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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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The Arab moon cult – a tribal imperialism.

Islam was set up for the benefit of one tribal group.

by Ferdinand III

Ever wondered why the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam? Most people view the Arab-Muslim world as the 'way it is'. For some bizarre reason most 'educated' people in the West believe that the Islamic world, has always been Muslim and Arab dominated. Areas controlled by the Islamic ideology are deemed to be 'natural' homes to Arabs and Muslims. This is dangerously misguided. The key fact about Islam is that its origins are from the Arabian moon cult and it is a tribal-imperialist project designed to benefit a very specific Arab clan.

The logical corrollary of this rather insane belief, that North Africa for example has always been Muslim [it was once Christian, Greek, Jewish and Berber, long before Mohammed was born] is that any expression of Western power which is used against 'native' Muslims anywhere in the world, is just another example of selfish, bloody, Western imperialism. For some unknown and probably deeply problematic communal-psychological reason, few in the West understand that it is Arab imperialism centered around the pagan moon cult of Mecca, which is perhaps the greatest, most violent and most successful land empire ever established in history.

The Arab empire is thus, anything but natural. It is an unnatural empire, premised on ancient Arabian moon cult practices suffused with Jewish monotheistic ideals. There are no 'native' Muslims anywhere in the world, anymore than there are native scientologists submitting themselves to the tutelage of Bishop Cruise. The Arabian moon cult, transmogrified into an unexplained monotheism [Allah as a concept or word is never explained in the Quran], is the crux of Islamism. All the pagan rituals one would expect to find in a primitive, pre-modern moon cult of a poor, backwards and uncivilised morass such as Arabia, one can find in Islam, the Koran and the Hadiths which attempt [and fail] to illuminate the gibberish which is Islam's Mein Kampf.

Consider the origins of this 'Allah' – supposedly the Muslim equivalent of an anthropomorphic Christian God. In Judeo-Christian and Roman-Graeco culture, Gods or God, takes on a human form in order to impress upon the faithful the human qualities possessed by the higher power or powers. Such anthropomorphism is used to explain ethical and moral concepts in a way that an average, pre-modern human could understand. The God[s] were human and their myths, stories and tribulations were but examples and allegories about life and what a good human should and should not do, or what qualities and characteristics were necessary to lead a successful life and build a harmonious society. The Bible was never meant to be taken literally. It is a set of illustrations and messages sometimes encased in the supernatural the better to overawe the reader or most probably in a largely illiterate world, the listener.

Christianity is thus an intellectual and mental-spiritual abstraction based on ethics. Its core is a rather complex set of moral and ethical assumptions about conduct, responsibility and mores all of which are open to debate, interpretation, change and even rejection. It oftentimes depends on what the reader or listener takes away from the story, the allegory, the beatitude, or the commandment and how he implements it in real life. The Golden Rule is the strongest statement in history on how to interact with other humans – but few actually consciously practice it.

Islam has no such pretensions. It demands and orders complete submission to Allah – whatever Allah is supposed to be. No one really knows what Allah is – it certainly is not the same as the Christian God or the Jewish belief of a deity whose humanistic characteristics in the Old Testament support the idea that man himself is somewhere between the divine and the beast. Christ was a man who some claim possessed divine powers but who lived and died rather cruelly as a mere man. This again reinforces the Christian ideal that humans are not God-like but thanks to natural God given gifts are certainly not beasts.

Islam is not an intellectual-spiritual abstraction in any sense. Its origins are plainly Arabian and centered on the Mecca moon cult – the shrine of which Mohammed's tribe the Quraysh and his immediate family including his father, were charged with guarding. Mohammed was thus born into a society in which the central shrine or Kaaba contained a black asteroid [a gift from the heavens] and which housed the greatest Arab god called the 'Hubal' who represented about 360 sub-gods [or one for each day] and whose cult was centered around celestial-moon worship. Hubal was Allah's predecessor.

To the pagan pre-modern Arabs the moon was an important symbol of the seasons, calendar marking and keeping of time. In fact throughout the Near East, moon worship was over 5.000 years old by the time that Mohammed replaced the idea of the Hubal with ali-ilah or Allah – a symbol that all Arabian pagan moon worship would now be channeled through one main entity. Mohammed's invention was essentially political. He took the various moon cults which dominated Arabia, and the various tribes which squabbled, fought, killed and murdered each other with abandon, and united them under the sign of 'Allah'.

Along with that his immediate followers built a book of rules, the Koran, which in no uncertain terms told people how to behave. Male Arabs from the Qurayesh tribe – Mohammed's tribe – ruled, and there was a hierarchy of power, ending with black female slaves as the lowest in the social order. Non-Muslims were second class citizens and knaves called dhimmis, but even Muslims were to observe a hierarchy of control ending in the male Qurayesh Arab.

Mohammed's empire at its core was thus very tribal. His tribe, the keepers of the Kaaba and the Hubal, were to reign supreme. Whether one called the Arab moon cult deity Allah, Hubal or some other name mattered not. It was the idea that all Arab tribes would now submit to the Quraysh moon deity, which was vital. This tribal structure dominated the early Islamic-Arab imperialist period and lasted some 200 years as the Arabs led by the Quraysh occupied lands from Spain to China. Mohammed was about as much a prophetic figure in the guise of Jewish tradition as Tom Cruise. He was essentially a tribal political-military leader, who devised a unifying and powerful doctrine disguised as a faith.

Thus Islam at its core and in its formative stages has little or nothing in common with Western-Judaic experience. It was and it still is in some respects an Arab imperialist project with a tribal specific affiliation illustrated by the requirement that all Muslims journey to Mecca and kiss the Kaaba and submit to the shrine. This Arab-tribal ideology has always had designs on global domination and power with Mohammed's last words inciting the Arabs to destroy the Eastern Roman and Persian-Sasanid empires. Islam from its first moment of creation was a system of control, oppression and warring and it was spread by the sword, and by the call to acquire land, booty and women. It was never an intellectual or spiritual excercise in abstract or concrete ethics. Allah and the Arabian moon cult have nothing in common with Western ethical constructs.

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