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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the paganism called 'Submission' since 2000.  

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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The Islamic Moon Cult; a 3000 year old paganism

Hitler, Stalin, Mohammed - fascist brothers in arms

by Ferdinand III


The ‘Islam is a religion’ scam is getting old and boring.


It would be much more exciting to discover the pagan, cultish roots of the ideology to better understand how to turn normal people into raving, bloodthirsty, anti-Jew, anti-modern, anti-Christian Jihadists.  Akin to the ‘experts’ and ‘social scientists’ during the 1930s who desperately attempted to convince their fellow knaves that Hitler’s National Socialism was in the vanguard of protecting Christianity from the barbarous Bolsheviks, or the media agents who swooned over Stalin’s Communist Russia proclaiming it a ‘brave new world’ and were a-twitter over Soviet ‘efficiency’ and ‘full production’; so today we have the same rain dance going on with so-called ‘Professors’ or ‘Researchers’ about the Meccan moon cult.  Daily the elite intones dramatically that, ‘Islam is a religion’, ‘Islam means peace’, or that ‘Islam is tolerant’. You might as well say that the moon is made of cheese; aliens are flying around in little cigar ships; and the United Nations is a useful group. None of the proclamations made about Islam in-toto, as a cult, as a movement, divorced from the individual, makes any sense, or have any factual basis.


Even a semi-illiterate kaffir like myself can see the similarities between the pagan fascisms of Hitler’s cult, the Leninist-Stalinist cult, and the Islamic moon-cult. You can make a list of the primary elements within all 3 fascisms and they match perfectly. Check, check, check. You would think that some hot-shot media personality would spend a little time doing some primary research on the biggest civilisational threat to our continued existence since the rise of Marxist-fascism, or the recent Medical Fascism of Rona. Apparently reading and research, much like during the 1930s, is not in vogue. Politically correct double-speak, Orwellian platitudes and ‘feelings’ are more important. But in the real world going down a check list of fascism makes it apparent that Islam is another pagan, fascist cult with a death wish.


You can start with Hitler and the Nazi’s. Go through the check list: supreme leader, propaganda as reality, hatred of the West, hatred of modernity, world domination, economic autarky, hatred of Jews and Christians (Christ and Paul were Jews), party control, party dominated state functions, societal militarization, control of education, sports and social activities.


Then move on to Uncle Joe Stalin and those wonderful democratic Russian communists [sniff; Russians loved their children too, according to Sting]. Go through that check list. supreme leader, propaganda as reality, hatred of the West, hatred of modernity, world domination, economic autarky, hatred of Jews and Christians (thousands of Churches were pulled down, worship was outlawed), party control, party dominated state functions, societal militarization, control of education, sports and social activities. Looks like Uncle Adolf and Uncle Joe had constructed similar barbarisms.


Now move on to the Moon Cult of Islam.


Supreme leader? Each Moslem state has one and the ultimate is Mohammed a so-called ‘prophet’. See Iran for details or practicing Muslims anywhere in the world who swear an oath to their Imam and their prophet and could really care less what nation state they are residing in.


Propaganda as reality? Moslems are expert at lying and distorting. God in the Muslim sense for example, has nothing in common with the Christian god, since Islam is based on the Allah moon cult of pagan Arabia. Moslems will temporize across history and time to justify mass acts of outlandish savagery.


Hatred of the West? Most certainly. Hatred of modernity? Who needs the modern world when the pagan Arab culture of the 7th century and its Bronze age inspired social construction was the apogee of development.


World domination? Islam means submission and the entire ethos is devoted to establishing a world-wide caliphate. Like Nazism and Stalinism it is a universal ideology. See the Koran for details.


Economic autarky? Outside of oil Islam engages in little trade and investment with the outside world.


Hatred of Jews and Christians?  Hitler’s Waffen SS didn’t invent the idea of having Jews dig their own graves before shooting them and kicking them into the dug trench. See Mohammed in 624 AD when he forced 700 Jewish men to dig their own graves before taking 3 days to kill them and dump their corpses into the trenches. Mein Koran contains 1500 plus verses of hate speech against Jews and Christians, and adjures Muslims to either convert or kill both. 


Party control? A clerical elite runs Islamic nations and establishes transnational duties and ideological observations. Both the Shias and Sunnis have their own centres of power and control and elite ideological, hierarchical structures.


Party dominated state functions? Terror groups, Islamic governments and radicals all dominate social structures [see Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and remember that the Nazi’s used charities as well to give them power over social processes]. The elite via various party and religious structures dominate all relevant state and social functions.


Societal militarization? Jihad is a duty and any reason to justify if [America, the Jews, land, the Crusades, my bad mood etc.], is used to enlist and recruit angry young men and women into the global jihad program.


Control of education, sports and social activities? The indoctrination of youth, and minds via propaganda and education is something to behold. See Communist Russia for more details.


The pagan cults of Hitler, Stalin and Mohammed nicely align with each other. But don’t Moslems pray? Chant? Help each other? Raise families? Love nature? Perhaps but so what. All Moslems regardless of nationality must obey doctrine in Arabic including prayers, and reading the Koran, [or chanting at the local town’s anti-Jew, anti-Christian 5-minute hate scream embedded in the Shahadah for example]. It is rather strange that the entire Muslim world follows an Arab language; an Arab moon cult; and Arab traditions of submission.


Muslims the world over must support, unequivocally, a 3000-year-old Arab moon cult. Mohammed and his brigands made sure that all Muslims would need to journey to Mecca to show their undying devotion to the Arab ideal; follow the Arab written Koran to the letter with nary a change over 800 years to its text; consult the Arab written Hadiths which interpret aspects of the Koran that are vague, [say for instance about raping a 9 year old and having sex with 8 year olds, this is admissible according to the Hadiths if certain obligations are met such as marriage for the weekend, or the child was disrespectful to a man etc.]; or perform the pagan rituals that all Arabs over 3000 years performed.


The rituals should be a dead give-away that we have a cult on our hands. Without delving into the gibberish and nonsense of the Koran and Islamic ideology, one can just view the following Arab pagan rituals that Muslims must perform on their Hejaz or pilgrimage and probably see that all is not mentally well with the moon cult;


o   Pilgrimage to Mecca and circling the Kabah 7 times: Each local tribe of Arab pagans walked 7 times around their own Kabah that housed their own black stone. Muslims circle the Kabah, claiming that Abraham did such.


o   Kissing the black stone: Each local tribe of Arab pagans kissed their own tribal black stones. Muslims kiss the Kabah black stone believing it was a divine meteorite which fell at Adam’s feet and was rediscovered by Abraham. Mohammed linked it with Allah in place of Abraham.


o   The stone throw at Mina: There was a wide spread custom among pagan Arabs to throw rocks at little devils. Muslims claim the custom was started by Abraham when he threw stones at the devil.


o   ‘The Run’ between the holy places of Safa and Marwa: Arab pagans ran between two holy idols, Isaf and Na’ila as a form of penance. Muslims perform the same running but redefine the meaning to be Hagar [wife of Abraham] running between two hills, looking for water for Ishmael [the progenitor of Islam]. The hills or pagan idols are transformed to represent holy sites.


o   The Praise after the Pilgrimage to Mecca: Arabian pagans praised their dead ancestors after pilgrimages to their place of death. Muslims perform the same but redirect the praise to Allah after the ‘hijaz’ or pilgrimage to Mecca.


o   Little devils: Like the pagan Arabs before them, Muslims also believe in jinn or little devils which torture mankind.


Similar to Hitler’s pagan cult or the Soviet Communist cult, Islamic ideology is based upon pagan rituals and repetition (in Arabic of course). The fact is that Islam is a pagan cult based on a 3000-year-old Arabian moon cult, named Hu’Baal or Baal from the Old Testament, who was the Lord of Mecca and Muhammad’s family were his caretakers. Islam is nothing more than an extension of pagan Arabian power, premised on Baal worship. It is rather remarkable that non-Arabs have fallen so easily for what is obviously an ideology of power and control, aligned to a pagan construct of moon worship. It is odd as well that the Western elite and media for the most part, choose to ignore its fascist-pagan roots and program and choose to embrace the mistaken notion that Moslems want peace and love.


Nothing in the 1400-year Muslim jihad, nor in the present manifestation of its modern fascism, indicates that Islam is an ideology of peace and love. Much evidence presents the opposite. It is rather curious then that we are so blatantly apathetic about it all.


Hitler, Stalin, and Mohammed – fascist brothers in arms.


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