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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, January 8, 2007

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Hussein's death reflects the Arab and Islamic world

Media nonsense over Hussein’s death.

by Ferdinand III

The feminized modern culture defended by the deformed socialist platitudes of the liberal media is teary eyed over Hussein’s neck breaking misadventure. Poor dears. Sensitive experts and analysts wail that killing Hussein wasn’t professional; dignified; legal; or beneficial. It is pitiful to read such news columns.

Perhaps the effeminate ‘experts’ should read, study and understand the Arab-Islamic culture and mindset, cast inside a history of 1400 years of jihadic violence and murderous campaigning. This would give them some insight in how reality works in Iraq and the Muslim world. In other words Hussein got what his culture produces on a daily basis – a lynching. It is not only beneficial to execute Hussein in this style, it finally sends a belated 3 year message to the Muslims that criminals will be brought to justice – and the justice will reflect the underlying culture and mores of the society in which it is carried out. Blaming the US for Hussein’s lynching is about as intelligent as ascribing to Lincoln the rise of slavery.

The main thesis of the media wailing about Hussein’s death – from both the left and right – is that it will inflame sectarian violence. In actuality it did nothing of the sort. Violence runs high in 4 out of 18 provinces but there has been no noticeable increase in the death rate since Hussein’s hanging – in fact the carnage has abated since then.

The second main premise put forward by the anti-American media is that killing Hussein with Shia guards openly chanting their militia leader Al Sadr’s name would force the Sunni’s to fight back. This is nonsense. About 20.000 jihadists, terrorists and militia with ties to Al Qaeda – both Sunni and Shia – are busy in Iraq in blood feuds and blowing up innocents. Whether Hussein was killed in a palace, with plush carpets, swinging gold chandeliers and hot Sunni babes lovingly caressing him before his neck was snapped is irrelevant. Irregardless of time, place, and manner the Sunni’s would have been ‘outraged’ that Hussein was killed. Such is the Arab and Sunni mind.

And this hearkens back to why the Iraqi project is by necessity a long-term but vital venture. You will never change millennia of mental illness and ideological madness in a few short years. The Arab mind and the Islamic culture it wrought are premised on decidedly non-Western, irrational philosophies. Familial, tribal, ideological, and mosque based loyalties are suffused by a swaggering, arrogant, intolerant paganism [Islam]. Hussein’s execution and indeed any action in Iraq must be seen in this light. Simply put the Arab and Islamic mentality and culture is pre-modern; vicious; and irrational.

No one says it but it clear from its 1400 year history that Islam and too many Muslims are not only pagan fascists, but puerile, child-like and miserable creatures, steeped in hate and self-loathing. What deranged mind would wear a complete covering of black cloth with eye slits if self-loathing and self-inflicted slavery is not the objective? Why would a fanatical non-Saudi spend thousands of dollars to travel to Mecca to prostrate himself and his family at a shrine of a black rock if not to demonstrate self-humilation and abasement? It reminds me of Hitler’s promise to turn Linz into another Mecca for pagan Nazi’s who would grovel in front of Fuehrer shrines.

We all know [since the Western elite reminds us each day] that not all Muslims are terrorists, or scream like little children at the slightest provocation or declaim mightily in great hate against the West, or support Hamas and Al Qaeda or get angry over badly drawn Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad in an unflattering light. Yes but so what. Here is a question. If so many Muslims are ‘moderate’ where are they? Where are the demonstrations by the ‘moderates’ in Islam against a sick and evil perversion of their ideology?

We have yet to see the ‘moderates’ come out in force to reclaim their ideology or prove that it is nothing more than a fascist pagan Arab cult. Muslim anger against any and all things is so pervasive, total, and vehement that one has to make the conclusion that Islam is no more than a masquerade of fascism – akin to the insufferable toxic and humorless world view of Hitler and his goose stepping Nazi morons. In other words it is the ideology that counts – not whether some individual Muslim is nice or kind.

Muslims rioted over Salmon Rushdie’s hard to read and esoteric novel ‘The Satanic Verses’ which purportedly denigrated Islam’s insane ‘prophet’ - the child molesting, slave owning, brigand Mohammad. Muslims rioted over false stories that the dastardly and evil Americans had flushed the Koran down a Guantanamo Bay toilet. They didn’t but should have. Muslims the world over celebrated the 9-11 attacks on the US. They also justified the Istanbul, Madrid, Bali, Moscow, and London bombings as part of Islam’s great struggle with the evil West.

Muslims rioted over the US invasion of a Taliban held Afghanistan in which millions of people were kept in fascist oppression, thousands were murdered, non-Muslim cultural artefacts were destroyed and society had turned back into a modern dark age of ignorance and paganism. Muslims rioted over the US invasion of a failed fascist state called Hussein’s Iraq in which 1-2 million Muslims and non-Muslims were slaughtered over 30 years. Muslims rioted over Hussein’s recent death setting up a shrine in Palestine and instituting 3 days of mourning in Libya.

Muslims rioted over a series of not very funny, poorly drawn Danish cartoons. Muslims run riot in France and Europe burning cars and threatening civil society. Muslims now demand aid and money to support Islamic rebels trying to dismember Somalia as a first step to invade and slaughter Ethiopia and her Christian citizens.

In short Muslims are involved in almost every one of the current wars now in progress in the world. Yet the Western media chants that it is an ideology of peace and the Jews and Americans are to blame. Hussein meets his rightful destiny and we are to believe that the process was not careful, culturally sensitive, loving, or nurturing enough. Oh please. Dispense with the stupidity. Islam’s fascist paganism and extremist violence knows no limit, nor any bounds of irrationality.

It is time we got busy with the war in Iraq and elsewhere to protect civilization from a pestilence as nefarious as anything Stalin or Hitler concocted. It is time that people understand better the Arab and Islamic mentality and death cult. Hussein’s death reflects his world – and a proper death it was.

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