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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Anti-Semiticism is a Muslim import.

Another great 'benefit' from the Moon cult.

by Ferdinand III


The Koran is of course the greatest anti-semitic tract ever written. Mohammed's political program clearly targeted Jews for extinction. You can read this on almost every Koranic page. Islamic liturgy supports the destruction of the Jew. Jews and Christians were either killed or driven out of Arabia by 635 AD. It was one of Mohammed's last 3 wishes before he died – the other two being the unification of the Arabs under Islam; and the destruction of Byzantium and Sassanid Persia. What 'prophet' would not preach such a trilogy of violence, war and jihad?!

When the participants on the Turkish funded 'Gaza Flotilla' chanted Khaybar! Khaybar! mocking the 'Jewish' navy, it was no idle cry, nor was it a slip or mistake. Khaybar is where Mohammed slaughtered hundreds of Jews taking them by surprise as they were tilling their fields, killing some himself – as any good 'prophet' would of course do. The Muslims were simply screaming their support for murderous actions that their 'prophet' had already committed. Indeed contrary to myth Islamic anti-semiticism far pre-dates Christian or European. In fact the animosity towards Jews was transferred to Europe from Islam. The same was true of Holy War. Prior to the Muslim 8th century invasion and destruction of the rich Visigothic kingdom of Spain, Holy War was unknown to the West. It traveled with Islam.

Historian Robert Chazan has documented the relations between Jews and Christians between the 5th and 11th centuries. He summarizes them as 'tranquil'. Though tensions did exist between the two groups, there was no systematic violence.

the essential fact remained....that Jews were to be permitted to exist within Christian society and to fulfill their religious obligations to Jews.”

Leon Poliakov an expert in Jewish-Christian relations also confirms that the Jews were given 'favorable status' during this period and that “Kings, nobles, and bishops granted Jews a broad autonomy: thus they administered their own communities and lived according to their own laws.

Contrary to media and educational disinformation it was clear that in Christian territories Jews were well treated and accepted as equals. Not so in the Islamic world. Dhimmitude was imposed immediately on once Jewish and Christian land conquered in the Near East and North Africa from 636 AD to 710 AD. Jews were killed, taxed as second class citizens, and denied the ability to build new synagogues, enter public service, marry a Muslim, or even walk on the same side of the street as a Muslim. Legal rights were abrogated and land and property of all varieties was simply taken. The 'pact of Caliph 'Umar' which is the template for Muslim domination of the 'other' clearly stipulated that the Jews and Christians were inferior, and if they broke the social 'peace' or any details of the 'pact', they would be punished or killed. Large massacres of Jews occurred throughout Muslim territory during the 8th and 9th centuries, with some of the most heinous and widespread atrocity occurring in Muslim Spain and in cities like Granada and Cordoba. 

As I wrote before while reviewing the literature on the Arab devastation of Spain – contrary to the politically correct buffoons who purport that the Arabs 'built a glorious civilization in Spain'; the Muslims actually destroyed one – the Visigothic Kingdoms which according to Arab sources were wonders of wealth, sophistication, great buildings, and culture. The Moslems murdered and pillaged their way through Spain:

Entire populations of Spain were captured and sold into slavery. Vast districts were denuded of buildings, people, crops and water supply as the Muslims literally effaced Christian society. The first pogroms against the Jews in Europe, including the wearing of yellow armbands, were enacted by the Muslims during their reign. Thousands of Jews were murdered for just being Jewish. Thousands of Christians suffered a similar fate – notwithstanding the opportunistic use by the Arabs, of Jewish and Christian leaders and elites to help manage their empire. Add to this the eternal civil war between the invaders, between Berbers and Arabs and fundamentalists and 'secularists' and you have a picture of unmitigated violence and carnage stretching endlessly for over 800 years.

Spain for 8 centuries was the pivotal and central front in the clash of Arab and European civilization. It was an area of bloodlust and total anarchy. No one knows how many millions the Muslims killed through the unprovoked invasion of Iberia but it certainly is in the millions. The Arabs instituted a Muslim dominated, tax heavy regime, which annually pilfered the countryside for women, slaves and young boys who would be castrated and turned into court eunuchs and scribes. Yet we are told, Spain under Arab rule was a magnificent polyglot of inter-faith harmony and education.

