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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, August 23, 2010

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The perverted Prophet. Mad Mohammed, child abuse and hating the female.

Raping a 9 year old has implications for Islam.

by Ferdinand III

Muslims revere Mohammed as the perfect male. In the Islamic liturgical trilogy of the Koran, the Hadiths or sayings of Mohammed, and the Sira or Sunna or biography of Mohammed; the idealized Muslim and Arab man is presented to be Allah's messenger - Mohammed. All Muslim males desire to emulate his example. Besides his insanity, fascist theology, racism, supremacism, slave trading, rape and destruction of other cultures, cities and villages who would not submit to Islam, Mohammed was also a child abuser. This has had deep implications for the status of females within the Islamic world. How could any messenger of 'God' or a moon deity; possibly have sex with a 9 year old girl after her first menstruation ?

The answer is of course Arab culture. Mohammed's theology is little more than monotheistic conceptions stolen from the Jews and Christians and applied to sanctify the existing crude and barbaric 7th century Arab culture. Women in Arabia were regarded as little more than sex rearing property of males. Consider these existing tenets of pre-Arabia Islam, which are still widespread in the Arab and Muslim world today, codified in the Koran and in Sharia 'Law':

Raping a woman in Mohammed's time was accepted. The woman was blamed. The same is true today.

A woman is not the equal of a man. The Koran makes this clear. The Koran and the Hadiths or sayings by Mohammed which help 'clarify' the meaning of the Koran, refer to women as: barnyard animals; fields to be plowed; objects for sex; creatures which must obey a man. This is part of Sharia law where a women's word is not counted the same as a man's. In the Koran, and the Sunna, women are accorded ½ of the legal standing as men.

Women are encouraged to stay at home and rear children. The Koran and the Hadiths make it very clear that the primary duty of a woman is to bear children to increase Islamic demographic power [or in pre-Islam, the numbers of the tribe].

Women were not viewed as moral, unique individuals. In pre-Arabia, and within Islam today, the female is assumed to be weak, immoral, and shapeless. Hence the Koranic injunction in Sura 4 that women should cover themselves up except for their eyes. Mohammed's sayings reiterate the faceless, formless existence a woman should possess. No meaning, no individuality, no personality.

Women must accept that their husband can have up to 4 non-slave wives, and as many slave-sex chattel as he wishes. The only condition is that the husband must share his time, sperm, and wealth equally amongst the 4 Muslim wives. He can treat his sex slaves any way he wishes. Women were forced to accept this in pre-Mohammed Arabia. They had no voice, no power. Islam simply sanctified this.

Beating a women is fine, as long as you don't leave obvious bruises or broken bones. Divorcing her can be done by simply saying 'I divorce you' three times. Such customs pre-date Islam in Arabia. Female beating is legion within the Arab-Muslim world today.

The woman must be killed if she dishonors the 'Prophet', the family or her 'man'. Honor killings long pre-dated Mohammed. Females are not equal humans, but simply property. If the chair displeases a man, he can crush it and replace it. If a woman publicly shames her man or family, she is simply disposed of by male relatives.

Raping captured women was a commonplace in pre-Mohammed Arabia. Raiding, looting and slave trading were the most lucrative and easiest means of survival in the harsh environs of a desert land. Captured female 'booty' was available to be not only sold, but 'consumed' and enjoyed in sexual acts:

Sahih Bukhari. Volume 3, Book 34, Number 432:
Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
While he was sitting with Allah's Apostle he said, "O Allah's Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?" The Prophet said, "Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence. [End of hadith]

In other words when you rape a woman finish the job properly and don't pull out early. Raping women – even those not captured as slaves – is also condoned in Islam of course as one Sura amongst many relates:

Quran: Chapter 4: (Surah Al-Nikah) Verses: 24:
???????????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ????????????? ??????? ??????? ?????????? ????????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???????? ??? ??????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????????? ????? ?????????????? ???? ????????? ????????????? ???????????? ????????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? ???? ??? ?????? ???????????? ????? ??????? ????? ???????? ????????

 Translation: Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those (slaves) whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek them (with a dowry) from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due, but if you agree mutually (to give more) after the requirement (has been determined), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Even raping a married women is fine as long as she is considered a slave or under your power as a Muslim male. Therefore raping Dhimmis or non-Muslim  females is permitted.  Koranic laws and recent Fatwas also adjure and make it acceptable that a Muslim woman can have sexual relations with a non-familial male, by simply 'adopting' him as a son, [for example the famous breast - feeding Fatwa].  Such cultural deformities simply induce men to view women as toys, chattle, or pleasure devices, not as thinking, rational humans.

