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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Nazi-Islam. Fascism or the communal uber alles. Moon cult is 'supreme' also sprach Muhammad.

The usual cadre of idiots support Islam, as they did Hitlerism and Communism.

by Ferdinand III

Moslem Fascism. Writer Aminoff correctly ascribes modern Moslem fascism to the influence of Nazism, a theme that Bernard Lewis the eminent Middle Eastern historian also describes in great detail: [link]

Despite common misconceptions, modern Islamic Fascism was not born during the 1960s, but during the 1930s. Its rise was not inspired by the failure of Nasserism in Egypt, but by the rise of Nazism in Germany, and prior to 1951 all of its campaigns were directed, not against Western colonialism, but against the Jews.

It was the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Cairo in 1928, that established Islamic Jihad as a mass movement. The significance of the Muslim Brotherhood to Islamic Fascism is comparable to the significance of the Bolshevik Party to Communism: it was, and it remains to this day, the ideological reference point and the organizational core for all later Islamist groups, including Al Qaeda and Hamas.”

Moslem Fascism, in which the individual is dissolved into Muhammad's cult and there is no free-will, no free-thinking, no freedom, and plenty of misogyny, racism, supremacism, hate and bile; is a 1400 year project. In the modern era Moslem Fascism has been fueled by oil money and as Aminoff states, the imperatives given to the cult of Muhammad, by the Moslem Brotherhood. ISIS and the MB with its dogmatic Mein Koranic chant and cant is simply restating what Mad Muhammad demanded – the subjugation or elimination of non-Moslems, and the chattel-usage of females by Moslem men.

'Credibility' to eradicate Jews and engage in obscene racism is embedded in the Moslem mind, permanently stamped by the example of Hitler and the Nazis. The Arab Moslems were of course very enthusiastic allies of the Nazi's during World War Two. Now, incredibly they are portrayed by Western elites and the media as the oppressed fighting for their freedom from Jewish domination for example, or American colonial enterprises. Stupid is now deemed tolerant. Aminoff:

Al-Husseini [grand Moslem Mufti of Jerusalem and the de-facto leader of the Moslem world during the 1930s and 40s] had been a close ally of both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis. In addition to directing Muslim SS divisions in the Balkans during the Second World War, he had been personally responsible for blocking negotiations late in the war that might have saved thousands of Jewish children from being exterminated in the gas chambers.

All of this was known in 1946 by both Britain and the U.S. Nonetheless, both chose to forego criminal prosecution of al-Husseini in order to avoid hurting their relations with the Arab world. France, which was holding Al-Husseini, deliberately let him go at the request of the Arab League.

For many in the Arab world, what amounted to amnesty for this prominent Islamist who had spent years broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the Arabs was seen as a vindication of his actions.

As stated by Aminoff and extended to other circumstances, Western policy in regards to the Arabs and Moslems has been, in many ways, little short of a disaster.

We ignored the Fascist-Nazi links which existed between the Arabs and Nazis in both politics and theology.

The US stopped Britain, Israel and France from dismantling the Arab-Moslem pretensions to empire of Nasser, including the eradication of Israel, forever painting the West as cowardly in Arab-Moslem eyes.

We have transferred our money to buy their oil which only fuels the global Jihad, all the while flapping limp wrists and crying that developing carbon energy at 'home' will kill little Gaia.

Western states actively support the Useless UN which grants money and political cover to Moslem supremacism, including the establishment of permanent 'refugee camps' which provide ample scores of young men for the Jihad.

We invade Iraq, leave and in the process hand it over to passionate Moslems who then form a Sharia Constitution and promptly kill or exile half of the Christian population. That nascent state fails and ISIS comes into existence, upholding the very tenets of Muhammadism at their root and core. More dead Christians and Yazidis and endless rape, slaughter and deformation are now the norm. Christianity is basically dead in its homeland. Gone. Less than 2% of the ME population is now Christian. This is 1/10 of its base from 100 years ago.

The Arab winter or Moslem Jihad, named by the big brains as a 'spring' which only confirmed Moslem Brotherhood power either directly or indirectly across North Africa and into Syria. Apparently there are patterns to observe – with the cult of Islam at their heart.

Now we have unfettered Moslem immigration into Europe, by mostly young men [70%], not from Syria [only 1/3 of the Moslem immigration Jihad is from Syria]. 1.5 million Moslems entered Europe in 2015-2016 [thus far]; with another 10 million posed to invade. The usual cadre of Leftist-Fascist stupid; the open borders cult, the Islam-is-Peace cult, the One-World cult; are enraged that anyone would oppose a renewed Moslem attempt to conquer and subdue Europe. 40 million Moslems are now in Western Europe, a number which will double within 20 years. Sharia Barbarism is supported in every Western State by 50% or more of Moslems. 70% or more of Moslem Brits say that 'religion' or in their case, a Fascism, is the most important aspect of their life.

Modern Islamic Fascism was funded and supported by the Nazis. This resurrection of a Fascist project by the Nazis goes largely unchecked with the hue and cry from Western self-loathers that we need more outreach programs, mosques and Moslems in Western states. Viewed in a long historical term such policies are not only insane but self-sacrificial. Since when do we tolerate Fascism ?

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