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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, April 9, 2010

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Book Review: 'The Islamic Anti-Christ', Joel Richardson, 2009, WND Books.

The Mahdi and the return of Jesus - as a Muslim !

by Ferdinand III

The theme is clear and one which appeals to those who believe in the literal nature of Christian liturgy. Since it is true that Islam is the opposite of Christianity [there is little dispute about this for anyone who has even a modicum of knowledge about the Koran, and Islamic imperialism], it naturally follows that the future appearance of the Mahdi or the 12th Imam of Islamic theology, who according to Muslim belief will rule the world, would represent to Christian believers the very essence of the devil or anti-Christ. While non-Christians would not agree with this interpretation, or much of the information which is presented in this book, Mr. Richardson does present interesting and novel information that makes it a worthwhile addition to the library of the person seeking enlightenment about one of history's and mankind's most savage and expansionist ideologies.

I would view Islam as the anti-Christ not due to eschatology or time-lines of the end of the world presentation which every 'faith' or universalist ideology contains; but simply because Islam is the complete anti-thesis of Christianity which birthed the modern world, including the rational Enlightenment and the 3 centuries old 'scientific revolution'. Without Christianity there is no modern political-economy. Islam is as far removed from Christian ideals as Plato's impoverished and mystical philosophy is removed from that of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The 'Islamic Anti-Christ' might seem sensational, but not if and when Islam comes to be the most popular world theology – albeit a political and fascistical one. As Richardson presents, the danger and menace of the Anti-Christian Islamic threat is real: “If present trends do not change dramatically, Islam will bypass Christianity for the title of the world's largest religion very shortly. In fact, according to most statistics, this may take place in less than twenty years.” [p. 3] This factoid is a little more important to mankind's development than idiotic theories of Globaloney Warming.

In the West Islamic numbers including coverts and immigration, are increasing between 5 and 15 % each year. It is the fastest growth of an ideological movement in modern history. More perversely since 9-11 the proliferation of Muslim numbers in the West has accelerated. What self-loathing society would allow this to happen ? In America, converted Blacks and once Christian Whites proceeds apace with alarming frequency: “The annual growth rate of Islam in the U.S....risen to as high as 8 percent over the past few years....since 9/11 the number of American converts to Islam has skyrocketed.” [p.4]

There is something deeply warped in the common culture when Westerners openly choose to join the Meccan moon cult – ignorant of Islamic history, theology and meaning and unable to speak Arabic which they must repeat like simpleton parrots 5 times daily.  Westerns convert to Islam because they hate the modern world, view it as an anti-White theology, or have such a deep self-hatred that submitting themselves to a mystical cult somehow assuages their feeling of worthlessness. Whatever the myriad reasons are, Islam is spreading so fast in the US that: “..One Muslim authority estimates that by the year 2020 most American urban centers will be predominantly Muslim.” [p. 6] This beggars belief.

As Richardson relates, the entire doctrine of Islamic political supremacism was concocted by a man who was mentally deranged.  This is obvious to anyone who has studied the life of Mohammed.  This Arab, like Hitler, was insane:

“Many scholars have become convinced that Muhammad was either epileptic or demon possessed or both.” [p. 100]

The Sira or biography of the madman makes it clear that the founder of Islam suffered a nervous and mental breakdown at the age of 40. This would account for much of the Koran's and Muslim theological madness. If the creator of a political theology was insane why would anyone expect the doctrines and ideas emanating from such a person to make sense, be moral, or have true spiritual meaning ? Both Hitler and Lenin were insane and nothing in the constellation of Hitlerism or Leninism makes any sense. Why would Islam make any more sense ?

A valuable part of Richardson's work is his elucidation of the importance of the 12th or future and final 'Mahdi', to Islamic eschatology and belief. Most people don't realize just how powerful this ideal is to the believing Muslim. As he relates, “...there are no true Muslims who do not believe in the last day and the events that precede it.” [p.19] There are no true Muslims who don't also believe in the un-holy Koran. The Mahdi is as central to Muslim theology as the purity and greatness of its mad founder. "In the simplest of terms, the Mahdi is Islam's messiah or savior....the Mahdi will descend from the family of Muhammed and will bear Muhammed's name...”[p.23]

Pious Muslims believe that the 12th Imam or Mahdi is the resurrected bloodline of Mohammed, who will come and cleanse the earth of non-Muslims. The Mahdi will wage war on the impious and infidel and secure the earth for the reign of Allah – the moon deity of Mecca. If this sounds like madness, it gets even better. As Richardson relates, Jesus or Isa to Muslims, will also return, but only as a fundamentalist Muslim. Isa will be resurrected in order to convert or kill Christians. His job will be to spread Islamic law throughout the world, as prophesied by the Koran:

“Jesus' primary purpose will be to oversee the institution and the enforcement of Islamic shariah law all over the world...'There is not one of the People of the Scripture but will believe in him before his death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them [Sura 4:159].” [p.54]

Very weird. So Jesus or Isa, was really a Muslim. I have written before many times when analyzing the Koran, that all the Jewish and Christian prophets were, [according to Mohammed and Muslims], merely the messengers of the moon cult deity Ali-ilah. They were not Jews and Christians spreading the gospel of Yahweh or the anthropomorphic Christian conception of a divine being. Some 3000 to 600 years before the advent of Islamic political ideology, these ancient proponents of monotheism were evangelizing for Allah. Ergo, any Jewish or Christian liturgical belief is false. According to Islamic theology the Prophets of the 'Book', were doing the work of Allah and the final prophet, Mohammed. The followers of these early messengers who became the Jews and Christians deviated from the right path or Sharia, and established evil and impure theological interpretations of what Allah demanded. This corruption of Allah's intended 'demands' must be therefore be punished.

Such a view of monotheistic development is of course insane. Suggesting that the monotheism of the Jews and Christians is really the preachings of Islam denotes a serious mental and cognitive distortion. But for Muslims this outlandish lie 'justifies' their 'superiority' over the other 'Peoples of the Book'. It demands a redress through conversion or death. These wayward souls who left the original Muslim message must either come back to Allah [stated throughout the Koran] or face hellfire and death. Pretty simple.

So as Richardson explains, on the day of judgment and the wars which will decide who is saved and who is killed, Christ will thus be working with the Mahdi, to transact Allah's will on earth: “The Mahdi is believed to be a future Muslim world leader who will not only rule over the Islamic world, but the non-Muslim world as well. The Madhi is said to lead a world revolution that will establish a new Islamic world order...”[p.24] Not only is Jesus really a Muslim, but he will kill Christians who do not convert to the moon cult !

This is laughably psychotic. What mental deficient believes in this nonsense ? Who knows. Do all Muslims believe in this eschatology ? Who knows. Some, many, a few ? No one knows. But this is a vital part of the Muslim theology, and the madness called the Koran. In the real world, anyone who believes in a text which propounds such fantasies would be dismissed as an irrational fanatic and certainly not embraced as a spiritual 'moderate'. It is necessary that writers like Richardson present such material. It matters not if you are a Christian. If you can think and rationalize Richardson's description of the Mahdi, his rise to rule the earth in the name of Allah; and the fervent belief in the inevitability of Muslim world dominance should gave you pause enough when you are told, that Islam is a religion and that 'Islam is peace'.

It is course neither. Any impartial observation of Islamic theology makes that obvious. The Muslim desire to see the Mahdi or anti-Christ rule the globe only confirms it.


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