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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, February 21, 2011

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Islamic Apartheid. Read Moslem theology and history.

The grotesque myth that Jews and Christians lived in harmony in Islamic states.

by Ferdinand III

Perhaps no more hoary lie exists about Islam than the concept that the Jews and Christians have been better off under Muslim rule than Christian. It is almost as absurd as the fantasy that Muslims built the modern world - a lie that even the Nazis would be embarrassed to utter. The massively ignorant misrepresentation that Islamic caliphates were multi-cult paradises where happy Jews and smiling Christians lived unmolested, undisturbed, and whose children frolicked and flew kites in a Michael Moore-like nirvana, is now accepted as fact and taught in schools as such. Islam has always been a primitive, apartheid society – set up for the express benefit and pleasure of its male cult members.

The litany of dead, persecuted, exiled and forcibly converted Jews and Christians, in the Middle East and North Africa, runs into the millions. The Moslem destruction of the Jews and Christians started in the Arabian peninsula at the very beginning of Islamic development. Rich Jewish towns were of especial interest to Mohammad. This addiction to genocide fed the Islamic advance across the Levant, and into the rich Greek, Jewish and Christian dominated areas of North Africa, Turkey, Thrace and southern Italy and Spain.

As the armies of Mohammad rolled up the disparate Arabian statelets and weak neighbouring empires, non-Muslim assets, trading routes and wealthy towns, were sacked and pillaged. Jewish and Christian inhabitants – as in the genocide at Khaybar in Arabia where thousands were slaughtered – were given three simple choices. These choices are instructed in the Koran and form the basis of Islam's apartheid society: convert; pay a head tax and be a second class citizen; or flee without your possessions.

That was it. There was no multi-cultural paradise of Hollywood fantasy where Muslims were great, noble and civilised and the contemporary European barbaric, dirty, unkept and dumb. The roles are exactly reversed. The barbaric Moslem adhered to the opposite of Christian doctrine. In Christianity, all people are equal. This theological truth does exist in Islam. In Christianity there is God and from God comes what is called natural law. Natural laws address the development of nature, morality, and basic human rights. From natural law as guaranteed by God flows the modern world of rationality and science. None of these ideas exist in Islam.

Moslem doctrine was and is primitive. The Arabic moon cult deity – ali-ilah or Allah for short – is the only creation with free will. Only Allah knows what will happen. Only Allah can develop, change or make things happen. You then, as the human, are nothing. You are a tool of Allah and he will determine all – your past, your present, and your future. The only thing you can do is to submit [Islam] to Allah and beg forgiveness. Slavish submission is then the core tenet of Islam.

This is the precise polar opposite of Christianity and Judaism.

In 850 A.D. the then reigning Caliph ordered that all Jews and Christians living in Moslem lands must affix wooden images of devils to their houses, wear only yellow clothes outside, and ride only on certain primitive saddles. One thousand years later such laws had little changed. Jews in North Africa in 1880 wrote  letters and diaries about the laws necessitating the wearing of certain clothes for Jews and of being subjected to having little Moslem children slap and hit them – an apparent ritual in some parts of the Arab empire designed to humiliate the star [or symbol] of David worshippers.

Even in supposedly glorious Islamic Spain from 650 A.D. to 1492 A.D. the Jews and Christians were openly persecuted. Islamic apologist Maria Menocal who maintains that Moslem Spain was an Islamic multi-cult paradise wrote, 'in return for this freedom of religious conscience [Jews and Christians], were required to pay a special tax-no Muslims paid taxes—and to observe a number of restrictive regulations..' Violence against Jews and Christians in Moslem Spain were legion and vicious. Four thousand Jews were murdered in Granada in 1066 alone. Compare this to the Catholic Inquisition which burnt 2000 Jews and non-Catholics over 200 years. You will hear much about the Inquisition and its deleterious effect on civilisational and Spanish development, yet you will hear nothing about the various genocides like that at Granada in 1066 which deform Islamic Spain's history. Literally tens of thousands of innocents were killed by Moslems in Spain alone.

Pogroms, attacks and desecrations of Jewish-Christian areas have always been common occurrences across the Moslem world. In any Moslem area there is long history of violence against the Saturday and Sunday peoples. Bostom in his book, 'The Legacy of Islamic Antisemiticism', outlines and catalogues the almost endless history of such attacks. The racist language of the Koran, where Jews are degraded as pigs and apes, comes directly from Mohammad. Before Mohammad ordered the murder of every Jewish male from the Banu Qurayza tribe, he told called them, 'you brothers of monkeys'. They were slaughtered. Moslem violence against non-believers is nothing more than cult members following the actions of their leader.

