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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, September 11, 2009

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9-11 and its lessons – lost on 'liberals' and the sophisticates.

The world did change and going back to pre 9-11 is not an option.

by Ferdinand III

The course of history changed on 9-11. The Arab-Muslim attack on US assets, towers, people and the ideal of America, was but the largest in a long string of bloody assaults stretching back 20 years. The importance of 9-11 cannot be underestimated, nor should it be forgotten. But for many – the liberals, the sophisticates, many in the preening elite; 9-11 is simply ancient history, faded, jaded, perhaps an 'inside job'; and an event which was 'used' by the hated Bush to initiate another 'crusade' against a so-called 'peaceful' ideology which has rather curiously for a peaceful 'faith'; been engaged in waging vicious and unrelenting war against the infidel and Kufar for 1400 years. Nothing it is clear, can or ever will wake-up such a personality to the reality of the modern world shattered and deranged by 9-11.

Moderate myth:

9-11 was a Muslim attack. It was carried out by 'moderate' Muslims as all Muslims are now famously called. These moderates were college educated, Western living and blended in nicely with their host society. Nothing abnormal or weird was ever remembered about the 19 homicide fanatics, who flew planes into towers to appease a Meccan male moon cult; and collect their rewards in Muslim heaven. 9-11 should have shattered forever the moderate Muslim myth.

How do you know what a person thinks, feels or is plotting ? Do you really know what goes on at mosques in the West or what is actually propagandized into young minds ? When 40-50% of Western living Muslims want Sharia law is that a sign of moderation or of a wish for a fascist-theological state which denies the humanist and exalts the cult of violence and death ?

The Koran is like the Bible:

9-11 was inspired by the Muslim 'holy days' and numbers of 9 and 11. The Koran talks endlessly about waging war against the unbeliever. Its chapters are littered with rules and statements that Muslims have a duty to wage war against those who don't believe. It is a book of war not of love. For multi-cult believers who have never read the Koran, they stand aghast at any reference to the fascism inherent in a document – as pathetically written as it is – which combines church and state; and which denies modernity, the human, and the moral.

The Muslim book of war is immutably violent, racist and supremacist. This racist work ranks human importance and worth in descending order from Arab Muslims; to female slaves and Jews. It advocates war and jihad to spread Islam; demands that women are second class sex slaves to please men; adjures the destruction of Jews and Christians for not following the path or sharia; and calls for complete and utter submission to a Meccan cult. What sort of madness is this ? The Koran is the opposite of the Bible. It inspires war, terror and racism. 9-11 proved that with many of the 19 Arabs leaving behind notes quoting the Koran and stating that they expected to be rewarded by the moon guy in the next life.

Unlike the Koran, the Bible is a document which seeks to separate church and state and free humans from humiliation; destruction; and ignorance. The New Testament is a call to ethics, humanism, free will, individual choice, morality and charity. The Koran is a tract dedicated to the destruction of everything the Bible supports. It is based on fatalism, a denial of human worth and a complete submission to an abstract concept of supernatural power embedded in ali-ilah or the Meccan moon cult. It is irrational and absurd. Calling it a 'holy book' is a mockery. Mein Kampf and Lenin's collected writings are like the Koran, rather unholy.

The West and America did it to themselves:

This is one of the most inane of concepts. The modern West which has worked to create a modern world of mass comforts, education, health care, and a system of morality, ethics, and opportunity is 'to blame'. To blame for what exactly ? For creating a world in which the average age at death has gone from 35 to 80 in a mere 3 generations ? For creating a world with remarkable technology, appliances and opportunities ? There is nothing which denies Arab and Muslim states from joining the real world. There is nothing which prevents Muslims from taking part in modern life or the modern world system. The West has some 40 million Muslims resident with living standards which not only dismay and shock some non-Western Muslims; but act as a beacon and example to countless million other Muslims who want a part of the Western life-style.

The West is to blame for what exactly ? Muslim and Arab backwardness ? The fact that the Jews create and the Muslims destroy ? The fact that women, minorities and Gays have equal status in the West, but not in the Islamic world ? That the Arabs and Muslims wage war, terror and are wedded to a pre-modern atavistic irrational ideology which militates against thinking, reason, invention, ethics, honesty and effort ?

The Arab and Muslim world are to blame for their own primitive and seething barbarity and poverty.

There is no war:

Well yes there is and one which has been on-going for 1400 years. Islam was spread by war, jihad, coercion and violence. Iraq is a war now won. Afghanistan will be the same in 2 years time if the NATO powers implement a practical policy on actually winning the conflict and surging to defeat the Taliban. No one in Afghanistan wants the Taliban back. That signal fact married to political and military resolve should be the basis for victory.

Islam will only relent through being defeated in war. Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the end of the conflict with Islam – but only the beginning. Numerous other theatres will be opened up and will need to be dealt with. Most perniciously is the domestic theatre. Societies mired in the mental disease of multi-culturalism, apathy and excuse-making usually lose wars. This says nothing of the domestic menace posed by radical jihad groups operating in North America and Europe.

Not a myth-Bush was right:

Bush's instinct was and remains correct. Islam is just another form of fascism based on a fascist document called the Koran and fascist concepts denying freedom, liberty, rationality and ethics. German and Russian Fascism were very much like Islam - far left, communal, individual-hating systems of supremacism, violence and universalism. Islam is different only in emphasis, and the fact that for whatever reason, the Meccan moon cult is accepted as a system of belief. Churchill and others were a little bit cleverer. They named Islam what it is really is – Mohammedanism, or the cult of Mohammed.

9-11 changed everything. Only those who don't see the world for what it is would disagree. And those people are as much a threat to the modern world as any devout, Koranic chanting 'militant' Muslim.




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