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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Book Review: Preachers of Hate: Islam and the War on America, Kenneth Timmerman

It is the Koran stupid.

by Ferdinand III

Any book by Timmerman is worth reading. He is an internationally acclaimed writer and journalist, with contacts stretching across the globe into the deep recesses of governments, agencies, Moslem groups, and anyone of any note associated with the international geo-political economy. Timmerman in painful detail explodes the myth of a 'tolerant' Islam, 'hijacked' by a few dozen 'extremists'. Islam is predatory, intolerant, violent, insipid, illogical and a cult. Timmerman's book puts the aforementioned into the context of the modern Moslem Jihad against the West.

For example Timmerman goes into detail about the crude and blood-thirsty propaganda fed to Arabs squatting in Gaza or the West Bank, drumming into them Jew-hate and supremacist drivel. These media pronouncements can be obtained at

Killing Jews then becomes a moral act—a conclusion that is drummed into children and adults on a daily basis in mosques and on state-sponsored radio, television, and print media throughout the Muslim world today.

Islam is all about peace, love and tolerance, so the many experts and nitwits tell the toothless peasantry. The opposite attributes are true of course.

As we have seen, Muslim leaders often stress that their argument with the Jews has nothing to do with land, territory, or national sovereignty. This is a message we need to pay close attention to, since it demonstrates the speciousness of the favorite argument of the Left that blames all the violence in the Middle East on Israel and claims that if only Israel would recognize “legitimate Palestinian aspirations,” the violence would cease and the whole problem would go away. On the contrary: the violence has little to do with Israel. Instead, it is directed against the enemies of Islam, those powerful forces—primary among them the United States—who are seen as trying to undermine Islamic values and Muslim culture.

The above statement is obvious. Israel is just one reason for Moslem hate, rage and racism. Supremacism is the modus operandi of Islam and its book of hate named Recital [shut up obey, recite, prostrate, follow]. Jew-hate is endemic in both the Koran and Moslem culture, something which escapes the big-brains in politics and the media:

One sure way of deepening Muslim hatred of Jews is to accuse them of falsifying the Koran. This is seen as a natural expression of the “perfidious nature” of the Jews. If you believe in a Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam, then it follows “naturally” that the Jews would try to undermine the basic beliefs and values of Islam.


Where does anti-Zionism end and anti-Semitism begin? Islamic Iran's leaders offer a very simple answer: when political opposition to Israeli policies expresses itself in the murder of individual Jews, for no other reason than their faith. Iranian-backed terrorism has claimed thousands of lives over the past two decades. Leaving aside the hundreds of thousands of Iranians slaughtered during the 1980–1988 war with Iraq, and at least fifty thousand Iranians murdered because of their political opposition to the regime, several hundred Israelis have been murdered by Palestinian suicide bombers sponsored by the Iranian regime since 1994, simply because they were Jews.

Without Iran the modern rise of Islamic fascism would not have occurred. Or, if it did express itself, it would be less prevalent and blood-soaked than it is today.

Imagine for an instant where the Middle East would be without a radical regime in Tehran spawning terrorist groups whose sole purpose is to murder Americans and Jews. Imagine what would happen to those groups without the financial, intelligence, and logistics support they receive from Tehran. Since 1979, the murderers have benefited from the sponsorship of a major state. Without the Islamic Republic of Iran to show the way, arguably there would have been no suicide bombers, no Hezbollah, no international network of terror committing murder under the cloaks of God-fearing righteousness.

Why does Iran, and Iranians in-toto hate Jews and America so much ?

Khomeini's hatred for America erupted from the same source as his hatred of Jews. Both represented unacceptable challenges to his belief in an absolutist Islamic government ruled with an iron fist by God's chosen representative on earth. In Khomeini's world there was no room for the rules of men or the people's will. Democracy was an evil plot, hatched by Jews, to frustrate God's will.

Many Moslems believe that Jews are the root of all evil. In this they share much of the same animus against the swaggering Jew, stereotyped by Shakespeare, as do modern Marxist and Globalists, themselves the first set of hypocrites to declare their love of tolerance and humanity [unless you happen to be a white male, Jew or Christian]. Moslem Jew-hate suffuses about 1/3 of the Koran and drenches Moslem sensibilities:

According to Qutb and the school of Islamic thought he inspired, Islam is the doctrine governing man's entire life, not just a religion. Islam means “submission” to God's will as expressed in the Koran, not “peace.” A true Islamic state therefore must base its law on the Koran. Every aspect of society, from rules governing the family, divorce, and child custody to economics and foreign policy, must be derived from Koranic principles.

