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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Political Islam is Islam. There are no 'moderate pieces' within Islamic theology.

Wrong policy choices from the really smart people.

by Ferdinand III

As the video by Robert Spencer makes clear, there is no distinction between the ideas of 'Islamism' or 'radical political Islam' and the political theology of Mohammed, named Islam. There is thus no separation possible between 'moderate' elements of Islam and the rest of Islamic theology. Islam by definition, by source, by fundamentalist disposition; by historical development is a totalitarian political theology. It is not a spiritual enterprise, nor does Islam concern itself with New Testament ethics, the Book of Matthew or the Golden Rule. The Arab cult is called submission for a very obvious reason – the world, as evinced on almost every page of the Koran – must submit to the male moon deity which was guarded in the Kabah shrine by Mohammed's family.

Scholars such as Spencer would agree that there is no 'Islamism' which can be divorced from 'moderate' Islam. This is not to say that many Muslims are not moderate; or have bigger and more important worries in life, than the Koranic injunction to jihad, war, and enslaving, conquering or killing Infidels. Some, a few, many, most ? Muslims might totally disavow such fascistic and supremacist intentions. But Spencer and others rightly argue that it is the theology and ideology of the cult which matters – much as it did with Nazism and Communism – not whether we want to believe, that all Muslims are pious tolerants, dedicated to sophisticated rationality, and love and commitment.

Within Islam the church is the state; the spiritual is the secular; the cult is the social organization; and the construct of life is dedicated to furthering the aims and ambitions of the cult; in which all men are to be 'returned to Allah' to quote the Koran, because all humans are and must be, Muslim. Islam can no more be broken into 'parts' of 'moderation' or 'dissent', any more than one can take the Sun and partition it into hot and cold pieces. Islam is a complete and unified theology, welded together and impossible to parse into sections. One only has to read the 'thinkers' of Islamic jurisprudence to know that this is true. As outlined before Islam is very clear about its intentions:

Qutb, Maududi, and Al Ghazali are the three un-wise men of Islamic theocracy and none of them are Wahhabi's [the radical 18th century Saudi sect that still demands the complete fundamentalist interpretation of Islam]. The writings and speeches of these men have had more influence in Islam than anyone else save that of the mad prophet Mohammad. They have interpreted and laid out an uncompromising interpretation of Islam, based on the Koran, which has informed all of Islam today. Mohammed would certainly approve of their boundless enthusiasm for war, expansion and the enslaving of others. Jihad and the extermination of others, was central to all of their works.

Along with Wahhabism, the writings of these apocalyptic horsemen provide a main-spring and a justification for Islamic terror, violence, apartheid and hate. Yet almost no-one in the mainstream media or in the educational systems in the West, will discuss these men. No one in the politically correct multi-cult universe wants to destroy the notion that Islam is a peaceful religion.”

Spencer's lament is that poor policy choices, in combatting and fighting the depredations of Islam, are being made on false assumptions. The 'cognitive dissonance' continues to grow in academia, the media and within the political elite. These people can't or won't see Islam for what it is - a political movement designed to subsume the world under the control of Muslims. 

It is truly telling that the Islamic calendar dates from the inception of political Islam or 622 AD. This was the year that Mohammed was forced to flee from Mecca to Medina. His small group of Muslims were ousted from his home-city by the ruling Quraysh tribe, who wearied of Mohammed's social insolence and rejection of Mecca's pagan polytheism. Islam is not dated from a time or an event related to spiritual revelations, ethical innovations, or the creation of a new creed of social harmony. Islam dates itself from Mohammed's flight to Medina, where he was greeted as a person who could arbitrate the many disputes between various Jewish and Arabian parties which populated the city. Mohammed in other word's became a politician eventually taking over and unifying the city under his command, and eventually building up a 10.000 man army which conquered Mecca in 630 AD.

