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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Andrew McCarthy, 'The Grand Jihad, How Islam and the Left Sabotage America'.

Fantastic book. Read it.

by Ferdinand III

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. This work is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the true nature of the 'unseen' cultural Jihad being waged by Islam in the US and Europe. 1400 years of Jihad has taken many forms. It is not always war, guns, blood and violence that Muslims will choose to wage conflicts of domination. Lies, deceit, bullying, screaming, legal measures, cultural distortion and media manipulation are the modern tools of Jihad. Much like the Nazis and Communists, today's Islamic fascist relies as much on propaganda, calumnies, name-calling and outright falsehoods, as much as upon war, bullets, bombs and racist liturgy.

McCarthy is a man who knows what he is talking about. He is a recognized expert on national security issues. McCarthy was a high level US Federal Prosecutor, who was retired with honors in 2003. He was one of the people who launched the 9-11 investigation and commission-work. Currently McCarthy works as an editor at the National Review, and has published a best-seller 'Willful Blindness: A Memoir of Jihad', which is a companion book to 'The Grand Jihad'. Both books should be read together.

'The Grand Jihad' is an exceptional review of the Left's alliance with Islam, in order to promote nothing less than the destruction of the US. This is simply a fact. Modern Liberalism is a mixture of Communism or Marxism, Green Fascism, and statism. The state must control all. Islam which merges the church and state, simply detests the individual and adjures that only a communal cult, in which the individual completely submits himself to ancient ideological and theological rituals, is the perfect society.

For Rousseau, the perfect state was the state of antiquity, in which authority was indivisible. That is, just as in Islam, the political and theological realms were woven into one...

The Prophet Obamed and friends believe in the same. They have similar pretensions to ultimate and absolute power, as the Meccan moon cult. They are also certainly, the most pro-Muslim administration in history, worse than even the mosque-loving, Islam-is-Peace-quoting, G.W. Bush, that supposed scourge of Islam. For Muslims the Umma or collective of moon-cult believers is the main concern of a person's existence. Is the cult expanding? Is it strong? Will it overcome the hated infidel? Are the non-Muslims feeling humiliated and dominated? Is everyone following Sharia law? These are the primary concerns of the Meccan cult. For the Prophet Obamed and the coterie of Communists-Marxists, similar but disparate worries abound. Is business being controlled enough? Is the state expanding quickly enough? Are taxes rising fast enough? Is the individual being replaced quickly enough by the communal? What areas lie outside of state power that can be annexed? No wonder the Great Man Obamed is so fond of Islam. They share the same objectives.

The linkages in philosophy, motives and aspirations between the Obamed's and Islam are legion – and frightening. Chapters 11-13, as well as other parts of the book expose the deep Marxist-Muslim cultural indoctrination of the man Obamed. These deep rooted belief systems, which he must have, are simply breathtaking in scope and in McCarthy's presented detail. Did you know that:

-Obama Senior was a radical Muslim Marxist politician in Kenya, killed from being a drunkard.

-He published a litany of anti-American, pro-Socialist political pieces.

-Obama Senior, campaigned on the adoption within the Christian, former British colony of Kenya, Islamic communal and Sharia practices.

-Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, was an aggressive atheist and well-known Communist who met Obama senior in Hawaii.

-Both mother and father in their writings and in their works, constantly reiterated the need for the 'redistribution' of money.

Culture is King. Obamed had a radical Muslim-Marxist father and a Communist-Atheist mother. He went to very left wing schools at Columbia and Harvard, whose law school is infected with moral relativism and various strains of Marxist theology, including victimology. Can any intelligent person possibly argue that these cultural facts from the Great Man's life, are not deeply impressed on his intellect, psychology and attitudes? You are what your culture processes. Obamed must be a radical Marxist, anti-American and pro-Muslim Leftard. As McCarthy sums up: “For Obama and his Islamist allies, capitalist democracy is an abject failure, habituated to racism, relentless in its materialism.” [p. 227] And so it is. Both Obama and the Ivy League trained elite desire the same goal as Islam – a radical reduction, and recreation of America, into a communal cult.

And what about Islam's 'Grand Jihad' in the US? The Muslims have allies, like Obama et al., and they play them sweeter than a Vivaldi violin concerto. Islam can't subvert US Republicanism, and impose Sharia Law for its Muslim community in the US, unless it can co-opt the elite, the media and the educational systems. To do this, Muslims and in particular the fascist group the Muslim Brotherhood [founded in 1928 by Al Banna, and dedicated to Wahhabi-Salafist Islam], have set up an alphabet soup of organizations whose main purpose is to baffle, lie, deceive, insinuate, deflect and harangue America, until American perceptions about Islam are so denuded, blinded and imbecilic, that Sharia law can be brought into the legal system as simply another 'alternative to Western jurisprudence'. Sharia law can be imposed as the apogee of multi-cultural self-loathing and abasement.

