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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

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Islamo-Fascism is the right term.

An Arab death cult melding church and state is not a religion.

by Ferdinand III

In one of history's more remarkable display of stupidities we, the unwashed, dirty mass, are constantly told that Islam 'is a religion.' No it isn't. The traditions and words of Judeo-Christianity are not to be found anywhere in the Koran; Muslim practices or in the 1400 year imperialist march of Islamic intolerance. You might as well wail that Hitlerism, Stalinism or Maoist doctrine was 'religious'. Islam, like the European Fascism's which were born out of Marxism, promotes death; racism; supremacism; violence and universality. Islamo-Fascism is the right term to describe Islam.

Fascism is not a European phenomenon. The main tenets of Fascism have been in evidence everywhere in the world in which the individual is subsumed into the mass. The core of Fascist philosophy in the modern world is of course its Marxist-Socialist obsession with the communal; with state power; and with creating some sort of pagan nirvana, in which the state, the cult and the leadership replace individualized and personal systems of belief including religion.

Arab Fascism is pre-modern. But that does not make it less Fascistic. It only precludes the use of modern technologies and methods in the ritualization of Islamic orthodoxy which was solidified by the 12th century. Arab Fascism like the Marxist variants of National Socialism and Russian or Chinese imperialism denies the individual; subordinates the woman to the man; denies freedom of choice, speech and action; and replaces reality with a distorted world view based around the utopian ideology of universality and destiny.

Thus we have German racialism which will dominate the world; or Russian socialist theology which will control the planet; or the Arab invocation that the Meccan male moon cult will inevitably control all of mankind. These absurdities have many commonalities between them of course. It is not a surprise to find out that the Arabs and Muslims were fast allies of the Nazis; or supportive of Russian fascism during the Cold War. Fascist friends of a feather will flock together.

As I wrote when comparing modern Fascism's and Islam:

“In fact Fascism, like dialectical Marxism, communism, and socialism, is obsessed with destroying the real world, and instituting a utopian order. Fascism has four general and quite consistent goals which make it a brethren ideology to socialism and modern liberal thought.

First, fascism wants to control the means of production and economic wealth. It will do this through nationalisation, co-opting big business, corporatism [indirect control] or a combination of all three.

Second, fascism is concerned with expansive glory, greatness, tribal, racial or national pride....embedded and abetted by state power and the maintenance of that power through one party, or one cult. .... Hence the word 'totalitarian' first used by Mussolini, when he described fascism as a system where everything exists inside the state and nothing is allowed to exist outside of state.

Third, fascism replaces or joins religion with obedience to a pagan cult, and this cult will reflect the culture and the myths, in which the fascist movement resides. .... the pagan nature of fascism is evident in symbols, the leadership cult, monumental building, and reflections on mythical past glories real and fantastical.

Fourth, fascism is above all a violent movement of revolution which revolts against the 'liberal-bourgeois' world of capital markets, the boring middle class of modernity, and unheroic nature of constitutionally bound and legally constrained society. Fascism is at its core a socialist revolution of communal optimism, communal sharing, communal effort and communal renewal. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, all echoed Stalin, Lenin, and the French revolution's call for a new man, a new world, and a perfect utopia of 'comrades', 'brothers' and 'citizens'.”

The violent revolution of Arab fascism was of course directed against Jews and Christians – powerful societies in 7th century Arabia who were far more advanced, cultured, educated and civilized than the Bedouin. In order to unite the Arabs, and expel the 'other' a unified theology around the Meccan male moon cult – which happened to be guarded by Mohammed's family – was created. In order to get the powerful Jewish tribes with wealth and trading contacts on his side, Mohammed simply conflated ali-ilah with Yaweh or the Jewish conception of 'God'. When the Jews did not comply, they were slaughtered, enslaved, and driven from Arabia. Their goods and property were of course taken by the Arabs.  One can see the Koran change at this point when describing the necessity of murdering Jews.  Once the Jews rejected Allah, than the blood lust for Jewish and Christian destruction comes to dominate the Koran.

Muslim intolerance is also reflected in its socio-economic affairs.  Non Muslims with Muslim states do not have much political or social power.  Male Muslims rule.  The purpose of the state is to enhance Allah's power and expand his glory.  Thus the communal trumps the individual. 

The entire edifice of political, economic and social life is owned, within Muslim societies, by the Muslim cult in power.  There might be some 'tolerance' of economic market forces, but only for the greater good of the community.  Within Islam it is ultimately the communal which owns all factors within the economy.  Historically the cult can, and has, taken these economic 'rents' and appropriated them for its own purposes.  Thus private property, capital formation and innovation are entirely at the mercy of the Islamic cult.   In many Muslim states throughout history, male Muslims did not pay a tax of course.  Jews, Christians, Berbers and infidels were tax-farmed, their wealth supporting the Muslim state and superstructure.  The myth of Islamic tolerance must be seen in this regard.  Infidels were only tolerated if they were useful at producing profits or wealth for the Muslim state.   Individual rights and private property ownership for non-Muslims in a Muslim state do not in reality, exist.

Fascism is in the main, including its Arab variant, an ideology of hate, death and anti-humanism. The individual and his life, is unimportant. It is the cult which matters. Hence the Arab-Muslim addiction to blood, killing those who don't obey; praying to Mecca or the cult's center, and repeating the gibberish of the Koran – itself an unholy book of Fascist fantasy and racism. Rituals, misogyny, bedsheets for women in public as a mark of inferiority; anal-sex [the vagina is not good enough for the male Muslim]; Jew and Christian-hate; violence, war and most importantly - the soaking of the earth with victim's blood [to appease Allah] – these are the marks of a Fascist creed.  If you don't call this Fascist than what is it ?

The intolerance of Islam is manifest to anyone who has the capability to think for himself and analyze the expansion of the Meccan moon cult over 1400 years. It is not a religion. It is a pre-modern form of what 'moderns' call Fascism. It is a cult dedicated to everything that the modern world is opposed to; and has fought against for over 2.000 years. Giving Islam the protection by calling it a 'religion' is yet another example where the multi-cult and the politically correct have neutered the ability of people to protect civilization from the most dangerous and bloodthirsty ideology ever created.  Islam is a cult - as ritualized and perverse as any other pagan Fascism ever created and one which far exceeds Hitlerism or Stalinism in savagery and criminality. 


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