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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Book review: The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran, by Robert Spencer.

A must read for all Infidel pigs.

by Ferdinand III

Unbelieving pigs and dogs [to quote the Koran], need to read this book. The Infidel's guide, is also the infidel's information packet to use when the really smart people, like those who follow the Obama-cult; intone with baritone voices that Islam is peace, love, wonder, and sophisticated merriment. The Western disease of self-loathing is strong; as is the penchant for historical revisionism. The only antidote is reality, facts and true history. This guidebook is necessary for anyone who wants to understand the fountainhead of Islamic intolerance and fascism and who desires facts not fantasy, when discussing mankind's bloodiest ideology in history which has now conquered huge swathes of the planet and killed in 1400 years some 300 millions including well over 50 million slaves on 3 continents.

Spencer is a much Muslim-loathed expert on the Koran. Fluent in Arabic, Koranic studies, Islamic law, jihadic history; and the true nature of Islam, Spencer is usually derided by the mainstream media and the really smart people in academia, as an 'Islamophobe'. By calling people such as Spencer names, Muslims [under the guise of tolerance and moderation], along with the cultural Marxists desire to minimize and ridicule his major contributions to infidels and unbelievers. Spencer is however, an invaluable resource on the true nature of Islam. His site is mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to understand the scope of Islamic jihad.

Spencer's book demolishes the Islam-is-Peace! chant by going through the formation of the Koran; why it was written; for the benefit of whom; [cui bono ?] and what it actually says in Arabic, or in the many good translations which exist from Arabic to English. As Spencer says [p. 23], the Koran is supposedly the word of God, given to Mohammed or Muhammad, over 23 years, by the angel Gabriel. It is thus a perfect copy, of the perfect book, from the perfect God. Infidels might be excused for being somewhat skeptical of these claims, since as Spencer relates, the real Koran was actually written over hundreds of years, and as I reviewed before, there are pre-Islamic texts found in the Koran as well.

“There was, meanwhile, as we have seen, yet another early compilation of the Koranic revelations – that of Ubayy bin Ka'b – yet another Muslim whose Koranic prowess won praise from Muhammad...Ubayy's Koran had not 111 chapters like Abdullah ibn Masud's, or 114 like the canonical version, but 116 – Ubayy added in two additional brief prayers.” [p. 36]

Obviously the perfect book, from the perfect God, had some time-stamps and some version updates. Demolish the myth that the Koran is the word of God, and the entire Muslim experiment must come crashing down.

Spencer also dispenses with the Islam-is-Peace chant which can pick out – at most it must be emphasized – 3 or 4 Koranic verses which might be statements of peace and love and communal brotherhood. Sadly for Muslims and the hypnotized Islam-is-Peace cult, these verses do not say anything about harmony and inter-faith dialogue. They are parts of verses which advocate, nay demand, violence against the Unbelievers. Sura 109 is often used by the Islamophiles to prove Islamic superiority – it reads, “Say: O disbelievers ! I worship not that which ye worship; Nor worship ye that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which ye worship. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.”

Well that does sound poetic and just does it not ? But Spencer illuminates what this verse is really saying. “According to most scholars this is a Meccan sura, revealed during the first part of Muhammad's career as a prophet, when he still lived in his native city of Mecca. At this time, the Muslims were a small, weak, embattled band, feeling threatened by the pagan Quraysh...this chapter is a plea for tolerance for the Muslims, not a magnanimous granting of tolerance for others.” And so it is as well, with the other half a dozen verses that one might find in the Koran [out of thousands]; which appear to ones of ethics and peace.

Spencer's analysis of Sura 109 thus makes perfect historical sense. The Koran does change – a lot – as the Muslims grow stronger and use military power to first raid caravans; than destroy Meccan armies; than conquer Mecca; and then finally to extirpate the Jews and Christians from Arabia. The paramountcy of Muslim arms commenced around 624 A.D. or some 14 years after Muhammad started his cult in Mecca. Islamic scholars have proven that the Koran mutates from pleas to leave Muslims alone in the early phase of Mohammedanism; to unbridled terror and calls to jihadic war to eliminate the Unbelievers as Islam conquers Arabia and lands beyond.

