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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Don’t Stop Now ! – Teheran and Damascus next stops  

Ignore CNN, the BBC and the CBC – regime change the entire Middle East
June 20 2005

Bush better not go wobbly. The US political heat over Iraq is immense but so far Bush has held firm. Iraq will be pacified and the terrorists eradicated in the coming 6-18 months. Bush and boys should be planning the next phase on the War on Terror – destroying the chanting, insane, nuclear armed Mullahs of Iran and Syria’s little criminal gang boy-band leader, Assad. If the Yankees pull out of Iraq before the insurgency is destroyed and then do nothing about a nuclear wired Iran and terror supporting Syria, they will have suffered a defeat. The message you need to send to the fascist theocracies and the Islamic world is, ‘become democratic or blood and steel is your future.’ The entire point of using Iraqi regime change to drag the Arab world into the 21rst century will be lost if the Americans listen to ninnies such as the UNO, CNN or god forbid, that hegemonic power Canada.

Iran is ripe for change. Talk to any Iranian in the West and they will tell you the same story. The people are pro-West and pro-American. The Shah is now revered as a icon of a prosperous, sane past, where life was not perfect but compared to the current regime, a veritable paradise. The Iranian Mullahs have proven themselves corrupt, vicious, lining their bank accounts with stolen monies, while the economy rots. Press freedom, democratic expressions and hope are non-existent. Every Iranian can tell a tale about a dead friend or relative. Usually the person in question was a democratic supporter, or insufficiently Islamic and thereby liquidated. Parents are forced to buy back their dead son’s and daughters by paying a value per bullet used. Typical fees range from $U100-200 per bullet. Since 150.000 people have been butchered by the Iranian mullahs in the past 10 years such payments would add up. As in Hitlerite Germany or Stalinist Russia, criticism of the regime is a one way ticket to the torture chambers. What went on under Hussein has been going on in Iran for about the same period of time. Yet I don’t see as much crying in the media over dead Iranian democrats as I do over poor little terrorists who did not have their diapers changed properly at Guantanmo Bay.

Of course the majority of the population would be against regime change in Iran and Syria. Polls will be conducted showing only support for the war in the immediate Bush family. Mothers will howl about dead babies. No blood for oil will be screamed by Marxist professors and 20 something airheads. Military parents will be interviewed on CNN weeping in their kitchens, trembling with fear. The New York Times will call it ‘illegal’. The BBC and castrated EU-nuch opinion will take to the streets and chant songs and protests to support their ‘Iranian brothers’. World leaders will condemn Bush and call him ‘Hitler Part II’. The Useless Nations Organization will convene – 100 times – and decide to be resolute to do nothing except declare that the invasion cannot be supported. So what. Let them weep, hand out Kleenex, dispense Tylenol and get busy with what needs to be done.

If the moral left-liberal opinion is so neurotically obsessive about human rights, love, peace and hand-holding, maybe they can take a few glances at Iran. Like in the Sudan, the Iranians run a fascist theocracy intent on wiping out all dissent. The Arab Sudanese seem more efficient in killing people – they have wiped out 2 million in the past 20 years, whilst the Iranians have only destroyed 150.000. Nonetheless the carnage is vast. Like the Russian military police under Stalin, people disappear in the early morning to be, ‘re-educated’ then exterminated. Like other Arab fascist-ocracies, young girls who are virgins but on the wrong side of the fascist-democrat debate, are given in temporary [one day] marriage to a party flunky, raped [more than once by more than one flunky usually] and then executed. This is done since under Islam law a virgin can’t be killed. You can have a choice in Iran but it has to be the color black.

But be assured that the Western populace will obsess about 1800 GI’s killed in Iraq fighting a fascist terrorist insurgency, or the fact that the bed sheets are not cleaned every day in Guatanamo Bay. Maybe the little minds in these busy bodies can start focusing their attention on real evils in the world – the real death squads roaming in the Arab world and beyond where nary a Jew, Christian or Animist is safe from being beaten, raped or killed. These little folk should come to terms with how to deal with such intolerant fascism. I don’t think inventing stories, asking the Useless Nations group for help, or relying on such moral powers as Canada run by a Quebec biker gang, or Jacques ‘I only made $250 million in kickbacks from Hussein’ Chirac is really helpful.

Between them Iran and Syria export about U$3-5 billion per annum to fund terror worldwide. The funding takes different forms. Direct aid and military assistance to Hamas, Hizbollah and others in the Middle East has a long history. Indirect aid in the form of food, and educational funding is also common. Political bribes and narco-traffic are also important. Building mosques in the West to inflame the 5th column is also an increasingly happy opportunity afforded to the Iranians and Syrians by purblind Western governments. Western politicians trip over themselves to buy Muslim votes and trot off at the mouth about embracing Islam and showing multicultural compassion. The net result is a massive reorientation in Western immigration, psychology and politics.

Failed multi-culturalism and immigration patterns are dangerously changing the West. The current modern world did not arrive at its present state by disavowing Graeco-Roman and Judeo-Christian principles. Market capitalism, the rule of law, the limits of conduct, the reliance on contracts and obligations, and the expression of strong , all conspired to create our rich world. Islam is and has been an unmitigated failure. By allowing Muslim immigration patterns to create a 5th column, challenge our laws, change our educational systems and eschew our Western heritage only benefits politicians. It is a potential disaster in our fight on the War on Terror. You can’t win wars with active 5th columns in your society. The average lay observer should at least once go to the local mosque to hear what is being said. It is in general an ugly sight. Open criticism of society is a democratic right – outright treason and self-loathing is not. Many of these mosques need to be shut down and their leaders arrested.

If the Bushies want their powerful and correct rhetoric to collide with geo-political reality, then the war needs to be carried into Iran and Syria. Irregardless of the babbling boneheads that populate, our fat and happy Western culture, the situation mandates manliness and resolve. Yes lives will be lost and the twist and turns of military fate are unknown. But doing nothing, leaving Iran and Syria in peace, and letting them play with nuclear weapons is not an option. What Bush needs to do is stop being so damn nice in Iraq, finish the job with ruthless energy, wipe out the terrorists and then move on to phase two. Appeasing left liberal opinion is a non-starter. Hurry up and wipe out the problems in Iraq and then let’s make sure the chanting idiots in Iran and Syria meet their 72 virgins in le Paradis. ©


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