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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Islam: A political movement for Mohammed's perversions and blood-lust

Cults are formed by 'leaders' for their own purposes.

by Ferdinand III


The insanity of fascists – true fascists in the communal, anti-modern, pagan sense of that word – display their mental incapacity in many ways, including sexually. Hitler raped his own niece, who subsequently shot herself. Mussolini was an unreformed sexual deviant, even for a ribald Italian male, prone to viewing women as daily meals. Lenin was beset by sexual quirks and inclinations. Stalin in his 40s, dated a 17 year old relative. But mad Mohammed who went insane around the age of 40 [this is well documented in the Koran and Hadiths], bested them all. Mohammed was the definition of a lecherous pervert, a sexual predator, a woman hating psychopath who viewed the female as 'fields to be plowed' [Koranic quote], and little more than sex chattel to produce warriors. Yet the really smart people tell us he was a 'prophet' of the Arab moon 'god'. A mad prophet of disaster maybe.

There are many reasons why cults start. Cults will be formed for three primary purposes:

  1. To create an ideology to explain the world and how it works [the passive cult];

  2. To forward the spiritual dreams and visions of a founder who feels that he has insight and that the world should follow his ideas in reforming society [the pacific and metaphysical cult];

  3. To forcibly reorder the world to conform to a leader or a gang's interpretation of how things work and what is important [the violent, expansionist cult].

All cults will use some form of theology; superstition; rituals; perhaps even magic, and mythology. They will create an eschatology or time-based plan and explanation of everything important that will touch their lives. They will ignore, or can willfully be blind to, facts, reality, the world of the 5 senses, common-sense, and scientific rationality. Cults will usually try to replace cognition and analysis with obedience, ritualization and unthinking devotion.

Of the three main categories of cults it is clear that Islam belongs in the third category. It is a violent, illogical, racist, misogynist, and jihadic cult. There is little of the first two categories in Islam. I would suggest that Islam at its core is little more than a political fascism designed by Mohammed for the benefit of Mohammed. It gave him license to pursue whatever desire, impulse, whim, blood-lust or criminally insane enterprise he wanted. To further his own objectives in life, Mohammed simply took the existing Arab moon cult worship; infused Christian monotheism and existing Arab cultural practices and declared the project holy. Like Moses, Mohammed declared himself the true messenger of the new or not so new 'God'; and the only political-spiritual resource that this 'God' trusted on earth. Goose step along, follow Mohammed and you will be blessed by his 'God'.

There is little doubt that Mohammed was most likely insane. Hitler was psychopathic, so too was Lenin. It would be a surprise if mad Mohammed was deemed to be a normal, functioning, 'average' personality. We know the following about Mohammed since they are revealed in the Koran, the Sira or his biography and his sayings or Hadiths. They support the thesis that he was criminally deranged:

-At the age of 40 he most likely suffered a complete mental breakdown, leading to his 'visions', his communication with the pagan male moon diety Ali-ilah or Allah; and the formation of his political project called 'Submission'.   While retiring to a cave to pray, Mohammed maintained that the arch-angel Gabriel visited him three times, each time forcibly shaking him and assaulting him. After the last attack Mohammed fled to his house and collapsed in front of his wife sobbing that he was possessed by demons. Gabriel was of course the angel which visited Mary and other Christians in a peaceful manner. It is pretty clear that Mohammed was aware of Christian liturgy and wanted to connect himself to the angel of the Christian God. If he did not go insane at the age of 40, he had to suffer from epilepsy or some other neurological disorder. In any event this experience proves that the man was mentally quite abnormal.

-He personally led some 25-30 jihadic and warring missions and planned and controlled 60 others. Islam was spread by the sword. The Koran makes this clear as do the Hadiths. When Mohammed was forced out of Mecca by his own tribe he went to Yahtrib a Jewish town, renamed Medina by the Muslims. His entire 10 year existence there was little more than the raising of bandits, armies and brigands to plunder Meccan caravans, kill Meccan traders, steal their product and wage war on Mecca, a city he finally conquered at the head of a 10.000 man host in 630 A.D.

-He destroyed 4 large Jewish tribes and murdered thousands by chopping off their heads. He killed some with his own hands. One of his last three wishes before he died in 632 A.D. was to wipe out all the Jews and Christians in the Arab peninsula. This was accomplished within 4 years.  Murder, genocide and wanton killing indicates a psychopathic personality.  The man was a veritable out of control blood-lusting lunatic. 

-When he entered Mecca in 630 A.D, leading 10.000 Muslim fanatics, Mohammed ordered them to slaughter the 'warriors' or armed men of Mecca. Thousands who did not fight were killed. Mohammed than went berserk smashing all the various idols and polytheistic 'Gods' of the Meccans and any places of worship not to his liking. Wanton destruction and desecration of sites which do not fit into Islamic theology is a re-current theme of gross Muslim intolerance even today. It denotes many psychological problems not the least of which is an inability of self-control.

-He had 4 Muslim wives including a bride aged 6, and over 12 non-Muslim sex slaves. This seems rather excessive even by Arab standards. Arab polygamy and the view of women as sex slaves and child rearers simply became sanctified by Mohammed's conduct and by the creation of the Koran. Women were viewed in Mohammed's time as shapeless, formless, sex servants of men. If a woman displeases a man, she can be beaten, divorced, sold off, or even killed. A set of attitudes which pervades Islam today.

-The Koran. No greater claim for the insanity of the founder of Islam can be made than to read the Mein Kampf of Arab imperialism. In fact it is, in my opinion, far inferior to Mein Kampf in style, organization and intelligence. Hitler's ravings at least had some historical basis [however incoherent and wrong]; detail; and a deranged but sweeping view of history. The Koran is nothing more than page after page of illiteracy, hate, racism, misogyny, universalism and intolerance. It is worse in every way imaginable than Mein Kampf. There is no spiritual program and no Golden Rule in the Koran. All of this intolerant fascism stems from the founder.

Mohammed had to have been insane which is the primary reason he was ejected from his home-town of Mecca circa 620 AD. The Meccans made one of the most monumental mistakes in history by not killing the lunatic in their midst. By not taking the theocratic fascism of Mohammed seriously enough; and by not understanding that a poor, illiterate, bandit society would respond to a political program which enshrines rape, theft, war, blood-letting, child sex, sex slaves, slave-trading and hypocrisy, they sealed their own fate and that of 1.6 billion people today. The Meccans should have known better. In the ancient world you killed a mad-man who declaims that he is a prophet – you don't accord him tolerance and good-will.

Muslims won't discuss the life of their 'prophet'. He was illiterate. He was mad. He was a fascist. These are facts from his life. In today's world he would be marginalized as a fanatical lunatic leading a fringe cult, which worships the male moon phase of the Arabian moon pantheon. Somehow the Muslims and the really smart people have rewritten the life of the Arab fascist to be one of peace, holiness, religiosity, and spiritual perfection. How dumb is the modern world becoming ? 

If you read the history of early Islam, and the life of its founder you will quickly ascertain that we are dealing with a political theology, forwarded by someone as mentally unstable as Hitler.  Mohammed was a perverted, lecherous, blood-soaked bandit.   He was a prophet of doom, not of spiritual enlightenment.  A man about as holy as Herr Hitler.


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