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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, March 26, 2010

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Book Review: Wafa Sultan, 'A God Who Hates'. 2009, 244 pages.

A hint: It is not the Christian or Jewish God.

by Ferdinand III

Sultan is a Syrian born doctor, who fled to the US with her husband 10 years ago, to escape the ravages of Arab and Islamic culture. She was always a rather impious Muslim, never fully accepting the deep indoctrination of Islamic teachings and usually rebelling against Muslim and Arab irrationality, hatred and violence. Once she was safe in the US, the intellectual stirrings around freedom, rights and the savage backwardness of Islamic theology and life, coalesced. For some time she has been an outspoken critic of Islam – not the 'radical Islam' that the media drones on about – but about the entire theological enterprise embedded in Arab moon-cult fascism which has so distorted and destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Her story is well worth reading to get a glimpse of the primeval savagery which permeates daily existence in the Arab and Islamic world.

Sultan's work also illuminates a rather curious feature of Western socialism and Marxism, and the collective inability of Western elitists, politicians, FemiNazis, 'experts' and media talking heads to understand the plight of females within the Arab and Muslim world. Christian, conservative white males are not womankind's great evil or oppressor. Islam, which enshrines a paleolithic attitude towards the female species, and which denies natural law rights to both women and children, is the far greater threat than those toothless, bible-reading white males. Yet, you hear very little about this fact from the august minds which run universities, media firms, or the publicly funded FemiNazi organizations. For these geniuses Islam is peace, its founder a 'prophet' and women really do enjoy wearing bedsheets, being beaten, raped, slave-traded and killed if they 'dishonor' their family. Truly they do. Sultan's book should be mandatory reading for these people, since it will help illuminate the sorry plight of women and children in the Arab and Muslim world and re-educate the de-educated about the primitive paleolithic culture which is the Islamic world.

What is good about Sultan's writing and thinking, is that she directly equates culture with civilization. Islamic culture is premised on the very primitive Arab-Bedouin mode of living. Islam simply enshrined what the Arabs thought was natural and good. Words matter. So does culture. The Islamic and Arab world is a mess due to the culture of the Koran, the Hadiths and the psychological madness of a moon-cult theology, obsessed with racism, supremacism, hatred and death:

“...the connection between violence and reading matter. Muslim culture, from its Arab beginnings, has canonized violence at all levels.” [p. 170]

“Muslims are the inalterable product of what they read. They are negative people, and their negativism is reflected in all their attitudes toward life.” [p. 172]

Muslim negativity is demonstrably obvious in its violence, poverty, and denial of freedom and rights.

In the Muslim world women and children are considered assets to be controlled, manipulated and traded by men. Natural law rights which were only developed by Christianity are non-existent in Islam. Violence, screaming, sexual perversions and satiating blood lusts are deemed 'holy'.

“A child in the Muslim world has no rights.....Islamic teachings persuade Muslim children that their parents must be obeyed because they gave them life, but the same teachings tell the parents nothing of their responsibility for the quality and nature of that child's life.” [p. 121]

Thus we have the Koran and Arab society sanctifying the abuse of women and defenseless children. Over 50% of Muslim women are illiterate, kept that way by their men. Sultan's mother, a women married at 15, gave birth to 8 children. She was never educated.

“Illiterate people are perfectly fluent in the colloquial language, but are virtually unable to comprehend the form of Arabic used for reading and writing. My mother had never read the Koran or any other book on Islam, its teachings or its history. Her knowledge did not extend beyond what was transmitted orally by the local women from one generation to the next. Naturally, my mother could not understand what the preacher in the mosque was saying. Although she could perhaps pick out a word here and there.....She would rate preachers by the stridency of their voices and the degree of emotion they displayed...” [p. 69]

The screaming of mosque leaders replaces rationality. Arabs as Sultan says, love to argue, scream and intimidate. They don't like discussion, debate, or the concepts of compromise and freedom of choice:

“I have never seen in my life Muslims talk without disagreement....Their tendency to argumentativeness makes them defensive and their custom deems attack to be the best method of defense since it gives them the chance to shout and shriek.” [p. 4]

Muslims are always right, because Allah said so. Arabs are always right because their culture says so.

Men can scream at their children whilst beating their wives. Most women in the Arab world are sexually abused as children. Marrying off a girl at the age of 13, in exchange for some money, to a far older man is legion within the Islamic world, even within Arab and Islamic ghettos in the West. As a doctor in Syria, Sultan saw innumerable rape victims:

“In most cases, after a number of questions, the young woman would confess that for many years, since childhood, she had been sexually abused by her father, her brother, an uncle, or another male relative.” [p. 28]

Abortion from these rapes is endemic within Islam. A Muslim girl who is not a virgin upon her marriage day can be killed for dishonoring the family. Not only do Muslim doctors perform abortions for outrageously high fees, they also sew up the vagina to make the woman pure again:

“Unmarried women who became pregnant as a result of these rapes were murdered as soon as their condition was discovered to wash away the disgrace and keep the scandal hidden....The death certificate would read, 'Death from natural causes.'” [p. 89]

Female girls are often raped in Islam. The father, the uncle, the brother, the cousin – all view a menstruating 9 or 10 year old as fair game for sex. Mohammed when 53, had sex with a 9 year old. Anything Mohammed did was holy. So for Muslim males the taking of a child for sex is sanctioned by Allah – they will even pay money for it:

“These men with their illicit money and their nonexistent morals take advantage of the poverty running rampant in these countries to buy minors for money.” [p. 124]

Muslim girls are constantly told that the man rules. Girls are brought up as inferiors and destined to be mere assets and chattel. Hence the bedsheets and head coverings. They deny the individual and nullify the female form. Koranic injunctions also tell the women that whatever the man wants is right and holy. Even licking his snot and blood is required, if the man deems it so:

“Can you imagine how enslaved a woman must be if she believes this hadith from her Prophet: 'A man has the right to expect his wife, if his nose runs with blood, mucus, or pus, to lick it up with her tongue.” [p. 139]

Women are little more than slaves in Islam. Children are viewed as things to be indoctrinated, not humans with individual self worth. Islam is in part one large project at enforcing slavery and control across most of society:

“An oppressed and subjugated woman cannot give birth to an emotionally and mentally well-balanced man.” [p. 135]

The psychological illness of Islam and its 'culture' is apparent to anyone who has bothered to suffer through the Koran; or who has traveled in Arab and Islamic states. The Muslim and Arab mind is stunted, mired in pre-modern irrationality, largely illiterate and prone to mysticism as evinced in the submission to a moon-cult from Mecca.

Lastly Sultan gives a very cogent warning about all those 'moderate Muslims' living in the West we hear so much about: “I have no hopes for Muslims, men or women, who live in the West. They are, quite simply, hypocrites. They are trying to have the best of both worlds.” [p. 145]

She is right. Muslims in the West dance in the streets when the Great Satan the USA, or the Little Satan of Israel, are bloodied. Some $2 billion a year leaves Western mosques to help fund Islamic jihad in the Middle East and beyond – all from these mythical 'moderate Muslims'. Muslims belong to the Islamic Umma first and foremost. Their host countries are little more than spigots of welfare money and lands of mindless tolerance which allows Islam to pursue its universalist goal of world domination. As Sultan's book makes clear Muslim culture is a disaster of ignorance, illiteracy, beatings, rapes, slavery and child abuse. Yet we hear the really smart people tell us that Islam is a religion, and that all Muslims are sophisticated, peaceful intellectuals.

What a stinking load of cultural-Marxist bull puddy.



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