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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Modern Islamic Fascism - a very, very partial list.

Nothing moderate about a political ideology of centralised oppression and hate.

by Ferdinand III

One does not see many moderate Muslims in congress halls, on the streets, in op ed Journals, or writing books about the immoderate nature of modern Islam. Yes, yes, we all know that most Western based Muslims would rather have a good job, the BMW, the nice home and the hot babe in place of a long beard, 5 daily prayers, and a suicide bomb belt. But so what. Where are these moderates ? Just since 1945 modern Islam and the Arab pagan death cult has killed some 25 million people, in war, genocide, and oppression across the globe. No outcry. Yet if one Jew touches the Koran or a Dane cartoonist makes fun of the imperialist war monger Mohammed the Arab-Muslim world explodes into infantile, self righteous anger and hate. Nice ideology.

A partial - very partial and incomplete list of Muslim atrocity is below. Most of it is Muslim on Muslim violence - again a rather insane aspect of a supposed 'faith'. But no worries there will never be a Muslim demonstration anywhere in the West against such bloodletting.

-5 wars and 3 intifadas started by the Arabs to erase the Jewish from existence. [Racist is a kind word to describe such an obsession of genocidal lunacy].
-Over 100.000 Arabs have been killed by Arabs in the 8 conflicts since 1945 in Israel and Gaza.
-10.000 Jews have been butchered by Arabs since 1945 in acts of terror and violence, outside of war.

-Arafat and the PLO along with Hizbollah murdered over 100.000 Christians from 1975-1995 and turned a poly-ethnic state into a Muslim statelet.

Jordan, Syria, Egypt:
-Thousands of Muslims have been killed and tortured in these 2 Arab states as the reigning Hashimite clans and autocracies try to stifle Muslim opposition.
-Every year women, Jews, and Christians are oppressed, attacked and in many cases killed.

Saudi Arabia:
-Stoning of women still allowed resulting in dozens of dead females each year. No toleration extended for non Wahabbist faiths.
-Approximately $1.5 billion given in the past 5 years world wide, to fund extremist mosques and hate mongering Imams.

-Over 150.000 people were murdered by the Khomeini regime post in the 1970s and 80s as the fundamentalist Shias tried to extirpate moderate opposition.
-Iran lost over 1 million people in its 1980s war with Iraq.
-Hundreds of non-Muslims have been killed in Iran in the past 10 years on faith related charges.

-The Taliban eliminated about 25.000 people who opposed its fundamentalist rule in the 1990s.
-In the current Afghan conflict the Taliban have murdered about 10.000 innocents since 9-11.

-Post the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 approximately 2 million non Muslims were killed by Islamic fanatics.
-Close to 1 million moderate Muslims and non Muslims murdered in East Pakistan or Bangladesh during the 1970s by the military regime.

-1 million Muslims of a non fundamentalist nature killed by the Indonesian government in the province of Aceh.

-400.000 non Arab Muslims, Christians and Animists butchered by the Arab government in Darfur in the past 4 years.

-Approximately 5.000 Christians a year killed by Muslims in northern Nigeria.

-During the current civil war more than 150.000 Muslims and non Muslims have been killed by the extremist GIA Islamic group fighting to establish a fundamentalist regime.

-Hussein's regime tortured and killed at least 1 million Iraqis who opposed the Sunni regime including about 400.000 Shias in the southern areas.
-Christians and Jews are still at risk in Iraq with hundreds killed annually. Most have fled or are trying to flee the country.

-The UN estimates that about 3.000 European Muslim women are killed each year in 'honor' killings. Many of these murders are done in the home country - out of the reach of European law.

There has been over 12.000 Muslim attacks since 9-11. This equates to about 1.800 per annum or 2.5 per day. Nothing in modern history even remotely comes close to this fanatical devotion to eradicate Jews, Christians, Westerners and displace, upset or impair Western civilisation. Thousands of Muslims will pack congress halls in Western cities to hear radical Muslim clerics denounce the West and call for its abolition. Thousands of rabid Muslims will parade in Western cities waving Arab flags against any and all Western and Jewish practices and so-called 'crimes'. Yet no Muslims jam stadiums to demand an end to Islam's fascistic jihad, destruction of life, suppression of the female or genocidal loathing of the Jew and American.

Until that happens don't be surprised that the Marxist incantation of 'Islamophobia' will only increase and deepen. If Islam can't reform itself we will need to reform it for them. The crusades far from being a Western imperialist disaster were a muted and tame response to what was then 400 years of Muslim aggression against Europe. A new crusade will well up and it will be far worse than Bush's tepid little wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is the message the Arab-Islamic world needs to hear - one of blood, steel and swords. Until Muslims get the message and join the 21rst century they should not expect handouts; money; love and compassion.

That at least is what sensible people would advocate. Islam heal thyself or else.

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