In another important passage, Spencer dissects the Great Obama or most-important-man-in-history's speech in Cairo in June of 2009 in which the genius extols Islam as a faith, not a fascism. As Spencer relates;

“Obama studiously ignored the next verse (5:33) which mandates punishment for those whom Muslims do not regard as 'innocent' – punishments including crucifixion or amputation of a hand and a foot for those who fight against Allah and Muhammad.....Obama also quoted a Koranic verse (9:119) that supposedly supports his call for inter-religious tolerance, 'As the Holy Koran tells us, 'Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.'....Once again, this Koranic passage is actually about fighting unbelievers, and doesn't remotely advocate peaceful coexistence.” [p. 11]

I have read the Koran many times. Spencer is right. Both Sura 5 [reviewed here] and Sura 9 [reviewed here], are little more than long rants about why Islam must rule; and what Muslims must do to spread Jihad and the moon cult. There is not one single line of either ethics or the Golden Rule in either Sura. None. And you can't blame the 'translation'.

Since Islam is perfect – or so Muslims believe – all humans are Muslim and Islam is the world's oldest religion according to Islamic theology: “As Muslims are concerned, Islam is the oldest religion on earth, and the original religion of all the authentic prophets – including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.” [p. 39] Adam and Eve, Noah and all the patriarchs of the Jewish tradition were also Muslim. Doesn't this strike the infidel observer as being rather odd ? We the Muslims must rule because Islam is and was the only religious activity in man's history.

This sounds like the ravings of a mad-men, not literates who understood the development of human spiritual and religious evolution. Spencer devotes a chapter to this Muslim obsession that all important Jews and Christians were in reality, devoted Muslims, who were trying to follow Allah. Muslims even believe that the pagan Alexander the Great, who died in 322 B.C. was a Muslim. The Koran is in large part just a direct plagiarism of Jewish-Christian belief, and often-times a very poor one with many mistakes, omissions, and distortions that an oral, illiterate society such as that of the Arabs in the 7th century would make.

This view is reinforced through Spencer's chapter on understanding the Koran. As Spencer relates the primitive nature of the Arab language does in some way, mandate a reading of the Koran in the original Arabic script [though there are many different Arabic scripts in the Koran]; “...because many phrases that don't seem in English to be matters of particular concern for Infidels look very different when one examines their full Arabic meaning. Take for example, the Koran's repeated exhortation to 'strive in the way of Allah' and its praise for those who do so [2:218, 4:95, 9:19-20; 9:41; 49:15; etc.].....Strive here is jahadu, which is a verbal form of the noun jihad, and in Islamic theology...always refers to jihad warfare.” [p. 63]

Spencer also uses the Koran to discuss the endemic and quite barbaric slavery found throughout Islamic history. A practice only abolished by Christianity. Indeed slavery is never questioned and contrary to Islamophiles there is no Christian-based theological discussion which demands the abrogation of slavery. As Spencer states, “Because the Koranic word cannot be questioned, and the book does not contain the Biblical principles that led to the abolition of slavery in the West, there has never been a Muslim abolitionist movement.” [p. 68]

Mohammad of course owned slaves. He also led military expeditions; raped; plundered; killed Jews and pagans with his own hands; and initiated the anti-Semiticism, and anti-Christian attitudes so prevalent and so demonstrably savage, that we find in Islam today. It is a very curious fact that the Islamic 'god' or moon deity, Allah, was deeply concerned about Muhammad's well-being and leadership: “In light of the Allah's tender solicitude for his prophet, it's no wonder the Koran and Islamic tradition are clear that Muhammad is the supreme example of behavior for Muslims to follow.” Spencer lists 21 examples in the Koran, where Muslims are told to follow Muhammad.

The Koran makes it a law to follow all of the words and deeds of Muhammad. This would strike the casual infidel reader as being rather curious. Muhammad's deeds were anything but genial or holy; yet somehow the moon-deity assures us that this man is the most important and pure, human ever. “While the Koran goes to great lengths to establish the legitimacy of Muhammad's prophecy, it also is compelled to defend Muhammad from charges that he was mentally unbalanced...Allah also assures his prophet that Muhammad is not 'mad or possessed' (68:2)...” [p. 87-8]

One obvious reason that the Jews did not accept Muhammad as a prophet was that his preachings made no sense. This might have stemmed from the reality that Muhammad was either insane; psychotic; or suffering from a nervous and mental disorder. If it was obvious that Muhammad was the greatest human ever why would the moon-deity have to have verses defending his sanity ?