This degenerate cultural loathing of Jews and Christians plagues Moslem and Arab culture. It is a fact supported by, and reinforced by the Arab leadership. If you want to distract people from the poverty of Islam and of Arab political-economy, then redirect their ire against an enemy – namely the Great and Little Satans of the US and Israel.

Arab leaders to make the claim that Jews were vilified in the Koran. “They cannot mix with any other nation but live as parasites among the nations, suck out their blood, embezzle their property, corrupt their morals,” ....“The divine anger and curse that the Holy Quran mentions with reference to the Jews is because of this unique character of the Jews.” The mufti [Al Husseini of Jerusalem during World War 2] used the language of the Final Solution to describe how he planned to deal with the Jews of the Middle East, demonstrating how thoroughly he had understood and embraced Hitler's genocidal aims. “If, God forbid, England should be victorious, the Jews would dominate the world,” he said in a November 11, 1942, broadcast. “But if, on the contrary, England loses and its allies are defeated, the Jewish question, which for us constitutes the greatest danger, would be finally resolved. . . .” One year later, he praised Hitler for his results. “The Germans have never harmed any Muslim, and they are again fighting our common enemy,” he explained. “But most of all they have definitely solved the Jewish problem.”

Mein Kampf is a Moslem and Arab best-seller. Hitler is much admired in the Moslem world. Yet the Jews are the fascists intent on genocide.....

Arab leaders, radical Muslim clerics, and anti-Semites the world over have long been united in seeking to deny the existence of the Holocaust, on the theory that if they proclaimed loudly and repeatedly that Hitler's gas chambers had never existed, then there would be no justification for the existence of a Jewish state or, indeed, for Western societies to tolerate the presence of organized Jewry in their midst. When vocal Holocaust deniers first surfaced in the 1970s, under the guise of historical “revisionism,” few in the West paid much attention, dismissing them as crackpots. Literally mountains of evidence from the Nazi death camps was on the historical record, from survivor accounts....

Moslems de-humanize Jews and Christians. The Koran names these people of 'the book', as liars, cheaters, criminals, selfish and greedy, immoral and stupid. It is easier to kill a Jew or Christian if a Moslem views them as 'apes and pigs' despised. A reference found in 2 Suras in the Koran.

Timmerman always has new information that escapes the general zeitgeist. For example, he quotes CIA sources and people who helped fund the fight against the Soviet invasion of Afcrapistan in the 1980s. The Americans knew full well that most of the financing, provided by Saudi Arabia, was going into the hands of 'extremists' who would be hard to control after the war was over. Thus the myth of the ignorant Americans, funding their future enemies is demolished.

Frank Anderson, a former CIA deputy director of operations in charge of supporting the anti-Soviet jihad, told me that he started complaining to the Pakistanis early on about the amount of U.S. and Saudi aid that was winding up in the hands of the most radical Islamic factions in Afghanistan. The United States was particularly concerned by the large numbers of Arabs streaming into Peshawar and ultimately into Afghanistan, because it had no contact with them and no control over their activities. “The only time I saw an Arab fighter in Afghanistan was by accident,” Anderson told me. “He threatened to kill me because I was an American.”

That Arab was the kind, gentle, caring ever-so-tolerant, and now quite dead, Osama Bin Laden.

Why did the Saudis fund the wild-eyed Moslem 'radicals' in Afcrapistan ? Politics.

In one sense, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on December 26, 1979, couldn't have come at a more opportune moment for the Saudi regime. Still reeling from the attack on the Great Mosque, the Saudis desperately needed to reforge their alliance with the radical Wahhabite clerics, whose support they needed to remain in power. Without the clerics behind them, they feared a revival of the even more radical Ikhwan, who condemned Saudi ties to the West, rejected the modern world, and vowed to close off the kingdom to any foreign and especially any non-Muslim influence. Keeping the Wahhabis on their side required more than just money. The royal family needed to display adequate passion and commitment to spreading Wahhabi doctrine to Muslim communities around the world...

The Saudis have poured about $50 billion into the Jihad since 1980. They are building mosques across the Western world, financing Al Qaeda and other 'radical' Moslem fascist organizations, and aiding in the war against Israel. The Saudis and their royal family are thus part of the problem. What to be done about them can only be framed in limiting the amount of oil money or jiyza tax we send to them. Energy self-sufficiency is thus smart foreign policy. At some point, if we have the guts [doubtful] we will need to remove the Wahabbists running Saudi Arabia and install a puppet regime which supports our own national self-interests.

In any event, this book, and indeed any book by Timmerman is a worthy and informative read.

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