Islam is also hostile to female babies. Birth to a boy is met with joy - another soldier for the 'Allah'.  Female babies are viewed as a large cost, until they can menstruate at which point they are married off.  The mass weddings in Arab-Muslim territories controlled by Hamas and Hizbollah, in which 12-14 year old girls are 'married' [ie. sold], to their male cousins, has millenia of history behind it.  In order to lessen the burden and cost of child rearing in impoverished Arabia children were sold to adult men, often 3 or 4 times their age in 'ceremonies' which rejoiced that the girl could now menstruate, and be of some use to produce children for the cult. These arranged marriages are initiated to get 'rid of' the young female child, - a costly burden - and are legion within Islam. A 13 year old girl is not equipped psychologically, physically, or mentally with the demands of marriage, sex, and living with a 40 year old male.  This Arab and Muslim perversity and anti-child psychopathy was prevalent long before Mohammed started his political program. It again highlights the poverty of Arab and Muslim thinking. There is no respect for female children. They are assets to be sold off, managed, used, or traded.

Muslims deny this but Mohammed famously had sex with a nine year old. We know this because the Hadiths tell us:

"mother came to me"
"while I was being swung on a swing"
"My nurse took over"
"wiped my face"
"Muhammad was sitting on a bed"
"made me sit on his lap"
"The Prophet consummated"
"I was nine years old"
Sahih Muslim, Book 8, Number 3309, 3310, 3311 ... Sunan Dawud, B41N4915, 4916, 4917

Mohammed raped a child. He is thus a criminal. In the modern world we have seen David Koresh of the Dravidian cult and many other cult leaders rape or have sex with children. These people are pronounced insane, liable and criminal and are prosecuted or sometimes killed. Why would any upright walking hominid view Mohammed differently ?  It matters not that he married 6 year old Aisha after his older wife Khadija died.  It matters not a whit, that he waited 3 years for her to menstruate before raping her.  It is unimportant that he married her to solidify his leadership, since the child was the daughter of one of his ablest generals.  This singular act of raping an innocent says alot about Mohammed, Aisha's father Abu Bakr, Arab pagan 'culture'; and its progeny 'Islam'. 

Mohammed's actions in the 20 years he formed Islam through violence and war, informed the Koranic culture and law of the cult.  Besides raping a little girl, Mohammed traded female slaves; had sex with over a dozen women obtained through jihad; sanctioned the raping of women during military campaigns; received revelations from the moon deity that sex with any woman within your power even if she is married is acceptable; and told his followers to view women as nothing more than fields to be plowed.  The Koran makes it quite clear that women are sex toys, booty, and objects of lust, who need to be dominated.  When they are not wearing bedsheets of self-loathing, the woman is a tool to please and serve the man.  Polygamy only exists for Arab and Muslim males.  There is no multi-male sexual stud ring of extasy for the female.  She is a shapeless object, almost nameless, who will be beckoned to serve her master food and sex when he desires it.  Her only other obligation is to produce Ghazi or Holy Warriors, who can spread the moon cult and kill the infidel.

Mohammed's actions and attitudes towards women, must have formed Muslim practices and culture.  For whatever psychological reason derived most likely from mental illness infused with a female-hating culture, Mohammed did not like women - except as sex toys and procreators for the cult.  This pathology and misogyny exists in Islam today around the world.  Over 50 % of Muslim women are illiterate.  That should not be a surprise.   They are not viewed with much favor by the males in the Islamic cult.  Men rule, women are stupid and to be used, is the Muslim male attitude.  In most Arab and Muslims nations, over half the females are beaten in the home.  "Punishing" a female is mandated by the Koran, though Koranic 'scholars' debate about how much damage a man can do to the woman while he is beating her.  Sometimes you need to beat her so the marks are not too visible.

The mad Arab fascist Mohammed also murdered many innocents; raided caravans; stole property and wealth; engaged in rape, slave trading and almost unlimited sexual license; started wars; liquidated Jews and Christians, and imposed pre-Arabian fascism encased in the madness of the Koran upon illiterate Arabs.  Mohammed was the epitome of a true Fascist - a man who wanted the moral, juridical, rational and humanist individual destroyed and forced into a communal cult of homage to a celestial moon deity, named 'Submission'.  No more absurd program than Islam has existed in man's history.  Mohammed's abuse of women is simply part of a program of cultish imbecility and anti-humanist irrationality without parallel in human history.  Mohammed hated women and viewed them as toys and chattel.  Yet the really smart people intone that Islam and Mohammed are peace, love, happiness, equality and democracy.  Please.  Hating women, like hating Jews, is a sure sign of a deranged, demented, and deformed personality. 



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