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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Mohammed's misconceptions about 'God'.

Islam's 'God' is a pagan symbol for the moon, not the divine spark of life.

by Ferdinand III

Arabs and Muslims declaim that the Koran is the most beautiful piece of poetry ever conceived. This claim is about as factual as the mythical Arab and Muslim 'Golden Age'; or the incessant chant of 'Islam is Peace'. Reality dictates otherwise. The Koran is one of the worse, most repetitive, racist and supremacist of tracts ever penned by semi-illiterates. The entire purpose of this execrable trash is to regale the reader with the permanent omnipotence of the Arab moon deity ali-ilah, and his or its, complete and utter control of the universe, the world, and your life. It is as if the Arab concept of a 'God' is that of some giant human-like engineer and tinkerer, who knows all things at all times, and regulates all matters, without respite, forever.

This is obviously not 'the God' of the Jewish Torah or Christian Bible. God in the Western sense is not some giant 'clockmaker' who denies free will, abrogates responsibility and decides who lives forever and who dies in hell. God in the Western-Jewish and Christian concept is the idea of life, of creation, of goodness, of tolerance and gratitude and the Golden Rule. He is not some gnomish creature eternally fascinated by your every thought, and obsessed with punishing and killing those who transgress the Bible; or who don't submit themselves day and night without end, in a life of ritualization, irrationality and memorization of some archaic script. This Arab and Muslim fascination with complete and utter subservience to a moon deity's will has nothing in common with the real ethics of Judeo-Christianity, nor the Western ideas of what divine powers, embedded in nature, the soul, goodness and ethics.

Mohammed must have been a very poor student of J-C ideology. This is one convincing example of his likely illiteracy and brutish personality. Mohammed completely misunderstood the true nature of the JC God. Instead of viewing God as something around us and inside of us – which is what Christ and the early Jewish ethical teachers taught – Mohammed focused on the supernaturality of some divine being, playing games with humans, intervening, causing war, changing the course of events for his 'chosen' people. He would have obtained this information from early Judaic sources, the story of Moses which is very prominent in the Koran; and from later Pauline texts, developed by St. Paul, [which themselves were based in part on early Jewish prophets such as Daniel], which focused on the supernatural qualities of Christ and God. In early Jewish theology and within Pauline philosophy God is something like a super-human, too interested in one group of people, and far too interventionist on the side of one tribe or another. This is however the basis of Islam.

Allah-worship appears on balance to be more pagan than Christian. The ancient Greeks and Romans, along with every Near Eastern cult and state manufactured ideology; believed in human-like Gods who would determine the course of events. In the West, the concept of an afterlife never really developed until the first century AD when Platonic philosophy of the 'soul' was combined with the Christian ideal of a resurrection and the Egyptian concept of a heaven. Attributes of this cultural mix were prevalent in the time of Christ [be good and you might be rewarded by the 'Father'; if not you could be cast into hellfire with Lucifer, the fallen angel]. So merged the three different strains of philosophy into what we now recognize as heaven and hell, which later informed New Testament writings and Christian teachings until the modern era [many modern Church leaders disavow the concept of Hell and Heaven].

Islam is orthopraxic in that it demands 'right' conduct and behavior and does not countenance disputes, debates or strange ideas which are outside of Koranic and mainstream Islamic thought. Thus the Christian idea of the Trinity is a sin in Islam. The three-natured Godhead of Christ is viewed as nothing but polytheism in Muslim eyes. One of the animating aspects of the medieval Jihad which tortured and butchered Europe for 1000 years, was the Muslim belief that the Christians were pagans worshipping 3 Gods, not one. For Muslims only the worship of what they call Allah, which is ali-ilah or the male moon diety of Mecca [the Cube] is allowed. This is rather odd. Islamic theology and the Koran are very clear in their hatred of the pagan and polytheistic. Yet Muslims pray to a mental illusion called Allah; which was the male moon deity of the Kabaa, and who had a wife, sons and daughters and other celestial relatives. This is paganism in its purest and most unadulterated form.

“There is no grey about the origins of Islam, Ali-ilah or Mohammed's cult parading as a religion. Mohammed's family as the guardian of the Black asteroid rock housed in the Kabah were well off from the riches of the Meccan cult and the visitations by worshipers to the shrine. Pagan shrines were always huge business in the ancient world. [see the second temple of Jerusalem as well for a remarkable story of economic enrichment]. Mohammed's family devotion to ali-ilah are evidenced by the name of his father Abd-Allah or Slave of Allah; and by his uncle's name Obied Allah or Servant of Allah.

Allah is obviously the combined name for ali-ilah or 'The God' referencing the male deity of the Meccan moon cult. It is clear that Islam has no similarity with, or connection to Judeo-Christianity. It was and is a moon cult.”

Ironically Muslims pillory and plunder the pagans and fight them to either submit or die. Yet Islam is the most remarkable expression of paganism imaginable. The Muslim conception of God has nothing in common with the JC ideals of what is a God. Mohammed misunderstood JC philosophy. At some early points in the evolution of Jewish and Christian monotheism, God might have been viewed as some sort of super-human creature, capable of the foibles, tragedies, violence and duplicity of any normal human. But that model was changed into a belief that God is the divine spark of life; and that God is inside us, around us, and runs through us – but he is not animating events, any more than the wind or the song of a bird, or the cry of a baby is determining our fates, or holding us hostage to some omnipotent book of fatalism:

“The idea of 'God' as well is radically different in Islam. In Christianity God is largely anthropomorphic with human qualities – especially in the Old Testament. He is a personal God. In Islam no one knows what Allah is. It is certainly not a personal, humanistic idol or 'God'. It is something impersonal, unknowing – something you would expect from a moon cult. How can one know the idol deity who represents a phase of the moon?”

No one knows what Allah is because Allah is an Arabian pagan moon symbol bent into a mental abstraction to be equated with 'God' because Mohammed wanted to win over Jews and Christians to his leadership. He failed. Jews and Christians in the 7th century in Arabia knew that their God had nothing in common with a moon idol. So they rejected Mohammed's claims to be a prophet. And rightly so. God is a concept of goodness embedded in the Book of Matthew and in the Golden Rule. The Koran does not contain either. Mohammed's moon symbol was an icon of what Christianity preached against namely; racism, hate, violence, greed, plunder, rape, polygamy, and war.

No wonder Mohammed was ridiculed and ignored by Arabian Jews and Christians. For them, the philosophy of Islam would appear to be that of the anti-God, or anti-Christ. And so it truly is.


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