It was in Medina that the violent passages of the Koran were created. These verses have precedence over the more 'peaceful' verses from Mecca. During the 14 year period of Mohammed's Meccan preaching, the Koran is softer, basically begging the Meccans to leave the Muslims alone. There is no tolerance or acceptance of others as a Jew or Christian would understand it. Just pleadings that the Meccans should leave the Muslims alone and continue with their polytheism if they so wished.

The Medina Koran is violent. Sura 9 for example is one long rant about why warfare against non-believers is mandatory for Muslims. Jihad, enslavement, wars of extermination, and humiliating non-Muslims through the payment of head and production taxes; as well as through second-class citizen status inform most of the Koran. These tracts – which are superior according to all Islamic jurisprudence to the Meccan suras – inform Islamic theology, Sharia law and the use of terror and war.

Thus Islamism is Islam because the Koran commingles all aspects of life into a political system of social control. The Koran and Islamic law is also quite supremacist and racist. There can be no moderation in a theology of racism oppresion:

As Ibn Warraq a former Muslim has written, hatred of 'others' is an endemic and genetic component of .... 'real Islam': ....nearly all the most influential Muslim thinkers, such as Hasan al Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Abu’l A’la al-Maududi, accept the premise of anti-Islamic conspiration by Jews and Europeans, as do most of the preachers, scholars , journalists, and politicians."

Warraq is right. Infidels including Jews and Christians are 'hypocrites' in the Koran, who reject Islam, even though they know it is superior. As such they must be fought, enslaved, or converted, or at least taxed into eradication. There is no mercy for the hypocrites within Islamic theology. Islam is obsessed with the conspiratorial-hypocritical-lying beasts who reject the true path of 'God's' word. There can be no peace until all of mankind is 'returned to Allah'.

Thus Islamism is Islam. It is as simple as that. Islam and Christianity are opposites. There has never been a Reformation within Islam – and there never will be. Islam will always be locked into a never ending war with the 'Other' until the Infidel either conquers Islam and destroys it; or the Muslims enslave, convert or kill the Unbelievers:

Fast forward to Islam in the 21rst century. Islam has never produced an Erasmus or Luther. Islamic doctrine has not changed since the 12th century when the Koran and Hadiths were 'approved' as final. No serious Muslim thinker – including those like Avicenna or Averroes – have ever refuted the basic universalism of Islam; its predestination to rule the world; the need for jihad; or the fact that the political-warrior Mohammed was God's vessel on earth. Modern Muslim 'thinkers' like Maududi, Qutb or Khomeni of course espouse the opposite. Islam is a total solution not open to debate, not open to change and not open to reform. The most violent disagreements in Islam are arguments about bloodlines of the elite [Shia vs. Sunni]; or about power and wealth distribution. There is no Erasmian ideal of individualised faith; nor of the Lutheran concept of accountability.

At its core Islam has little in common with either European history or culture. It is simply ridiculous that anyone would say 'well Islam and Christianity are both the same thing anyways'. That is crass ignorance. Christian ideals have nothing in common with Islamic orthodoxy. There is no book of Matthew in the Koran. There is no call to individual freedom, responsibility, or personal choice in the Koran. It is about subservience to the Meccan moon deity ali-ilah, not about faith as mental therapy and as a part of personal development.”

The absurdity of trying to divorce Political Islam, from Koranic Islam, is obvious. The US Republic was founded on separating the church from the state; the personal from the governmental; and the fundamentalist from the liberal:

It would be as if the US founding fathers, including the magnificent James Madison [who basically wrote the Constitution] and Alexander Hamilton decided that a division of powers, legal processes, weighted political representation, state-rights, individual-rights, and the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were not important. Instead of founding a republic it would be as if they simply said, 'the bible is supreme and we will abide by all its rules. Not only that, we must wage war to bring the same to every other part of the globe. That is our only duty – war and to please God.' This is more or less the message of Islamic theologians and the Koran. The world must submit to Islam. War and violence are the tools of choice.

Islam and Islamism are both the same. That should be the premise of forming our policy choices and our response to Islamic fascism, both domestically and abroad.


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