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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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A summary biography of Mad Mohammed, the Islamic Fascist founder. Insane, Hitlerite, Demented.

About as much of a 'Prophet' as King Obamed, or Lenin.

by Ferdinand III

When one reads, without multi-cult, cultural-Marxist intercession, the real story of the Arab Moon Cult or Islam; Muslim imperialism; and the life of its founder, some obvious conclusions present themselves. One will see quite clearly for example, that Mohammed was rather insane. A doctrine as ridiculous, fascistic, dumb and utterly incomprehensible to rational, ethical minds as Islam, can only emanate from someone who was a psychopath. As obvious as well, is the latent violence, intolerance, hatred, misogyny, anti-humanism, contra-free will; and the 'will-to-power' of the Islamic cult, all of which are evinced by its founder. Islam is an extremist fascist paganism begun by a man who killed, murdered, beheaded, slave traded, was a military leader, and who was a sexual deviant and pedophile. Mohammed was no 'prophet'. His life is the exact opposite of Christ's image and mission. Mohammed is quite simply the anti-Christ in actions, deeds, beliefs, and his lust for sex, violence, war, control, and subterfuge.

The founder represents the essence of the cult. This is a fact. Due to this there are not, and never have been, 'moderates' who believe in Koranic-Moon cult strictures, providence or dialectical inevitability in procuring for the male moon deity of Mecca, Al-Allah, the prostration of all humans throughout the globe. When a sentient person reads the Koran, the explanatory Hadiths, the Sira or biography of the insane founder; or the 1400 year saga of imperialist, fascist Islam; no other conclusion be reached, except the one and obvious declaration, that Islam is simply the ugly step brother of Marxist Fascism; and Marxist Communism. Islam is death. Islam is ugly. Islam is stupid.

So too was its founder – the illiterate, and mentally deranged 'Mohammed'. Some 'scholars' and writers feel that the illiterate Mohammed never existed. This is bunk. A theology as utterly barren, pagan, and flatulent as Islam would need an originator, an inventor, and some personal animating force. Maybe the Arab adventurer fascinated and regaled his contemporaries about the end of times; and the voice of 'god'; and maybe he was a charismatic and a determined, if quite incoherent speaker. Perhaps, like many Arabs, he was a devious personality, able to con people into believing his balderdash. Like the devious-car salesman, maybe the bed-sheet wearing Bedouin Mohammed was able to convince the naive to buy what they didn't need or couldn't afford.

Islam air-brushes the life of this insane fascist with very broad and bright strokes. Few Muslims will admit that Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old girl, or that there is anything wrong with that if he did. Few Muslims know that their 'prophet' led 80 odd military expeditions. Few Muslims understand that the Hadiths and the Koran admit that Mohammed went insane at age 40 – the same time he started to receive 'visits' from the Christian arch-angel Gabriel. Not many Muslims care to acknowledge the racism and supremacism that is the central theme of the Koran. Nor will many admit that merging church and state denies individuality, and forces the submission of the person to the Muslim cult. Most Muslims are entirely ignorant of real Islamic theology and history. They need to be to follow such an irrational pagan fascism.

Islamic liturgy tells us the story of the mentally unbalanced, but rather cunning Mohammed. He was in essence a political and military adventurer, who set up a cult for his own benefit, to unify disparate Arabian tribes, and thereby allow himself and his family access to plundered riches and power. Hitler, Castro, Lenin, Chavez, Ahmadinejad; Pol Pot; Mao; and Amin are modern corollaries. Use the power of the state and the cult, to enrich oneself. Napoleon was an incarnation of such ambition in Europe. Devastate, plunder, rape, coerce, war and disfigure the landscape to suit the needs of the insane personality. In this regard human mentality and gullibility has not changed much in 1400 years. Just witness the hero worship of the Arab-Black Jesus/Mohammed Obama, in the USA.

Mohammed was a man who took advantage of social, political and economic upheaval in poor, backwards and illiterate 7th century Arabia to engage in Napoleonic and Hitlerian programs of social, political and economic control. He was a revolutionary akin to the predatory regimes imposed by other 'prophets' such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Amin, Hussein, Saud or Assad. Peace, love, hope and change were, and are not, the main concerns of such men.

