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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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The Multi-cult cult is a sign of failure.

Society is not a group of tribes unified by the state. Islam is not a culture.

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At the risk of going to jail for 'thought crimes', it is laughingly obvious to any who study the political-economy, that the cult of multiculturalism, was always destined to fail. Uni-cultures, premised on natural law rights, freedom, political representation, open-trade, and military preparedness survive. Multi-cults who posit the inane and immoral idea that all cultures are the same and that the history's of all people are 'similar and important' create states riven by group 'rights', ghetto mentalities and the destructiveness of state power. The multi-cult is the surest path for a state to force 'conformity', elevate its power to ensure 'equality of cultures', and indoctrinate its citizenry in the cult of the state, as it deposes and reduces the original majoritorian culture to a theology which not only must be rejected, but even criminalized. Thus, if you criticise the failure of a moon-cult from Mecca, and dare to argue that Muslim baths, worship rooms, and state-financed mosques are deleterious to the greater society, than you must be punished and imprisoned for hate crimes.


Lately major European political figures have pointed out the obvious that Islamic non-culture does not integrated with host cultures. Why should it? The Koran is very clear in its racism and supremacism. Infidels burn in hell for not following the Allah-thing and only Muslims will be blest with ever-lasting bounty and ease in heaven. Maybe individual Muslims do integrate nicely into European or North American society. Maybe not. No one knows what the individual thinks or does. But it is a certainty that the cultural cant of his cult is magnificiently supremacist and puts itself at Jihadic odds with the host society. There is no disputation about that fact. Muslim demands as their populations grow will only intensify. The internal multi-cult war within the West will only accelerate in sharpness and querelousness as Islam swaggers in to fill the spiritual-social void ripped apart by Western cultural Marxism and massive, unbridled, illiterate statism. Where there is almost unlimited state power and despotism, we know that ignorance, the destruction of natural law rights and individuality; and the evisceration of true culture is never far behind.


The Multi-cult cult, is a terrible idea in both practice and reality. There is no moral, social, economic or cultural relativity between states, empires, locales, or histories. None. The Ottoman empire was a despotic Orientalized brutality whose practice in slavery, Christian destruction and unlimited Jihadic warfare was echoed by its savaged populations in which poverty, illiteracy, ritualization and fear all competed for attention. This culture had nothing in common with northern Italy's rebirth, nor with the Gouden-Eeuw or Golden age of maritime Holland, nor with the Christian imperial spread of Catherine's Russia across Central Asia. Middle class Britain laughed at by the fascist despot Napoleon, had little in common with the ruins of non-societies one would have found in 19th century Persia, Turkey, Africa or Saudi Arabia.


The truth is this: there is no cultural relativity whatsoever between Western development and the Orientalisms of Asia and Islam. Western history is simply superior. This is not to say that all matters of Western development are moral in our modern sense of that word. But likewise it is also rather obtuse and disingenuous to apply today's standard of morality – a Western invention – to past Western epochs, but not to say Islamic history or Arab imperialist expansion. Thus the US which fought a civil war to end slavery in which 400.000 Blacks were brought to the US in chains and whose population had grown by 1860 to 2 million, is vilified even today as a racist-white power culture. Yet Islam still sanctions, practices and trades in slavery, including the sex slavery of women. Islam never fought, and never will fight a war to liberate slaves. The Koran says that slavery is fine. Mohammed traded in slaves and had 12 or more sex concubines. Ergo for Muslims and the Koranic cult, slavery is fine. What 'relativity' then makes Islam just as exalted as US culture?


The sickenss of the multi-cult club should be obvious. But perversely this illness is a touchstone of modern political certainty. The logic is vapid but oft-repeated - the more multi-cult your country is, the more superior it must be. The multi-cult propaganda, sponsored by the state is endless, extolling in a mindless sort of way, the supposed virtues of tolerance, diversity, respect and humanity. In actual fact of course, the ineluctable outcome of the multi-cult fetish, one enforced upon society by the state, is the opposite of what is proposed. The most rabid of the multi-cult lovers including state human rights commissions and their political masters are the most intolerant and un-diverse of minds and attitudes. The multi-cult thus morphs into something that it demonizes – an intolerant despotism.


The multi-cult signals a failure not only of society, but of state interference in the organic growth of the nation state.


