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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Jesus and Mohammed – rather different personalities one could say.

More Islamophobia!

by Ferdinand III

Muslims are not skilled in debating. No debate with a Muslim! They and their vaunted gibberish in the Koran know all! And if you disagree or criticise they will sue you. It would be wonderful however, to hear a Muslim try and debate the life of the madman Mohammed – their revered but physically unknown leader [no pictures please!], with that of say the pacifist Christ. Two more opposite personalities cannot be found and their very characters, methods, attitudes and philosophies are instrumental to understanding their faiths, or in the case of Islam, their cult.

Mohammed was born in the late 6th century and true to his Arab heritage, remained an illiterate and violent man throughout his life. His family was in part responsible for maintaining the Kabah shrine, which housed the black asteroid rock, a center piece of Arab moon worship. His father's name was abd-Allah or slave of al-ilah, one of four main moon Gods of ancient Arabia. The cult of al-ilah pre-dates mad Mohammed by 3.000 years. Central to the moon cult was the kissing of this black stone, presumed to be a gift from God to Adam.

Many sources exist where one can read about the life of mad Moh's Arabia. Life in Bedouin Arabia was nasty, brutish and ritualised. As with all pre-modern societies, Bedouin Arabia was not a multi-cult, back-to-nature, hug-a-tree (or a camel), paradise. It was a violent, war ridden and rather poor existence. Each tribe and clan in good Arab fashion competed for power, money, women and political hegemony. This made life rather crude and difficult.

Economies and inventions don't tend to flourish in times of anarchy and upheaval. Mohammed's Arabia was a civilisational backwater, famous only as a transit area for the rich spices of Yemen – a poor second cousin to the Christian and Jewish and even Persian civilisation's to its north and east. It would be the equivalent today, of comparing Mexico with America.

Mohammed traveled with and then managed some Arab caravans heading north into infidel-land of the Levant and Syria – Christian and Jewish lands. [Note to the misinformed – Jews and Christians dominated North Africa, the Levant, Turkey and Mesopotamia long before the Arabs invaded and convinced you that it was 'their' land.] Seeing the richness of the monotheistic societies and their incomparably more advanced states, the conniving Mohammed set out to replicate their success, with an Arab version.

The result of mad Moh's appropriation of monotheism, was the cult of submission or Islam. Rolling the various pagan and moon cults into one, was of course Mohammed's most vital invention. Stating that the Arab monotheism, premised around al-ilah or the male moon cult, was the successor cult to both Judaism and Christianity, gave Mohammed the justification for their persecution. Since Islam or 'submission' to al-ilah was 'God's' evolutionary faith of choice, it only made sense that others had to bow to it - or pay a price.

Islam is not a religion. It is a melding of Arabian cult worship with monotheistic ideas stolen from the Jews and Christians. Al-ilah or Allah is not God, but the submission to a cycle of the moon, famous in Arabia for 4.000 years. Saying Allah means God, is like saying that Tom Cruise's Church of Scientology is Christian.

All aspects of Islam and the Koran were formed by its founder – mad Mohammed. Misogyny; warring; stealing; lying; rape; supremacism; the taxing of non-Muslims; ritualisation; and a hatred of innovation, individualism, free-will and freedom, all come from the Koran, and Mohammed's leadership. It was Mohammed who supposedly formed the Koran, and it was Mohammed's actions which created the Hadiths or explanations of his words and deeds; and it was Mohammed who began Islam in war; and exhorted upon his death, that Islam rule the world.

Today Mohammed would be committed to an insane asylum or at least called a 'fascist'!, in good Bushitler fascist fashion sense. Prophet Moh led 80 odd military expeditions; murdered thousands of innocents; spent 3 days chopping the heads off of Jewish males at a Jewish oasis town he stormed and took; pilloried caravans; stole gold and booty; had more chicks than George Clooney; and covered it all with 'revelations' sent down by Allah. Yep, sounds like a really normal guy.

He was a devious and quite insane political leader. By combining the cult and state into one, Mohammed created the perfect fascism, one covered up as a 'faith'. Islam is not a faith, it is a political project sprinkled with some nice words, and ideas, which can be read by the rabidly faithful as extolling peace and virtuous character. Hitler, Lenin and Stalin performed similar illusions. Islam is nothing more than Arab imperialism.

The Koran and Sharia Law militates against any sort of realization or understanding of human rights, human worth and personal development. The Arab-Islamic world is ruled by Sharia law and Umma’s who interpret such laws.

This is a derivative of the Arab pagan cultures which had similar organizations with variations by tribe. Homogeneity of culture, language and law is assumed by Islam much as any pagan culture would assume sameness of bloodlines, beliefs and community spirit. The 9th century AD Sharia law is to be followed and not debated, and the top down nature of the moon cult or any pagan cult for that matter makes this an unsurprising development. All of it is to be chattered out loud in Arabic of course.

Serge Trifkovic wrote a great book called, 'The sword of the Prophet' where he describes the rigorous submission to the cult as being necessary to avoid sin; 'In Islam sin is not treated extensively, and only one is utterly unpardonable, shirk, association of other divinities with Allah.' In other words, don't 'shirk' your duty and pray or submit yourself to anything else other than al-ilah. This means that freedom and human free will are impossible. And since Mohammed is the interpreter of the Allah deity or thing, or whatever it is, then guess what? Mad Moh rules!

Mohammed was not a man of God but a political leader who used theology to conquer Arabia and bring various tribes under his control. His rule was spread not by love or compassion but purely by killing and war. As one 18th century Muslim scholar commented:

“No two personages ever appeared in the world more perfect and absolute contrasts to each other than the founder of the Turkish [Islam] and Christian religion. Christ was pure and Unspotted in the whole of his deportment….but Mohammed was a sink of iniquity, lust, and ambition, if we listen to his friends. Jesus employed no weapons in defense of his mission but the artillery of reason and argument, joined to the impetuous influence of stupendous miracles, while Mohammed could no nothing without the energy of the sword.”

Mohammed versus Christ? Not much of choice I am afraid. The Prince of Peace, whatever his many faults, lack of economic and political acumen, and blind faith in the goodness of the human soul, was a much, much greater man and concept, than the illiterate, war-mongering, fascist Mohammed. Or do you really expect a backwards, illiterate, brutal society like pagan Arabia, to be the home of a so-called, 'prophet'?

Good grief.

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