The career of the illiterate Arab is best described as one of brigandage, pillage and death – but it began anonymously enough. He was born in 570 AD into a sect of the ruling Quraysh tribe. His family was partly responsible for the maintenance of the lucrative Kabaa shrine and in particular the Al-Allah idol, which was the male moon deity, or crescent moon worshipped by Arabs, as the master of other moon phases. Each moon idol represented a phase of the year, and each phase would have its own important social, trade and agricultural connections. Al-Allah was deemed to be the male of the moon idol group, perhaps because the crescent moon makes it appearance at important times in the Arabian peninsula denoting fertility, planting of crops, the season for war, and the time for harvest. Al-Allah had a family, including a wife and 3 daughters. The trade in pilgrims who came from all over Arabia to appease Al-Allah and his celestial family was quite vast, helping make the Quraysh and Mohammed's sect, fairly well-off.

Muslim 'historians' and hagiographers tell us that Mohammed became a caravan leader for a very rich widow named Khadija, at age 25 due to his piousness, intelligence and honesty. Sure. In any event she was 40, and very rich. My belief is that Mohammed saw a widow with money and took advantage of his own youth, and energy to impress a would-be financier. Caravan journey's would have taken the illiterate Arab into Syria and he would have been in contact with Jews and Christians. It was from these trips and these many years of trading with the far richer Jewish and Christian cities within the Byazntine empire, that Mohammed would have learnt the oral traditions around the two monotheisms. Mohammed would of course later plagiarize both the Torah and New Testament for its quasi-religious artifacts and embed monotheistic concepts and stories into the Koran. But since it was an oral transmission, glaring inaccuracies, mistakes and confusion abounds within Koranic recitations of Judeo-Christian theology. The plagiarism is at times so bad and so obvious, that it is one argument amongst many that the Koran was man-created, not un-created and was the work of many minds, illiterate and untutored, who had received oral stories, but struggled to understand them and to find someone to write down their confused concepts.

Mohammed was such a good trader and profiteer, that Khadija married him. Or perhaps he was such a good deceiver and she a lonely woman in a man's world, that she married him. At this time Arabia was going through social and political unrest. Poor, barren, without much water, the Arabs had always been brigands and thieves, with banditry ranking high on the list of Arab occupations and skills. Mecca was somewhat urbanized and wealthy, due to the Kabaa shrine and the attraction of pilgrims. But many tribes even within Mecca were destitute. To the south the ancient kingdom of Saba was destroyed when its main dam and irrigation center collapsed forcing tens of thousands of refugees into Mecca and other locales [this disaster would make its way into the Koran as an example of Al-Allah's 'power' since it was he who destroyed the Sabeans]. Such a backwards and illiterate society would never have had the resources, to deal with the influx of thousands needing social assistance, not was there enough trading business or farming productivity to generate profits or food, to feed all of the extra mouths. By 610 AD Arabia was in flux and turmoil and some new program was necessary to both quell social discord, and allow the Arabs to mimic the wealthy city-states of the Jews and Christians which were rich and well connected to trade routes with Byzantium and the Sassanid empire of Persia. The richest cities in Arabia were Jewish and Christian which must have offered up tempting targets for the latent impulses of the Arabs. Yathrib to the north of Mecca, later renamed Medina by the Muslims, was one example.

In 610 AD at the age of 40, the Hadiths or Koranic commentary reveal that Mohammed went insane. No one really knows why he became mentally unstable. Poisoning, genetics, drugs, or an injury all seem plausible. By 610 due to his marriage and his caravan business Mohammed was wealthy. He was also engaged in Meccan politics. Apologists relate his great zeal for helping the poor and suffering in a time of quite disturbing and rapid social disintegration. Realists and those not prone to fantasy see other motives in his new political interests. Mohammed saw an opportunity to control all of Mecca's caravan trade and to effect this ambition, political power and the destruction of rivals was necessary. This made the creation of a divinely sanctioned political-theocratic program quite interesting. The stories learnt about Judaic-Christian theology which he imbibed on his caravaning were used as a basis to construct a new social order around the worship of one 'God', conveniently of course his family's deity Al-Allah; which would offer a new social template wherein the masses would share in the wealth of the rich. It was Arab populism. One would see the same programs come to light with Nazism [free health care; free education; guaranteed jobs; pensions; free day care etc] and Communism. Mohammed was not a man much concerned with anything but his own power, money and ambition.