Moslem UK Sex Jihad: Police in Glasgow cover up yet another Moslem rape gang

Which targeted White Girls. Isn't that racist?

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Sharia UK.

Migrant aka Moslem Rape Gangs in Glasgow – Police ignored them, then acted, did not disclose it to the public, did not deport all the criminal rapists many of whom are still at large.  All to avoid offending the cult of ‘peace and love’, and the protected species known as Moslems.

Glasgow police shut down a child rape gang whose 55 members were all either “asylum seekers or naturalised asylum seekers”, but did not reveal the existence of the group or the operation to shut it down to the public.

While the operation took place in 2016, it is only becoming public knowledge now, reports The Scottish Sun, which note a briefing document from Police Scotland that reveals the members of the gang were from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Kurdistan, Morocco, and Turkey.


report conducted by Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit found that of the suspects, only 14 had been deported, with 22 remaining in Glasgow. A further eight were believed to be still living in the United Kingdom, with just one in prison and one further individual pending deportation.

The report details the scale at which the grooming gang operated, with one victim believed to have been abused by 28 different members of the group, and another being linked to 23 men within the gang.

No Fake News mention.  One Moslem Sex Jihad gang out of many in Scotland to be sure.

If the Fake News, Fake Politicians and Fake Experts did mention yet another Moslem-rape gang; they would blame Whites, the victims; ‘racism’; and ‘integration issues’.  Psychologists would ruminate that the Moslem men, simply did not understand that raping white-Infidel women – a 1400 year practice based on Muhammad’s conduct – was not acceptable in Scotland.  Ergo, they are not to blame.


Sharia UK: the rape of White girls by Moslems - 1000 a month on average per year

Not a sound from the Fake News, the Fake Police, the Fake Agencies....

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Sharia UK.

The book Recital or Memorise (the Koran), makes it clear that women are inferior to men.  This is why within Muhammadism there is:


  •  Polygamy
  •  Sex concubines (Muhammad had 20 sex slaves)
  •  Female Genital Mutilation (to remove pleasure from sexual activities)
  •  Wife Beating (Sura 4)
  •  Sex Trafficking of Infidel Women (‘what your right hand possesses’, via war, subjugation or Dhimmitude)
  •  Wearing of Hijabs (and various bags) to cover up the female form and to show deference and submission to men
  •  In Moslem Sharia countries women cannot have an independent life of their man (husband, if not married, father or brother); and are subject to stringent observation and control
  •  Under Sharia Barbarism, women are legally ¼ the value of a man
  • Child bride marriages to older men (usually for money)
  • Termporary (weekend) marriages (akin to prostitution)


Muhammadism is distinctly anti-female.  In many ways Muhammad’s cult was not only a cult of brigandage, plunder, war and robbery; but a sex cult.  Within Muhammadism, men can do whatever they want – especially to Infidel women.  A key part of Muhammadism’s core is misogyny and sex.


In this vein, part of the Moslem Jihad is the Sex Jihad.  In Dhimmi-UK we have the outrageous, immoral, and viciously barbaric sex trafficking and associated rapes of up to 300.000 young white girls over a 30 year-period, by Moslems because they are white.  This translates into roughly 1000 white girls every month, being sex trafficked, or raped, or assaulted by Moslems.


This attack on white girls – or infidel meat - is called Racism, the Sex Jihad, part of the subjugation of the Infidel – a clear statement by Moslems that we will conquer your society and rape your women while we squat, take-over and impose Sharia.  But there is not a word from the Fake Police, Fake News, Fake Education, Fake Politicians, Fake Government of the dozens of Fake Agencies and NGOs focused on the ‘children’s future’ and ‘children’s safety’.  Nothing.  In fact the UK police system is suffused with Moslems, with some Moslem officers participating in the sex attacks on white girls; and others stopping investigations, or even threatening victims with ‘hate crimes’ for racism.


There are likely 10 million Moslems in the UK out of a total population nearing 70 million.  This will double by 2040 given current trends.  Yet this misogynistic, racist cult is a protected species and can do what they like.  Secular laws do not apply to Moslems.

One woman claimed in May 2017 that she had reported being raped by Muslim gangs when she was 14 years old, "But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist, and I was the one who had the problem." She added, "I was specifically told not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrator….