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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, October 8, 2010

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Jamie Glazov: 'United in Hate'. Indeed they are. The Leftards and Muslims that is.

Islamism, Fascism, Communism.......

by Ferdinand III

Glazov's family escaped from the totalitarian fascism of Russian ethno-nationalism. Communism and Fascism are similar concepts whose output and implementation differ only in degree of emphasis and focus. The current Marxist or Leftist [to use Glazov's term] fetish for Islam mirrors past Socialist support for tyrannies, despotism's and fascism's ranging from Mussolini's 'New Rome', to Hitler's 'New Reich'; to the Soviet's 'New Man society'; to the endless array of miserable human and modern-hating kleptocracies throughout Africa, Latin America and East Asia. Following in this sordid historical path, the current cadre of true-believing Marxists and Socialists are in-thrall to, and defensive of, the moon cult from Mecca, named 'Submission'. [What is unclear about this Muslim cult's name ?]

Glazov's book is an excellent study of why the 'Leftists' are so fascinate by tyranny, death-cult ideologies, and human-hating systems of power and control. His book is mandatory reading for anyone who is curious as to how people like Jimmy Carter can become anti-Semitic racists; or why globalists like Bill Clinton, UN bureaucrats, or the mainstream media constantly intone that Islam is peace, love, merriment and tolerance, when history, facts, and daily events confirm the opposite. Why are the elites so obsessed with hating the West, demonizing modernity, destroying Jews, and eradicating freedom and individuality ?

Glazov presents two answers. The first is psychological and centers on a spiritual need to build utopias, substitute the real world with some mythical creation, and impose 'correct thinking' on others in order to build some sort of communal nirvana. The attributes of such a personality are madness, derangement, selfishness and narcissism. The second is built on the first, and focuses on the theology of violence, power, and control. In Lenin's famous phrase all revolutions need bloodshed to succeed. The Left can't achieve nirvana on earth unless violence, death and massive dislocation are pursued. All centers of power which oppose the radical theology of the 'New World Order' being created, must be crushed.

These two reasons inform Leftist support for Islam and any other ideological Fascism.  There is of course major Marxist themes written into the dogma and liturgy of Islamic hate [p. 102]. If there wasn't Muslims and the moon cult theology would not be so avidly defended by the Leftists. For both groups the attraction of Marxism is its lust for destruction, to build control. [p. 8] It is not an accident that Hillary Clinton's favorite philosopher is Saul Alinsky who advocated violence and bloody attacks on the White-male social order, in order to destroy it and replace it with communal-Marxism. Nor is it an aberration that Obama was once, and probably still is in part, a Muslim, deeply schooled in Columbia and Harvard cultural relativism, whose key supporters were anarchists, Marxists and domestic terrorists such as Louis Farrakhan [a Jew hating Fascist and leader of the Black Muslim group, the Nation of Islam], Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, or the cadres of Union workers who demanded and received socialized health care in return for their support. The entire edifice of US political leadership is infected with power mongering Leftists, who share much in common with Islam.

Glazov describes quite accurately the Western elite's hatred for the West:

“The believer's idolization of an alien culture goes back farther, of course, than the twentieth century. Alienated Western intellectuals have always dreamt of a foreign place they imagined as being better and purer...”[p. 15]
“Suffering from a spiritual emptiness of which he himself is not cognizant, the believer forces non-spiritual solutions onto his spiritual problems.” [p 6]

True-believers don't live in reality. They don't like the real-world. They certainly don't like humans. What they need is a mass movement of emotional intensity and purpose. Nuremberg rallies. Military parades in Red Square. Globaloney Warming carbon fuel destruction. Unfettered abortion. The destruction of Israel. European communism. True-believers are divorced from reality. For them reality is an impediment:

“Hoffer [in his classic 'True Believer], illuminates this yearning, noting that a mass movement: “appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self...They look on self-interest as something tainted and evil...Their innermost craving....a chance to acquire new elements of pride, confidence, a sense of purpose and worth by identification with a holy cause.” [p. 7]

Leftists ignore the real world of the 5 senses. It makes it easier for them to support the insupportable. Hitler, Soviet Russia, Castro, Chavez, Islam, Red China – all these and more are emblems of hope, change and unified purpose.