He started preaching the inchoate jumble of pilfered Judeo-Christianity and Al-Allah submission in 610 AD attracting after many years of hard work, only a handful of adherents, most of them either family members or poorer illiterates who were his neighbours or friends.  Mohammed also 'diversified' from the trading of goods, into the trading of humans. Slave trading was even more profitable than goods trading. It was during this period circa 615 AD that he started buying, selling and having sex with slaves – a standard Arab practice of course. All pagan Arab practices such as slaving; sex with any women a man wants; polygamy; a belief in little devils; rock throwing; walking around shrines; prostration to celestial objects; wife-beating; sex with children; and anal sex with young boys; are all enshrined in the Koran. The Quran for example licenses sex between a man and his slaves in Suras 4:24, 23:6, 33:50, 70:30. Sex with slaves, women taken in war or brigandage, or another man's wife are all given approval by Allah. This would appeal to illiterate bandits. Between 610 and 622 AD when he was finally ejected and exiled from Mecca for disturbing the social peace, and fomenting violence, Mohammed received 'revelations' from the moon deity Al-Allah or [ali-ilah], 'legalizing' these pagan practices. Post 620 AD hundreds more 'revelations' would cascade down from the moon deity, supporting the killing of non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, Meccans, pagan Arabs, and anyone who opposed the moon deity's favorite human – Mohammed, who coincidentally was the man who invented the Allah cult.

It was during these dozen or so years from 610-622, that Mohammed was able to buy, conscript and put on the payroll, a precious few members or devotees to his new poli-theocracy centered around Allah. The maximum size of his group of coerced followers was never more than 70. Though small in numbers the Muslims were aggressive by design and noisy in proselytism. By 620 AD the Meccans had enough of Mohammed's claim to prophethood, and the constant demands that the pagan Meccans bow down to his family's moon deity. The constant stream of 'revelations' must have also been quite annoying, either highlighting the deranged madness of Mohammed, or his arrogant assumption that the Meccans were idiots. In 620 Mohammed invented his 'dream' in which he and Gabriel ascended to heaven from Jerusalem, meeting the other 'prophets' including Moses and Christ, both of whom acclaimed Mohammed as the last and greatest of the seers of 'God'. Instead of killing Mohammed, which they should have done, the Meccans simply exiled him. It was a grand mistake. They should have murdered him.

In 622 facing renewed persecution and death threats, Mohammed and his Meccan followers left Mecca for the Jewish run city of Yathrib, later renamed Medina. This flight or exile, marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar (After Hijra). For some reason which is still obscure, some factions in Medina hoped that Mohammed would unite their divided city. Mohammed is said to have drafted a document now known as the Constitution of Medina, the original of which is lost, that laid out the terms on which the different factions could co-exist. The important factor was that he was the Prince who would decide all. The Muslim cult with Mohammed at its head, had conquered Medina without blood.

The real point of the flight for Mohammed was to build an army and conquer Mecca. The rest was commentary. Between 622 and 624 AD the Muslims prosecuted dozens of raids against Meccan caravans killing, plundering and increasing their wealth markedly. They even warred during the Arab 'holy' month of Ramadan, in which all hostilities were to be suspended. Mohammed led many of these expeditions of banditry personally. In March of 624 Mohammed and some 300 warriors attacked a Meccan merchant caravan. The Meccans successfully defended the caravan and then decided to teach the Medinans a lesson. They sent a small army against Medina. On March 15 624, near a place called Badr, the Meccans and the Muslims clashed. Though outnumbered 800 to 300 in the battle, the Muslims met with success, killing at least 45 Meccans and taking 70 prisoners for ransom. Some 14 Muslims died. It was hailed as a victory provided to the Muslims by the ever-watchful and jealous Al-Allah. Angels sent by the moon deity were said to have flown into combat killing dozens of Meccans.

To the Muslims, the victory in Badr appeared as a divine vindication of Mohammed's prophethood, and it confirmed his hold over Medina and his divinely inspired leadership of Islam. Following this victory, after minor skirmishes, the Muslims brutally expelled a local Jewish clan, the Banu Qainuqa, killing most of the men and enslaving the females and children. After this savagery virtually all the remaining Medinans converted and Mohammed became a de-facto King of the city.

In about 624 AD Mohammed's first wife Khadija died.  It was Khadija's wealth, contacts and friendships which literally propelled Mohammed into Meccan politics and it was her money whcih allowed him the time to develop his political program and buy off the initial 'converts'.  Now she was dead, and he could use this opportunity to increase his grip on his followers.  In order to secure his power and alliances, Mohammed married 6 year-old Aisha, the daughter of his friend Abu Bakr, who would later become the first Caliph or leader of the Muslims after Mohammed's death. He also married Hafsah, the daughter of 'Umar who would later become the second caliph. These marriages sealed relations between the so-called Muslim spiritual leader, and his top-ranking followers. Mohammed also forced his two surviving daughters to marry. Fatima married Ali who would later be the fourth Caliph and Umm Kulthum married Uthman the future third Caliph. Thus all four of the first caliphs were linked to Mohammed by blood, marriage, or both.

In 625 Abu Sufyan the chief Meccan general attacked Medina with 3,000 men [he would later convert to Islam and his son would be one of the most important Muslim imperialists in history]. The ensuing Battle of Uhud ended in a stalemate. The Meccans claimed victory, but they had lost too many men to pursue the Muslims into Medina. Sufyan returned to the attack in 627 leading another strong force against Medina. This time he was aided by the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza from inside the city and some of whom left Medina to join the Meccans. Mohammed's men dug a trench dug around the city, and given the crude and poor military equipment of the Arabs, Sufyan could not invest and take the city. That such a simple barrier as a trench would obstruct the advance of an army tells us alot about the low-level of military equipment and generalship of the Arabs. The Muslims call this 'victory' of being holed up in their chief city, and refusing to fight the Meccans, the Battle of the Trench.

The Jews from the Banu Qurayza were annihilated. All the men – some 700 -- were beheaded and the women taken as sex slaves, with Mohammed choosing the choicest and the fairest, who also happened to the daughter of the Jewish tribe's chieftain. The property from the Jews was then divided among the Muslims.

Following the Battle of the Trench, the Muslims were able, through conquest and conversion, to extend their rule to many of the neighboring cities and tribes. By early 628 Mohammed had a fairly large and well maintained army at his command. In March 628 Mohammed went on a 'pilgrimage' to Mecca – at the head of 1600 soldiers. It was more an expedition to test Meccan strength than anything else of course. After some negotiations, a treaty was signed at the border town of al-Hudaybiyah. Mohammed would be allowed to finish his pilgrimage and hostilities would cease. Mohammed then married Habiba, daughter of Abu Sufyan (the Meccan general) to cement the treaty. He now had 3 wives.

Mohammed of course broke the treaty as soon as it was convenient. The treaty was no more than a respite for him to assemble an overwhelming force. Sufyan – the ablest of the Meccan generals was neutralized, with his daughter as little more than a prisoner in Medina, wedded to his one-time enemy. Without Sufyan's leadership the Meccans were doomed. It is hard to understand the abject stupidity of such a marriage, but the Meccans seemed incapable of rational, organized and intelligent opposition to the insane founder of the moon cult.

In 630 the deranged Mohammed marched on Mecca with an enormous force, said to number 10,000 men. Faced with inevitable disaster, the Meccans submitted without a fight. Mohammed in turn promised a general amnesty (from which some people were specifically excluded). Most Meccans converted to the moon cult, and Mohammed destroyed the idols in the Kabaa, elevating Al-Allah, the male moon deity to be the only 'god' of worship. From this time onwards the pilgrimage to Mecca, would be a Muslim-only pilgrimage and the shrine a Muslim-only shrine.

Two years later after conquering surrounding tribes, Mohammed died. His final words were to eject all Jews and Christians from the Arabian peninsula, attack and conquer Eastern Rome; and advance into Persia. All his wishes were dutifully followed.

This is the true biographical summary of Mohammed. No more a prophet than Hitler. Muslims can try to rewrite their history, but we should not be deceived. Muslim chroniclers tell us all of the above – and a lot more. Mohammed murdered poets, writers, and musicians for instance. This is one reason why Islam has never produced higher art. He forbade any depictions of himself or anything in-or-related-to the Koran. Can you imagine Western art and history without the glories of Giotto, Raphael or Michaelangelo?

What type of a man are Muslims worshipping as the 'most perfect of men', to quote the Koran? A military campaigner who waged 80 odd raids and wars and murdered thousands, including some with his own hands? A slave owner, and trader? A racist who viewed blacks as natural slaves and called them raisin-heads? A lecherous, sexual deviant who had sex with dozens of slave-women and who performed sex with a 9 year old girl to enhance his own power with a key follower? A man who broke contracts, lied, dissembled, and blamed 'Allah' when convenient? An illiterate who had such a broken and incomplete knowledge of Christian and Jewish theology, that entire tracts of the Koran are corrupted accounts of what a literate would find in the Bible and Torah?  A Jew hating racist?

Muslims are largely ignorant about the real life of their founder. Instead of 'forbidding' imagery and portrayals of this rather insane personality, they need to study the real life of the originator of the moon-cult. Ignorance is not bliss – it is just ignorance. Islam is a pagan fascism in large part because its founder created a pagan fascist cult, one imbued with a denial of the person, the destruction of humanism, and where the church and state are melded together, and in which the Dear Leader, or Fuehrer rules. The only difference between Nazism, Communism and Islam are degrees of emphasis. The details, the implementations, and the realities of the programs are all very similar in sinister intent, racism, supremacism and violence against the individual. Mohammad was no more a prophet than Hitler or Lenin. Islam is no more a faith than Scientology.




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