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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the paganism called 'Submission' since 2000.  

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Monday, December 2, 2013

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Muhammad's family idol and Allah

The moon cult of Muhammad.

by Ferdinand III

P. M. Murphy, in 'How the West was Lost', writes quite accurately:

The truth is, Islam has nothing whatever to do with Judaism, Christianity, or the Bible.”

Quite true. Abraham never ventured to Mecca. Jewish prophets had nothing to do with pre-Islamic pagan practices including rock-kissing; rock-throwing at devils, circumambulation around the Ka'ba shrine; moon and celestial worship. Arabia was a pagan backwater on the fringes of trade and civilization. Its theology came largely from Mesopotamia including the worship of Sin, or Hub'Al [Baal] the male moon 'god'. Semitic influences were also pronounced as Jews and Christians post the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD migrated and built what would become prosperous communities in Arabia.

Muhammad was simply a political-military leader who like Hitler, would use cult dogma to solidify his own power and wealth:

..Mohammmed tended to fashion his crazed rantings into a form that would combine fear of Allah's wrath with rewards for behaving like inhuman terrorists. His claim that he was an authentic prophet in the long line of Biblical revelation was intended to gain him easy power over the Christians and Jews in the area, but they simply laughed at him..”

30 % of Mein Koran is hate speech against Christians and Jews. 1589 verses or thereabouts, declaim against Jews and Christians, telling Moslems to kill them, dominate them, lie to them, ignore them, and never to be friends with them, or marry their 'unbelieving' women. The foundation of this hate is not hard to uncover. As Murphy states, Mohammmed was rejected by the Jews and Christians and he would make them pay with their lives, their women, and their property. By the time of mad Mohammed's death in 632 A.D., after 10 years of campaigning, the Jews and most Christians were either dead, exiled, converted, enslaved, or at the very least dispossessed of property, wealth and power.

It was a theological 'cleansing' by Moslems of Jews and Christians in Arabia. A process which again irrupted after the mad founder's death, when Islam attacked Christian Byzantium and effaced Jewish-Christian civilization from Syria to southern France via North Africa. Of course the Jihad has never stopped.

Mohammed's religion is 'monotheistic' in only one way....because he forced all of his pagan countrymen to give up their own cults and worship his family's moon god.”

Allah or the greatest amongst the Meccan gods was Hub'Al the moon deity. Some historians say that Hub'Al was separate from the Allah concept. It matters not, even if this idea is wrong. The pagan Meccans were celestial worshippers, and it is quite likely that the greatest god of the Meccans was that of Baal of the pagan Semites represented by the golden calf; or Sin the Babylonian moon Lord. Its name would have been the Arabic Hub'Al or Ba'al for the Semites

Hub'Al or Ba'al was certainly the most powerful idol in the Meccan pantheon and even if Allah was above Ba'al it would simply mean that he or it [the ilah] was more unknowable, unreachable, untouchable than Hub'Al and never to be defined. In other words, separating Allah from Hub'Al only adds to the problems that real Islam has with its pagan past. This abstraction of Allah has nothing at all in common with Yahweh or the New Testament ideal of 'god'. Nothing. The entire belief systems, ideas, ethos and practices are polar opposites. Meccan cult worship is about as far removed from Judeo-Christianity as Hinduism, Shintoism, or the Mongol worship of Tengril the sky and thunder god. Indeed Islam has more in common with Chinghis Khan's Mongol cult, than with anything that Christianity offers.

Muhammad's 'invention' was to collapse the pagan pantheon of the Arabs into one 'god', that of his family's idol which was named 'Allah' or the Lord of the Meccan shrine.  

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