Non-Moslems then as now, were treated as second class citizens, with no legal rights under Sharia law, no ability to own and manage private property, and subject to head and poll taxes as well marked out by special clothing. The intolerant Muslims, throughout the life of the Caliph, did not even allow a dhimmi look them in the eye, or walk in their path. Dhimmis could pray in regulated areas after paying the required jiyza tax, but they could not discuss their ideas with Muslims. To do so meant death.

How was this then, a multi-cult paradise of tolerance?

Jewish and Christian civilisation then as now was far more advanced than the Arabic. It was the wealth and genius of the dhimmi or apartheid peoples that fed the Islamic empire. The Arabs and Moslems invented nothing. The Jews and second-class Christians kept alive the main tenets of modernity. Algebra is premised on the ancient Greeks and was developed in the 3rd century by Diophantus of Alexandria – a Christian. The astro-labe, so vital for sea navigation comes from the Greeks of Byzantium. The zero is a Hindu invention. These and other supposed Arab inventions are a nonsense. Just as 'Popov' the magical Russian of Communist propaganda invented everything from the radio, to the car, so too did the advanced Mohammedans invent everything from ice cream to human flight.

Ancient Greek medicine and science was still far in advance of the Moslem as late as 1200 A.D. Roman and Persian engineering was far superior to that of later Moslem empires up until the European incursions of early modernity. European cities had town clocks by 1250 A.D. Istanbul built its first clock in 1850. It is clear that European civilisation resting in far harder climes and with less natural advantage was by the age of Charlemagne more than a match for the older Near Eastern states. The gap between Europe and the Moslems only grew as time wore on.

The myth that Europe was in a 'Dark Age' whilst Islam bloomed and performed miracles is preposterous propaganda. Even Goebbels would wince at suggesting such a lie. The Europeans were revolutioning science, the political economy, agricultural methods and transport. The only reason that the epoch between 800 and 1400 is 'Dark' is that only recently have scholars and investigators started to shed light on the multitude of European advances which pre-existed European world hegemony. From this myth flows the idea that Islam was light and Europe darkness. From this misconception follows the erroneous claim by Gibbon that Christianity held back science [and destroyed Rome] or that of Voltaire that Islam naturally bred advancement. These two thinkers have contaminated our view of Islam and of pre-modern Europe.

Part of the reason why non-Spanish Europe was able to conquer the globe was because European society had long been open, transparent, and mobile. While local pogroms existed in the least advanced areas of Europe, for the most part, Jews and Christians co-existed and co-developed the Continent's political-economy and its military technology.

Premised on Christian ideals of charity, inquiry, and scientific rationality, the European state system, very quickly surpassed that of rigidified Islam. The Moslems who believe that only Allah has free will thus making rationality and inquiry unnecessary, were no match for Europe even as early as 1100 or 1200 A.D. The only thing that prevented the Crusades from succeeding for example, was a general European apathy towards the project, vicious political infighting amongst the Crusading leaders, and the very small amount of resources spent on the project.

Even as early as 1100 A.D. the Europeans could have conquered the Moslem heartland if they had so wished. The fact that they were embroiled in internecine warfare, development, and the slow halting progression towards a pluralistic, representative system, should not blind us to the fact, that the root and core of Europe – its Christian heritage – was far superior to anything dreamt up by the Arabs.

Iranian journalist Amir Taheri, who is a powerful critic of his own country and also his own 'faith' was asked if Islam was compatible with democracy [in reference to Bush's Iraq policy]. Taheri stated the obvious: 'the non-believer cannot be the equal of the believer....Here is the hierarchy of human worth in male Muslims...Muslim male Muslim women....Muslim slave women...Jewish and Christian men....then Jewish and Christian slave men....Jewish and/or Christian slave women.' The Christian ideal of equality, which is the basis of modern society, does not exist in Islam. Islam was, and has always been a totalitarian system of apartheid.

So the question is why do schools and the media preach the opposite of reality? Islamic violence is open for all to see. The Koran can be read and dissected and its racism is plain. Bostom, Baat Ye'or and others have outlined in detail the various and bloody acts of violence by Muslims against the inferior Jews and Christians. Islam was and is an apartheid societal arrangement. Why then the persistent myth that Islam is somehow a holy, multi-cultural paradise? Reality says the opposite.


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