Pogroms or ethnic cleansing targeting the Jews thus began in Spain, created by the Muslims. This was simply following the pattern set in North Africa and the Levant. The 'pact of 'Umar' was firmly put into place. High taxes, social deprivations, the rape of Jewish women, the theft of property – all enacted and countenanced by the Islamic ruling elite. Were all 'Arabs' or Muslim moon cult devotees destroying Jews and their property? Of course not. But the ideology certainly commended such actions and that is the important point. As Rodney Stark confirms:

Muslims also began to massacre Jews.....the Muslim edict of 1148 that expelled Jews from Spain, upon penalty of death, unless they embraced Islam. Indeed, twice late in the eleventh century thousands of Jews were massacred in Granada by Muslims, and anti-Semitic massacres soon became chronic in Morocoo.”

But not according to the illiterates in our elite. For these 'bouffons' Islam is and always was, peace, merriment and civilization. So what if the Mohammed cult killed a few Jews they intone? What about the Crusades they wail?

Indeed what about them. Nothing like Muslim anti-semiticism existed in the Christian world, nor in Christian attitudes towards the Jews during this same period. It only arrived with the idea of Holy War and the Crusades which were clearly a military response to Islam's depredations against both Europe and Byzantium. It is clear that for some 700 or 800 years in the Christian lands, the relations between the two closely related 'sects' was peaceful. The same is not true of Jews living in Islamic lands [see also Bat Yeor's work on Jewish Dhimmitude].

There would be many reasons why Jews were well-treated between 400 and 1100 AD. Jewish law does not forbid usury and trade which early Christian theology nominally [though not practically] did. Jews were traders, operating within a wide Jewish diaspora in existence long before the great destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and again in 135 AD. Their commercial prowess would have been coveted by Kings and states as a base of taxation and wealth creation. They were also pacific, largely educated and able in the affairs of state and policy. There would have been little to gain through the destruction of such a valuable asset. Jews were also largely integrated into their host communities and as 'Castilian' as any native born Spaniard or as Flemish as any blonde haired Fleming.

Christian attitudes towards the Jews did however sharply change during the period of the Crusades initiated in 1095 as a belated reply to 400 years of Muslim aggression and war against both Western Europe and Byzantium. Mohammed did command the taking of both Constantinople and Rome of course. His cult devotees were simply carrying out the master's plan. Our modern Western anti-semiticism, can be dated from this period. Holy war – learnt from the Arabs and Muslims – precluded the acceptance of any infidel be he Jewish or Muslim. The attitude across a breadth of Christian society was truly that of intolerance towards any who did no profess the 'right' faith. This inability to distinguish between the remarkably similar aspects of Judaism, and the intolerant creed of Islam, was of course one of the colossal failures of medieval society. But this virus was not native to Christianity. It was carried into the cultural blood stream of medieval Europe by Islam.

There was also economic gain to be had. It is pretty obvious that when reading the first instances of pogroms against the Jews in 1096 along the Rhine, that economic opportunity was the root cause. The Jews were merchants, traders and businessmen. Many had capital and property. German nobles and some crusaders took the opportunity to avail themselves of this wealth. Some 5.000 Jews were slaughtered by Christians on the way to fight the Moslem in the Holy Land during 1096. A main reason was that the crusaders needed money. The journey to Israel and the equipping of men to fight was a very costly affair. Each man paid his own way. The Jews were thus easy monetary targets. Charges against them of killing Christ; or engaging in occult practices were simply excuses to cover up the murder of innocents and the taking of their money and property. It was a sordid, disgusting affair.

Many more thousands of Jews would have been killed in 1096 as the Holy Warriors of Christ made their way along the Rhine, if not for the heroic acts of Bishops and church leaders who literally hid, or protected many thousands more. The Church was thus not imbued with anti-semiticism in contrast to Islam, its leaders and its un-holy book the Koran; all of which are soaked in Jew hate. This is also an essential difference in the development of anti-semiticism in the West. It was certainly not promulgated by the Church.

In any event it is clear that if you read the history of Jew hate in the West it directly emanates from Islamic liturgy and practice. If Islam had never existed there most likely would be little anti-semiticism in Europe. Perhaps the Holocaust and the absurd Marxist-racialist theories of Hitler and his pagan Nazi cult never would have occurred or been developed. Anti-semiticism is thus another 'export' from the moon cult of Mecca.

But it is of course holy, wonderful, peaceful and sophisticated.............



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