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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Frederick II, the Atheist monster of the 13th century

Always portrayed as enlightened, smart, tolerant, inclusive, 'scientific'....whatever.

by Ferdinand III

Atheist-Marxist-Revisionist historians always portray Frederick the II from the 13th century, and Emperor of Germany, parts of Italy and Sicily as a supreme example of the multi-cultural, clever, tolerant, magnanimous and chivalrous leader. The corruption of 'history' and the adding of positive myths for political and philosophical reasons to a personage, can find no greater example than in the form of the execrable Frederick II, an atheist, a secularist, and a mass murdering psychopath.

Frederick II was born in 1194 and died in 1250 [unfortunately a long, active life]. Proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick was indeed unholy, too twisted and deformed to be an Emperor and certainly not a Roman. Frederick II controlled the richest kingdoms in the West including Germany, parts of northern Italy, and the all important granary and strategic island of Sicily, recently won back from Moslem rule, by Normans in the 11th century. As with most egos, F II never built, created, endeavored or labored. He was born, therefore he must rule. State power was his theology, with himself as God. No wonder 'historians' love him so much. Reflected in his sword which he used only on Christians and never on Moslems, they see their own image of the perfect man, the supreme ruler, the idol uber alles, the [not so] benevolent despot they would love to be; a lover of the moon cult as well.

You will find few if any real appraisals of a man, on google, or in any history book. A man more akin to the absolute despotism of the Sun King, Hitler or that of a Stalin, rather than a pious Christian prince interested in science, math, and the welfare of his people. His career is one of deceit, boundless ambition, endless war on the Papacy and other Christians in Italy and beyond, and the desire, stated in his own words to make the Church, the Pope and every other human, subservient to himself.

Despotic, unenlightened, demonic. No wonder 'historians' are so in love with the man. For example after making a non-crusade [1228], which he had delayed for 15 years; Frederick made a ridiculously inane truce with weakened Moslem forces in Israel, that he could have eradicated if he had the intelligence and honesty to do so. The pact with the Moslems stated that the Christians in 1228 for ten years would own Jerusalem, but could build nothing. After 10 years they would hand it back to the Moslems. Cynical and ever so typical of the Atheist-self obsessed personality. A deal that made no sense whatsoever. Upon returning to Sicily in late 1228 – basically chased out of the Holy Land by Christians – he began a brutal, uncompromising set of wars against the Church, Christians and free men not enslaved by his totalitarian government. He could not war against the Moslems, but had no compunction in doing so in the most barbaric manner imaginable, against fellow Christians.

Warren Carroll in The Glory of Christendom, volume 3, is one of the few to see the man for who he really was – an out-of-control Atheist [there is not doubt about this, he certainly was neither agnostic, nor religious, he was God or so he claimed]; power monger, who started endless wars in Italy and central Europe solely for personal ambition and power. Slaughtering thousands, mutilating prisoners, breaking agreements, trying as hard as imaginable to make the Papacy, the Church and every free man or women subservient to him and him alone. He attacked Rome only to be turned aside by an 'old man with a staff', the venerable Pope Gregory IX. Frederick as usurper of all authority is clearly stated in his 1231 publication claiming he is God.


In 1231 Frederick issued the Constitution of Melfi [Liber Augustalis], a codification of the old Norman laws of the Kingdom of Sicily combined with a large body of new laws decreed by Frederick. It was the first codification of law for a nation to have been done since the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, and it reflected a concept of absolute monarchy derived from pre-Christian Rome.” [p. 223]

In Ancient Rome and Byzantium, it was the Emperor uber alles. No other authority temporal, secular or religious could be allowed, unless it was completely subservient to the King.

Endless wars ensued after this proclamation. In 1231 Pope Gregory IX knew all too well, what the atheist Frederick wanted – complete and utter subservience of Church and man to himself. Frederick II referred to himself as the Messiah, the appointed God on Earth; a man with more claim to total power than any Pope sitting in the chair of the fisherman from Galilee. From this belief system his career became a long list of abuses: endless wars, destruction of churches and church property, and eradicating freedom for all men and women. Totalitarian control was his objective, freedom and centers of opposition the enemy. The only counter-weight to this secular fascism, was as always, the Papacy and the Church.


Pope Gregory IX well knew what all of this meant. He warned Frederick against 'promulgating new laws' which would make him a persecutor of the Church and a destroyer of freedom of the Christian people...The Pope also objected strongly to Frederick's taxation and control of the Church in the Kingdom of Sicily, and to his maintenance of thousands of Moslems at public expense in the region of Lucera in southern Italy, from whom his personal bodyguard was drawn.” [p. 225]

When Frederick waged war on his own people from 1235 to his death, he used 10.000 Moslem soldiers in northern Italy, paid for by the sacking and plundering of Church lands and assets. No wonder the modern multi-culti orgasm and faint at the mention of his name.

As Frederick ripped apart Christian Europe in a civil war and in his lust for totalitarian control; the Mongols, who would later convert to the moon cult of Mecca, irrupted into Europe. By 1243 the Mongols controlled Russia, the Ukraine, most of Hungary, Austria and parts of northern Italy. There could be no coordinated response to this most vile of threats, whilst Frederick gleefully, sadistically, and pathetically impaled Christian Europe on the sword of his own ego.


Frederick II had far more in common with Napoleon or even with Hitler than with any of his leading contemporaries. Both Napoleon and Hitler were also apostate Catholics [both were Atheists of course]. Both of them and their regimes were condemned by the Church.....” [p.245]

The tomb of this monster was opened in 1782. Frederick had died wearing Moslem clothes, with Arabic inscriptions. A very small cross was found on his left shoulder. Was he a Moslem? Unlikely since he mocked the Meccan cult as much as he did the faith of Christianity. He hated the Jew, but he hated all who were religious, or not devoted to his personal cause. Frederick II was a modern totalitarian psychopath, atheist, self-absorbed, drenched in blood and violence, dishonest, imprudent and materialist. This is why 'historians' are so favorable. He reminds them of the modern world.


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