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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Islam is Fascist. An Ex-Muslim's view of the obvious.

Imani has it right.

by Ferdinand III

Amil Imani
is an Iranian born, pro-democracy activist who resides in America. A renegade ex-Muslim he is an open advocate of orthodox conservative values, rights and democracy. A poet, writer, literary translator, novelist and an essayist, Imani has been writing and speaking against Islamic fascism for years. What I like about Imani is his view of reality – the world of the 5 senses – and his acknowledgment that Islam does meet and satisfy the tenets of 'Fascism'. Here is why.

On September 24th 2006 on the web site, Imani wrote why Islam is fascist. It is a great article and well worth reproducing. As the world dumbs-down any criticism of a pagan Meccan male moon cult, and neuters analysis into Arabian inspired Fascism, it is useful to go back and highligh why Islam IS such a threat to civlization and why it is Fascist in the true sense of the word.

Imani condenses the definition of Fascism into:

Fascism is a radical political ideology that combines elements of corporatism, authoritarianism, nationalism, militarism, anti-anarchism, anti-communism and anti-liberalism.” [Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.]

I would agree with all of these and also argue that Fascism is a communal exercise in which the individual is completely annihilated in the creation of an ideology – pagan – which designs to order the world and create a state utopia:

“...the greatest death cults in history, including Islam, have been communal, socialist, or egalitarian states. The reality of fascism is in fact quite different than that put forward by academics, the media, and your typical left-wing voter. Fascism has much in common with modern socialism, and historical marxism. Fascist creeds are nation-state and culturally specific.” []

Arab Fascism embedded in the Koran and Islam might be pre-modern but so what ? Fascisms transcend time and space. The main difference between Hitlerite Fascism for example and Mohammed's variety is the technology and devices available to achieve Fascist aims. In a pre-modern society the use of a 'religion' even if premised on an Arabian death cult, centered around moon worship, is a logical method to organise illiterate Bedouin. Mass communications, modern systems, huge governmental bureaucracies were available to Hitler, but not to his kindred spirit Mohammed.

In any event Fascism as defined by Imani does cover the main ideas presented by the institution of the communal in lieu of the individual, and the destruction of the real world and its replacement by a fantasy cult. Imani than goes on and comments on these components as they relate to Islam. I have edited the important points to make it shorter. But there is neo denying the strength of his analysis.

Radical: Islam is so radical that even the term “radical” does not adequately depict its true character. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, behaved in extreme ways whenever he could. ...He ordered all the idols in the idolatry of Mecca destroyed, including the one called Allah. Yet, he selected the same name for a non-corporeal deity who commissioned him as his messenger. Then Allah’s messenger Muhammad set out to systematically exterminate people he perceived as his tormentors and enemies—Jews of Medina, among others.

As for teachings of Islam, “radical” is the most fitting term. The Quran is full of black and white, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. Men who didn’t convert to Islam were labeled infidels and slaughtered; their women and children were taken along with all their belongings as booty. It was either Islam’s-way or the high way. This radicalism is very much in action today.

Political Ideology: Islam is and has always been political, in the form of Imamate, Caliphate or by proxy where Islam through religious divines controlled the state. ...where the mullahs rule, the constitution is squarely based on the Quran. Many laws are strictly drawn from the Shariah. The mosque is the state and no other competing political ideology is permitted.

Corporatism: The individual’s very limited rights are subservient to that of the collective. Religious dictates over-rule the exercise and expression of individualism.

Authoritarianism: Islam is theocracy, the rule of the clerics. The authoritarianism runs from the top to the bottom in a strict hierarchy with Allah at the top, to his Prophet, to the Caliphs or the Imams, to the lesser men of cloth along the chain of command. No one is allowed to contest or dispute the word and actions of the authorities. Islam and democracy, therefore, are inherently irreconcilable.

Nationalism: To Islam there is only one world-wide nation, the Islamic Ummeh. To Islam the earth is Allah’s, political boundaries are arbitrary and there is only one legitimate nation—the nation of Islam.

Militarism: Jihadists are the army of Allah. The use of violence as instrument of policy has been and continues to be central to Islam. Muslims war under the firmly-believed and widely-cherished set of ideas that are rabidly militaristic. “No matter which side is killed, Islam is the victor,” “You kill them, you go to paradise, you get killed, you go to paradise,” are two examples of exhortation to jihadism and war.

Anti-liberalism: Islam contends that it has the perfect divine prescription of life, brought to mankind as its eternal charter. Hence, human interventions and inventions are not only unacceptable; they are detrimental to the implementation of the perfect edicts. Liberal ideas trigger change. To Islam, any change from the perfect design of Allah, necessarily is in error and must not be allowed.

Islam fully meets each of the distinctive features of fascism. “If the shoe fits, wear it,” as the saying goes. Islam is fascist. Muslims and their apologists are guilty of denial and dishonesty. They have no ground at all for objecting to the contention that Islam is fascism. President George W. Bush did not misspeak.

If Muslims find fascism repugnant, then they should reconsider being Muslims.”

[Imani's article is here]

That last sentence is the essence of the argument isn't it ? Islam is Fascist. There is no denying it. If Muslims object to being called that word either reform their ideology or leave it. Muslims were allies of the Nazis and Communists and now they attack the modern world and are attempting to erase Jews, Christians and infidels from 'Muslim homelands' including Israel. This program is by itself Fascistic in its disregard for life, women, liberty, reality and morality.

Islam has always been Fascistic. The world needs to recognize this fact before it is subsumed by the Arabian death cult.

[see Imani's website at]





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