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Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Hubal, Baal and Allah.

The moon idol of Mecca.

by Ferdinand III

The Quraysh adopted Allah as Baal, and added the goddesses to his cult the same way as Baal had three daughters in the Fertile Crescent. They venerated him and his three female companions in his new House, the Kaaba at Mecca. [Bergsson, Snorri G., Goddesses and Wica worship,'Neo-paganism at its most deceptive form, Islam and Goddess Worship Chpt. IV, pg. 15, 1998-2000]

The Canaanite Seasonal myth and drinking chant:
“And Lady Asherah of the Sea replies:
"Thy word, El, is wise;
Thou art wise unto eternity;
Lucky life is Thy word.
Our king is Aliyan Baal,
Our judge, and none is above Him.
Let both of Us drain His chalice;
Both of Us drain His cup!"

One key aspect of all cult followers is the complete inability to analyze their own theology and its weaknesses, contradictions, falsehoods, and myths. Moslems in general find it nigh impossible to investigate their own cult and try to find the trunk of truth through the foliage of lies, stories, nonsense and paganism. This lack of rationality is one reason amongst many, why we should pity most Moslems. Few Moslems for example would even deign to consider the fact that Allah is a pagan moon symbol, and that Hubal – the precursor to Allah – was the main idol worshipped in the Kabaa shrine in Mecca. Hubal was the Babylonian moon object and was known as Baal to the Hittites, Canaanites and Hebrews. Hubal resided in the Kabaa and was replaced as supreme deity by 'ilah' or the one. 

[Note: Many scholars do believe that the Allah was the Sun god and Allat the moon god. This might well be true, it is hard to untangle. Allat is oftentimes mentioned as the southern Arabian moon goddess, but Rahman is in actual fact the moon deity of that region. The main point is that both Allah and Allat are celestial bodies not 'god' and both hearken from the culture of Baal and Bablyon which spread 'idolatry' around Asia.]

Al-Lah or the 'one' was Hubal. The two are the same. For over 2 millennia before the time of Muhammad Hubal or 'the one', ilah, was the supreme deity of Mecca and most of pagan Arabia. The reason why Al-Lah as a symbol name resonated so strongly with the pagan Arabs was that each tribe had its own ilah, and for the Meccans this ilah, was the northern Arabian moon deity. The concept of moon and sun worship did not originate in Arabia, but was a central theme of all Near Eastern pagan cults. Different groups would put a different emphasis on the celestial worship of say Hubal or Baal. For some it or he was the sky god. For others an angry thunder god. For the Babylonians it was a moon god. For the northern Arabians who had long historical linkages with Mesopotamia, and who venerated the moon as the giver of water, cooler temperatures and the maintainer of their livestock, the 'one lord' was for centuries Hubal or the moon deity.

Who was Baal? It is the same as the Allah. Both were masculine deities with 3 daughters.

Thomas O'Brien, Encyclopedia of Religion 1:117:

"Allah is a pre-Islamic name...corresponding to the Babylonian Bel [Baal]" 

Khairat Al-Saleh, Fabled Cities, p. 28:

"Hubal was associated with the Semitic god BA'L [Baal] and with Adonis or Tammuz"

David Todd, in the Origins of Easter, page 11:

"Herodotus, world traveler and historian of antiquity, witnessed the mystery religions and its rites in numerous countries and mentions how Babylon was the primeval source from which all systems of idolatory flowed. Bunsen says: 'the religious system of Egypt was derived from Asia and the primitive empire of Babel."

Hislop, The Two Bablyon's, p 20:

"Belus or Bel...As BAAL or Beltus with the name of the great male divinity of Babylon...Belus was undoubtedly Baal 'The Lord'...the worship of the 'sacred Bel' the mighty one who died a martyr for idolatry...the regeneration of his heart [was the new birth or reincarnation of nimrod or Bel]...we learned that it was under Bel or Belus, that is Baal."

Samuel Kramer, Mythologies of the Ancient World, p. 196:

"The Daughters of Baal are three in number...The triad of Baal's daughters is reflected in the triad of Allah's daughters according to pre-Islamic Arabs. There is some outside confirmation that the three goddesses are daughters of Baal.

Bel or Baal was known as the cleverest of the 'gods' and the mightiest. Semitic-Canaanite lore would certainly have found its way a few hundred miles into the parched and poor Arabian desert and into Mecca. Every Semitic tribe in the Near East worshipped Baal. Why not the Arabs? Like all Near Eastern cults, the 'one', the big male bull stud so to speak had a consort. For the Arabs the moon deity was paired – as it often was in other regions – with the Sun. The southern Arabian consort Allat was the goddess of the sun. Allah and Allat begat 3 daughters. This pattern is exactly the same found in Mesopotamia, Syria and other areas of the Near East. The Bible even mentions Allat and so does the Koran in the 'Satanic verses' made famous by Rushdie, Sura 53, a chapter now disowned by mainstream Moslems with busy and demonstrable cries of outrage.

It is clear that the cult of Hubal or Baal had a huge impact on the human imagination and informed the Arab conception of 'gods' and worship. In 571 AD the Ethiopians invaded Arabia and advanced on Mecca. Arab writings rejoice that Hubal saved them, when angels attacked the African horde, and disease laid waste to its army. The Koran never mentions Hubal or this event. This is because there is no need to. Allah is Hubal or Baal. Allah is the Babylonian idol. Moslems are worshipping a 4000 year old celestial object and idol.

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