“..Sheikh Qaradawi [the Muslim Brotherhood director] has a plan for Islamicizing Western societies on a macro level while the micro-work of gradual sharia implementation proceeds. That plan is the establishment of autonomous Muslim enclaves, parallel societies adherent to Sharia Law.” [p. 95]

For those interested in Islamic subversion, you need to know the acronyms and McCarthy does a wonderful job in explaining who they really are, and who founded them;

IANA; Islamic Assembly of North America, stridently anti-American and linked to Al Qaeda.
ISNA: Islamic Society of North and offspring of the MSA, both of which were formed by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, an organization which spawned Al Qaeda and Hamas.
MSA: Muslim Students Association, formed by the Muslim Brotherhood to organize Muslims on US campuses.
NAIT: North American Islamic Trust, one of the founders and funding members of ISNA, tied as well to Hamas and the Brotherhood.
IAP: Islamic Association of Palestine, a radical pro-Arab, anti-semitic group which gave birth to;
CAIR: Center for Arab-Islamic Relations, founded by the IAP and linked with Hamas and the Brotherhood [financing, ties, events].

As McCarthy explains, the Muslim Brotherhood including its step-child CAIR, is always touted by the media and Islamophiles and those who hate America as a 'new' and 'moderate' Muslim group, which has recently eschewed Jihad and re-focused on integrating Muslims within their host societies in Europe and North America. Ah. Tears pour down the cheeks of commentators as they relate with emotive prurience the grandeur of the Brotherhood's new vision, purpose and inter-cultural harmony, regaling us infidel heathen with the quixotic purity of it all.

Oh please. The Brotherhood is the Muslim leopard who might change its tactics, but never its spots. Islam is a swaggering, domineering fascism. Anything to achieve Sharia law, societal control, and the reduction of non-Muslims to tax-paying slaves, must and should be pursued. The Koran says so. Mohammed said so. Imams today across the world bray so.

The Brotherhood has set up this complex of alphabet acronyms and organizations to spread Jihad by polluting our culture, deforming our view of reality and coercing us into ignorance about the true nature of the Meccan moon cult:

“ISNA/MSA has become exactly the nucleus the Brotherhood hoped for: It exercises dominant control of the ideological content at hundreds of US mosques controlled by the NAIT.” [p. 128]

Some 80% of US mosques are radicalized. The Imams control their flocks and what they are preaching is not the Golden Rule and the Book of Matthew. The Brotherhood's plan relies in large part on information distortion, legal actions against any who criticize Islam, loud screaming that critics of Islam are racist [even though the moon cult is an ideology not a race], and the impossible conflation of Muslim-only practices such as Zakat [a tax paid to sustain the welfare state for Muslims-only] with charity, and Dawa or aggression proselytism, with missionary work.

Dawa no more resembles the Western connotation of 'missionary work' than Islam resembles the Western notion of religion.....dawa is not mere proselytism but, as Qaradawi [Muslim Brotherhood spokesman], proclaims, the key to 'victory'.” [p. 83]

A key to the Muslim strategy, is as McCarthy relates, the purposeful lie that Islam is the same as Christianity. In that regard, a Muslim enclave can be created since the average person in middle America will wrongly perceive that an Islamic mini-state, is pursuing the same social objectives as the greater Republican state, built on Judeo-Christian ideals. For instance the Zakat or tax to support poor Muslims [no Jews or non-Muslims would receive this welfare of course], is misinterpreted by the media and political elite to be charity. Dawa is likewise mis-shapened and equated to be the same as benign preaching, when it is in fact very coercive, aggressive and organized recruitment of Muslim members to further the Brotherhood's aims and Jihad.

McCarthy goes through the Muslim Grand or Cultural Jihad now in full train within the USA and Europe. It is frightening. Many of the elite and most of the media have bought into the dissimulation's and outrageous lies being proffered by Muslim groups who are simply covering up and denying what true Islam is all about. Islam is the opposite of American and European exceptionalism. It is incredible that an active 5th column of Marxist and Communists, including the Obamed administration are actively engaged in subverting Western and American ideals and legacies. But it is true. Islam can't defeat us with exogenous pressure or force. But it can annihilate us from within. And that is the awful and present danger.


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