that Islam is a 'religion' when 1/4 or more of every single Koranic chapter is imbued with violence against those outside of the cult.

This Sura rejoices over the 'prophecy' real or actual, that the Alalh-thing would allow Moslems to defeat 'Rome'. The Eastern Romans or Byzantines saw much of their territory reduced by Muhammad's cult in the decade from 636 to 645 AD. The Levant, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia were all reduced, including Jerusalem or city of 'peace'.

The Roman Empire has been defeated” [30:2]. This colossal failure – military and economic – of the Greeks' inability to defeat the marauding Arabs at the Yarmuk river in 636 AD fuelled the Arab self concept that Islam was destined to rule not only Constantinople, but Rome and the entire world. History would be much different, and a lot better, if the Byzantines had been ably led, not devastated by a century of wars with the Persian Sassanids and better informed about their Arab adversaries in 636 A.D. An Arab defeat in 636 A.D. would have confined Islam's cult of death to the beggarly and backwards Arab peninsula

The Koranic scribblers, authors of little talent and education, attributed the success of Muslim arms to of course, the moon guy, Allah. “With the help of Allah. Never does Allah depart from His promise: but most men do not understand.” [30:6]. The 'promise' is that the world will become unified under one ideology – that of Islam: “Those who reject Faith will suffer from that rejection: and those who work righteousness will spread their couch (of repose) for themselves (in heaven).” [30:44] Faith for Muslims means Islam. Anyone who is outside of Islam is damned, “Travel through the earth and see what was the End of those before (you): most of them worshipped others besides Allah.” [30:42] 

Islamic faith simply means a faith in Muhammad, the Allah-thing, and the Koran. That is all. It is not a faith in good works, a faith in humanity and free-will, a faith in tolerance to those outside the cult, a faith in the Golden Rule, nor a faith in rationality and the promise of faith through reason. Moslem faith simply means the blind obedience of fanaticism to whatever Muhammad or Allah [they are one and the same] said, did, demanded and wrote down in the Koran. Moslem faith by logical deduction is the opposite of Christianity. It is violent, ignorant, stupid, irrational and fatalistic. Islam will rule because Muhammad and Allah said so. The highest aspiration for a Moslem is to follow the peculiarity and rigours of the Koran. This is the method of a cult, and not that of a religious inspiration. The cult will rule the world because the Allah thing has promised his 'slaves' earthly power as well as an afterlife of pleasure – at least for Moslem males. The Koran makes no mention of what Moslem women will get in the next world, [030:060  URL] “So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of God is true: nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith.

Time is on the Moslem side. Allah or Muhammad said so. They, it, him or 'we' referencing the Moslem plural also said the following violent phrases against the hated Infidel in Sura 30. This includes Christians – Eastern Romans for example – who dared to 'associate partners' with Allah such as the Christian Trinity or the very existence of Christ. Christians are doomed. They have 'rejected' the unicity of Allah and his signs. Polytheists are 'Zalimun' or criminals in Koranic theology. Christians are polytheists. Their fate is eternal damnation and torture.


In the long run evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of God, and held them up to ridicule.


It is God Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; then shall ye be brought back to Him.


On the Day that the Hour will be established, the guilty will be struck dumb with despair.


No intercessor will they have among their "Partners" and they will (themselves) reject their "Partners".


On the Day that the Hour will be established, - that Day shall (all men) be sorted out.


Then those who have believed and worked righteous deeds, shall be made happy in a Mead of Delight.


And those who have rejected Faith and falsely denied our Signs and the meeting of the Hereafter, - such shall be brought forth to Punishment.


Nay, the wrong-doers (merely) follow their own lusts, being devoid of knowledge. But who will guide those whom God leaves astray? To them there will be no helpers.


Say: "Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before (you): Most of them worshipped others besides God."


But set thou thy face to the right Religion before there come from God the Day which there is no chance of averting: on that Day shall men be divided (in two).


Those who reject Faith will suffer from that rejection: and those who work righteousness will spread their couch (of repose) for themselves (in heaven):


That He may reward those who believe and work righteous deeds, out of his Bounty. For He loves not those who reject Faith.


And if We (but) send a Wind from which they see (their tilth) turn yellow, - behold, they become, thereafter, Ungrateful (Unbelievers)!


So verily thou canst not make the dead to hear, nor canst thou make the deaf to hear the call, when they show their backs and turn away.


Nor canst thou lead back the blind from their straying: only those wilt thou make to hear, who believe in Our signs and submit (their wills in Islam).


It is God Who created you in a state of (helpless) weakness, then gave (you) strength after weakness, then, after strength, gave (you weakness and a hoary head: He creates as He wills, and it is He Who has all knowledge and power.


On the Day that the Hour (of Reckoning) will be established, the transgressors will swear that they tarried not but an hour: thus were they used to being deluded!

The Muhammadan cult is particularly focused on the Day of Judgement. Allah will weigh the worth of each human. The good Moslems will be rewarded. Everyone else is damned. The Christians in this Sura are blind, dumb, deaf, ignorant, and ungrateful rejecters of Muhammad's formula for 'faith'. For their errors they will be 'punished', 'ridiculed', and sent to 'destruction'. There is no tolerance, peace and love for those outside of this cult. To say so is to embark on the most ludicrous journeys of opacity and dissimulation.  


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