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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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A brief list of some Medieval inventions

The modern world is built on top of the era 500-1500 AD

by Ferdinand III

Here are 36 inventions during the Middle Ages [500-1500], which do not include scientific, philosophical, medicinal, or naturalist innovations. This list is derived only from the spheres of agriculture, the military, and civilian usage.

List of Inventions in the Middle Ages

Names of Medieval Inventions

Description of Medieval Inventions


Almanacs forecast precisely where the the sun, moon, planets and selected navigational stars, are going to be, hour by hour, for years into the future, the ancients never did discover what the Medieval Christians using math and science were able to establish regarding calendaring, feast days, elliptical planet cycles and the earth's rotation.


The complexity of Medieval armour is astounding as is the craftsmanship and cost involved

Artesian wells

The invention of Artesian wells eliminated the need for pumping


Astrolabe was used for used for astronomical purposes and calculating latitudes and was based on earlier Greek models


Chainmail armor was further developed in the Middle Ages providing protection against spears and swords with its origins dating back to the Gauls and Celts


The invention of the clock provided a closer structure to daily life [includes both the water and mechanical clock]


The compass enabled Medieval sailors and explorers to sail further from land and explore uncharted waters


Cross-staffs were used to measure the angle of the Sun or a star above the horizon


Gunpowder led to the invention of the cannon and was originally imported from China

Horse collar

The invention of the horse collar increased farming efficiency in the Middle Ages as did the substitution of horses for oxes; and 3 field rotation


A necessary adjunct to productive usage of the horse

Hour glass

The Hour-glass was a valuable measurement tool used in many daily tasks


Mills were built to pump water, grind grain, and crush ore and revolutionized industry, and food production

Minute Glass

Minute-glass was another timekeeping instrument invented in the Middle Ages

Moldboard Plough

TThe Moldboard turning plough increased farming efficiency and land productivity


Nocturnals were used for measuring and timekeeping instrument, the Medieval obsession with time stemmed from conceptions about work, productivity, the seasons, feast days, faith-days and trade

Numbering System

Hindu numerals were used which greatly abetted literacy, book-keeping and record keeping


The use of oars made the galley ships redundant allowing movement into the open seas


Paper was introduced in the 1200's imported from China and replacing the very expensive and laborious manufacture of parchment [tanned and beaten sheep or cow skin]

Printing Press

Mechanization of printing in the mid 15th century was a major milestone in society affecting literacy, education, science, laws, record keeping etc.


Quadrants were used for measuring and timekeeping instrument

Siege weapons

Siege weapon inventions were brought from the crusades to Europe and changed Medieval warfare

Silk Manufacture

Silk imported from China and adapted in Europe, was a luxurious addition to European clothing

Spectacles/Magnifying devices

Spectacles were a major medical advancement in the Middle Ages as were the telescope and other magnifying devices


Stirrups gave the rider greater control and allowed cavalry to use bows and arrows, or charge with lances, originally imported from the Mongols

Sun dial

The Sun-dial was another timekeeping instrument invented in the Middle Ages premised on Greek designs in Alexandria

The Bit and Bridle

The Bit and Bridle was used for controlling the massive destrier warhorses essential for heavy combat

The Crossbow

Invented in France, the crossbow applied engineering to the short bow

The Flail

The invention of the Flail was used as armor-fighting weapons

The high-backed saddle

The high-backed saddle gave Medieval knights great leverage and allowed heavy cavalry to be employed with devastating effect

The Lance

The Lance was long, strong, spear-like weapon, designed for use for knights on horseback and was a fearsome military weapon

The Longbow

The invention of the longbow enabled skilled English longbowman to release between 10 - 12 arrows per minute

The Rudder

Rudder enabled the use of Wind and Water Power to propel ships, obviating the need for oared craft

Traverse Boards

Traverse boards were navigation instruments, and were an older version of the Astrolabe


The invention of the wheelbarrow allowed faster movement of heavy loads over short distances


The invention of the windmill harnessed wind power to produce not only food, but to drain marshy/water areas to reclaim arable land

Nowhere will we find a list comparable to the above from any other culture including the 'scientific age' of the 17th century, which included witch-burnings, a belief in abiogenesis and a constant desperate refutation of the scientific works from Christian scholastics, setting back math and science by at least 2 generations. The Middle Ages were a hard time to live and we can't romanticize the period. But between the invasions of the Northmen, the Moslems [everyone's favourite civilized cult it appears], the Magyars, and the constant internecine, inter-state conflict; it is a wonder that Europe survived in any form, with any civilization whatsoever. It was not a dark age, but an age of turmoil, change, progression, some regression, innovation and most importantly an era of faith married with science.  

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