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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Friday, November 15, 2013

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Urick and Allah as the moon idol

Questions Moslems never ask themselves.

by Ferdinand III

Islam or Submission is based on pagan Arabian antecedents. It is thus contextually, structurally, and philosophically quite different than Judaism or its offshoot, Christianity. This fact should never be forgotten, nor replaced by cultural Marxist cant to the contrary. The foundations of Islam are rooted in the Bronze Age, and in celestial-moon worship of idols, rituals and pre-modern superstitions. There is simply no arguing against this.

One reason why the Moslem world does not allow archaeology or historical enquiry is that these deep, twisted roots of the Islamic cult will be exhumed and analyzed. Christianity has been subject to all sorts of investigation, analysis and ridicule since the age of 'reason' and the era of romanticism. Nothing like this has been applied to the cult named Submission. The hypocrisy of the Western elite in ignoring the real historical basis of Islamic creation and expansion; yet their delight and obsession with ridiculing the premise of their own existence, namely Christian civilization is an important indicator of the rise of materialist dialecticism and the decline not only of faith, but of reason itself.

In other words, the so-called, post-modern world; is in some ways a reflection of what Islam proposes; a society devoid of inquiry, real faith, intelligence, reason or even common-sense.

Steven Urick in his work, 'Major cults and false world religions' on p. 165 asks the following about Islam, which no Western Marxist-Atheist in his undying and rabid devotion to the Islamic cult can answer. Nor in the world of academia, would such questions even be allowed:

-Why is the Moslem 'god' Allah or ilah the same name as that given to Hu'Bal [or Baal], the Lord [ilah] of the Kabaa shrine?

-Why, after invading Mecca with a 10.000 man army [what prophet does not war in the name of his family's 'god' ?]'; and after destroying all but one of the 360 idols in the Kabaa shrine [that of Baal]; did Muhammad not tear down the shrine itself ? [hint: not to offend the Meccans and to convert the Kabaa into the Allah-shrine]

-Why did Muhammad keep the black stone fastened to the outside of the Kabaa shrine and order Moslems to kiss it ?

-Why is the crescent moon the symbol of Islam ?

-Why did Muhammad order all Moslems to visit Mecca and walk 7 times around the Kabaa ?

-Why all the violence to first forcibly convert Arabs to Islam, murder or exile the Jews and Christians and then engage in unlimited warfare to spread Islam around Arabia and then export the violence to the rest of the world ?

Urick's questions are apposite and ignored by Moslems. All of the above are found of course in the pagan world of pre-Muhammadan Arabia. Violence, slavery, brigandage, illiteracy, rites and rituals, little devils, rock throwing, kissing of the black asteroid rock, idol worship, moon veneration.....Nothing in Islam is new or invented by Muhammad. He simply took what already existed and declared it to be 'religious'.  

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