“Nonetheless, droves of Leftists stepped forward to sing the praises of Stalinist rule. In addition to Shaw, Wilson, and the Lamonts.....Walter Duranty, Upton Sinclair, Anna Louisa Strong, Johannes Becher, Andre Maurois, Theodore Dreiser, and H.G. Wells.” [p. 30]
“High profile Western leftists, meanwhile, including Susan Sontag, Jean-Paul Sartre, Norman Mailer, and Abbie Hoffman, also made pilgrimages to Cuba.” [p. 51]
“In the present context, the Left succeeded in making the United States vulnerable to 9/11. President Clinton, for instance, had many opportunities to either capture or kill bin Laden, but he refused to act.” [p. Xxix]

Leftists refuse to name Islam as the primary challenge to civilization. This is consistent with their world-view. They declined to notice the atrocities committed by Fascist-Communist regimes over the 20th century, and declaimed instead in their defense. Leftists desire the end of the modern world. To achieve that goal they must engage in violence – hence their love and admiration for Islam, the most violent and racist theology in history.

Both Leftists and Muslims display disproportionate obsessions with will-to-power; devastation of existing order; hate and supremacism. Such aspects of violence and anti-humanism were obvious in Hitler's bizarre contra-reality world of pagan Nordic racial theology, as it was with the Russian fascist ideal of total community, managed by an elite. We see the same in Islam's disavowal of reality, rationality, and Western superiority. As with Islam, both Hitlerism and Lenin-Stalinism were the same programs, just with a difference in degree and emphasis:

“Indeed, many of the modern Left's ideas are rooted in fascism, especially in the ideology and practices of Benito Mussolini.” [p. 17]

Modern Marxist-Leftist ideology is indeed predicated on openly fascistic ideals. This is a fact which is conveniently overlooked by commentators. This is another reason why Leftists so adore Islam. Both are fascistic. The antecedents of all current Leftist fascinations; Jew-hate; the reduction of capitalism; communal order; eradicating our modern society; media and educational control; socialized health, dental, and daycare – all emanate from both Hitlerism [the first modern welfare state] and Russian fascism [the second phase of the modern welfare state].

The elevation of the commune over the individual is exactly mirrored by Muslim and Koranic demands:

“Like fascism and communism, Islamism sublimates the individual into the collective whole, making it virtually impossible for individuals to take any real action to fix a societal problem.” [p. 132]

This then is the nexus of Leftism and Islam. The modern world must be destroyed so that the individual can be 'managed' back into the group, under the control of an all-knowing, smarter, elite. For Leftists the elites are technocrats educated at Harvard, schooled in cultural Marxism, ahistorical revisionist, and a loathing for the White-Western Legacy-Jew nexus. For Muslims the elite are the Imam's, and hopefully a new Caliphate complex, implementing without variation, debate, or questioning, all aspects of Koranic and Sharia-law, controlling the world for the male moon deity of Mecca, Al-ilah.

In this vein both modern Marxism and Islam are death cults. As Glazov writes;

“This is where the Western Left and militant Islam (like the Western Left and communism) intersect: human life must be sacrificed for the sake of the idea.” [p. 18]

Islam is of course at its core an anti-reality death cult, with a history of 300 million dead innocents, endless war, violence, jihad and the subjugation of the female by the male. Plunder, rape, destruction and ignorance dominate Islamic history. All of this attracts the modern academic, elite and Leftist:

“The Islamist craving for death is clearly outlined in the works of one of Islamism's godfathers, Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966)....In his view violent jihad is necessary to achieve worldwide Islamic law, and the death of the Islamic warrior is a crucial element of this process.” [p. 103]

Modern Western Leftists covet the annihilation of the individual. This is a goal which Islam also shares: “Like every death cult, Islamism wages a ferocious war on the individual.” [p. 115] The theologies of Communism and Fascism are of course quite present in Islamic liturgy and history. In the modern era both were instrumental in helping to form modern Islamic Fascism:

“It is therefore no surprise to find that fascism and communism were centrally involved in the birth and development of Islamism. The Nazis, for instance, helped create Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a pioneering Islamic extremist group founded in 1928.” [p. 101]

No surprise at all really. And it is certainly no surprise that Leftists are so fond of a brother fascism such as Islam.

As Glazov so appropriately states:

“And it is no coincidence that the Left despises modernity, freedom, corporate capitalism, and globalisation as well. Jew hatred, therefore, serves as indispensable element in the leftist-Islamist romance.” [p. 156]

That is after all the core of the alliance between the Leftists and the Muslims. Leftists, Fascists, Communists and the moon cult from Meccan. All true believers. All allies. All dedicated to wiping out the individual and the modern world. How very nuanced and tolerant.

Glazov lays out why this is true. A great book.


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