The Muslim claim to Jerusalem for instance is entirely premised on Muhammad's dream [which occurs late in his life], in which Gabriel takes his soul and they ascend to heaven together – supposedly from the site of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This 'revelation' is obviously intended to impress Jews with the potency of his prophet-hood, and to make it clear that the Jews 'belong to Islam'. Contemporary Jews in the time of Muhammad would most likely view such statements and fantasies as little more than madness and illiterate ravings – as any modern would today if confronted by such 'revelations'.

Infidel-hate is of course a genetic component of Islam. In Chapter 6, 'Why Allah hates Infidels', Spencer gives a good summary of Koranic intolerance. Anyone who has read the Koran knows that on every page there is an Allah inspired injunction against Unbelievers; “In the Koran, those who reject Islam are never acting out of sincere conviction; rather, they are Hypocrites: 'When they meet those who believe, they say: 'We believe', but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say; 'We are really with you: We (were) only jesting'” [2:14].

The Hypocrites are Jews and Christians who are scheming to destroy Islam. The assumption is, as Spencer clearly states, that Islam is the only religion, and that Jews and Christians are misguided Muslims who are causing strife and trouble. As such they need to be silenced. And they will be either converted, killed or cast into slavery because Allah has already determined that these are their ends.

Since Islam is a fatalist pre-determinist theology – meaning that only Allah has power and knowledge and only Allah controls your fate – it is rather bizarre that in the Koran, the infidels are unbelievers because Allah wants it that way, and more weirdly, will punish them eternally for it. “Allah controls the choices of individual souls to believe in him or reject him, yet even though the Infidels have no choice but to reject Allah, they will still pay the penalty in hell for this rejection...” [p. 107] Fatalism and the denying of free-will, negates Islam's claim to be any sort of 'religion'.

Spencer's chapters on the Koranic hatred against the Jews and Christians is a must read for all the Islamophiles who chatter on about the inter-faith greatness of Islam. The Koran is little more than one long screed, screaming about Jew destruction, humiliation and dhimmi-tude or second class enslavement of the hated Jews, who rejected Muhammad as their legitimate prophet, “...Muhammad directed his followers to 'invite' non-Muslims to convert to Islam, and if they refuse, to call upon them to pay the jizya, the non-Muslim poll tax specified in verse 9:29 – and if they refuse both, to go to war with them.” [p. 115]

The Christians are also high on the list of those who need 'reform', conversion or death. Jesus 'far from being divine, is a slave of Allah...Allah directs Muhammad to say that Allah could destroy Jesus, his mother, and the entire earth if he so wished [5:17]...” [p. 147] Hatred and supremacism against Christians is legion within the Koran. The intent is obvious. Christians are simply wayward Muslims and in Islamic theology, apostates or those who stray from Islam are killed. At the very best, they will be treated as tax-slaves, or dhimmis, and made conscious of their inferior and apostate status.

Spencer's chapter on women in Islam is also instructive for the Islam-is-Peace! cult. Women are decidedly inferior within Islam, being worth ½ a man in most matters and confined to male-approved activities only; including housework, child birth; and obeying the whims of their master. They are certainly not seen as equals in Islamic theology.

“The Koran decrees women's subordination to men in numerous other verses:

-It declares that a woman's legal testimony is worth half that of a man...[2:282]

-It allows men to marry up to four wives, and also to have sex with slaves girls...[4:3]

-It rules that a son's inheritance should be twice the size of that of a daughter...[4:11]

-It allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls...[65:4]"

Let's us not forget the other many misogynistic aspects of the Koran; infidel sex slaves as war booty; temporary wives for sex; the ability to divorce by simply saying Talaq three times; Muhammad's comments that women are stupid; child sex trading and slaving; stoning adulterers; wearing of the hijab and niqab; wife-beating sanctioned by Allah and found in Sura 4:34.....all delineated by Spencer. 

I could go on with listing examples of the importance of this book to the Infidel, but the idea is clear. He demolishes the cherished myths of the Arabian moon-cult. The Koran is racist. It is not the perfect book of God. Jews and Christians are really apostate Muslims. Allah determines all. No free will; no peace; no harmony; no ethics.

The Koran is the fountainhead of Islamic fascism. Read it and be amazed that anyone – including a President of the United States – could possibly call this book; or its cult; a 'religion' of anything other than mayhem and death.


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