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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Mohammed the great plagiazer and liar.

He stole most of the Koran which pre-existed centuries before Mad Mohammed.

by Ferdinand III

Muslims can paint a false portrait of their founder all they want. Their Koran – a pagan fascist document which outstrips Mein Kampf in gibberish and ranting racism – the Hadiths or explanations to the unreadable Koran; and the biography of the founder or Sira; tell us about the real Mohammed. Muslims are only lying to themselves when they try to represent Mohammed as a 'prophet' of peace, love, merriment and inter-cultural extasy. Their own documents and histories tell us otherwise. Mohammed was in effect a murderous brigand; probably quite insane and a man with lusts for blood, power, sex and murder which would challenge even the most intolerant of Mongol, Turkish, or Central Asian nomad in quantity and ferocity. Mohammed was in essence the anti-Christ.

Mohammed's chronological biography can be found here created from Muslim's own documents read over the last decade many times and using different authors as guides. The facts presented in that biographical sketch have been written and confirmed by many others. Perhaps we are all liars, all deceivers, all Jew-loving capitalist pigs. Or maybe we can read and think for ourselves and determine, without fatuous, lying Muslim intervention and deceit, who and what Mohammed really was. The story of Islam is the story of racism, rampant sexual deviancy, intolerant warring imperialism, premised around a moon cult theology spread by the sword and in blood, all in imitation of its founder. Islam is madness. Islam is death. Islam is unholy. All thanks to Mohammed.

The chronological summary tells us all we need to know about the founder of the Arab pagan fascist moon cult. A categorization of his many mental ills is also helpful. There is little doubt in my mind, after years of researching the topic; that Mohammed was insane. The Hadiths confirm this. So too does the Koran which in more than a dozen places tries to assure the reader that Mohammed is not crazy. Robert Spencer doubts that Mohammed existed, or that if he did, he must have been clever. Perhaps Mr. Spencer and others are right about this. My view is different. Islam is so demented, ritualized, irrational, violent, racist, and pagan, that any founder would have to be the same. If Christ had been Mohammed, Christianity would be Islamic, assuming that it survived. All cults rely on their founder for their ideas, documents, belief systems, and view of the world. Islam derived all of its madness from Mohammed.

Using Muslim documents we can present the following as facts.

Mohammed the False Prophet

The Koran or Quran records that Mohammed stole most of his commentary from not only Jewish and Christian sources including the idiocy that Moses, David, Christ and all Torah/Biblical prophets were really Muslims, but also from Arab sources. The Quran of course existed for many centuries in various forms before Mohammed. The Islamic moon cult is based on the millenia old Arab moon cults. The Koran tries to defend Mohammed against plagiarism. A charge it can't possibly defend. Mohammed even stole parts of the Koran from Arab contemporaries.

Quran 25:4 “And those who disbelieve say: This is naught but a lie that he invented, and other folk have helped him with it, so that they have produced a slander and a lie.”

Quran 25:5, “And they say: Tales of the men of old (ancient), which he hath written down: so that they are dictated to him morn and evening.”

Quran 16:103, “And We know well that they say: Only a man teacheth him…”

'A man teacheth him' means that a man during his life-time taught Mohammed parts of the existing Arab liturgy which found its way into the Quran. We know that Mohammed did not receive revelations from Gabriel, the angel so prominent in Christian theology and appropriated by Mohammed in order to give himself legitimacy. In the Hadiths found in Bukhari: B61, V6, 521, pp. 487-488 we find this:“... I heard the Prophet saying, ‘(learn) the Qurans from the four; Abdullah bin Masud, Salim, Mu'adh and Ubai bin Ka'b.’"

All four of these men were Arab teachers in Mecca and Mohammed apparently was one of their students. A problem for Muslims who believe that the Quran is the world of God, is that many versions of the Quran exist. All four of these men for example taught different varieties of what would become Quranic law. Different Qurans created of course confusion and problems for the early Muslim cult members. The Arabs were largely illiterate and many verses were memorized incorrectly and recorded by scribes incorrectly. In Bukhari Vol.4:57,62,69.299, we read that many verses were lost after those who had memorized them were killed. Many more given to memorization by Mohammed himself were lost after he was poisoned and murdered in 632 AD at the age of 62. Bukhari in V5B59N727 relates that; “When Allah’s Apostle became seriously sick, he started covering his face with a woolen sheet. When he felt short of breath, he removed it, and said, ‘that is so! Allah’s curse be on Jews and Christians.’” The man's racist and supremacist hatred of Jews and Christians lingered on his lips as his last curses, full of hate and ill-will.  But we are told, Islam and Mohammed mean peace. 

We know that the Quran is created. The current versions of the Quran were manufactured over hundreds of years after Mohammad’s death by various caliphs and their scribes. Different Muslim sects will have different versions of the execrable document, differing even by nation state. Many Quranic scholars estimate that 2 dozen or so varieties of Quran have existed. How is this evidence of an uncreated God-given document?

The Koran is not 'uncreated'. Most likely the Koran was started even before Mohammed was born and it certainly was changed many times from the 7th to 11th centuries. Koranic statements found in Sanaa in Yemen pre-dating Mohammed have been discovered. Given that Islam comes from a 5.000 year old moon cult with its male deity centered in Mecca, this would make sense. Islam was built on a far older tradition of Meccan-Arab beliefs and there would no logical reason why the Koran as a foundational text of Mohammed's earthly power, would not contain his own cult's writings, sayings and laws. What rational person would argue that this is impossible?

We know that different Arabic scripts, dialects and prose structures are found throughout the Koran. Mis-interpretations abound in the Koran. For example the use of Syriac Arabic is found all over the Koran and the use of such a dialect would logically have followed the Arab invasion and destruction of Christian Syria and the establishment of Damascus as the center of Muslim empire in the 9th century.

If Muslims don't even understand their own Quran what else are they ignorant about? The life of Mohammed? The warring to spread Islam? The 11-15 million enslaved Blacks; and 10-15 million enslaved Whites taken into Arab, Black Muslim, Islamic Mongol, or Turkish empires? Why do we have to listen to illiterates scream that Islam is peace, when they don't even know that Al-Allah was Mohammed's family's moon deity?

The fact that Mohammed stole, plagiarized, appended, and borrowed vast tracts of the Koran to create his monumental fascism should be a key to the internal inconsistency and immorality that is Islam. The Muslim founder lied about how he built his moon cult fascist tract. Isn't it a good assumption as well than, that the entire Islamic project is nothing else other than a gigantic deception? Are we to believe the 5 senses of the real world, or jabbering cult members who scream that they are moderates and lovers of peace? Their founder, and their cult's book, give us the real answer.


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