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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Libya burns, Gaddafi threatens ruin and hell, and the UN fiddles

Abolish the abomination.

by Ferdinand III

The Useless Nations fancies itself the arbiter of morality and human ethics. I have always described the UN as Churchill's great mistake. It was a utopian dream destined to failure and abuse. The UN was long ago taken over by the Islamic Organization of States, Communists, Leftists and the infantile eco-cults. The Useless Nations has long outlived any real purpose and should of course, be abolished. Democracies could perchance try to establish a coalition of modern, pluralist states, but inevitably such a creation would like Churchill's ill-fated venture, be taken over by the same collection of anti-reality imposters and poseurs, and those who hate themselves, their civilisation and even freedom, as have taken complete and utter command of the anti-civilisational construct improbably named, the 'United' Nations. What exactly unites all states under the aegis of this Orwellian nightmare?

As Libya and the Arab world erupt in a civil revolution, fuelled in large measure by a demand for secularity, modernity, rationality, jobs, education and opportunity, in fact the exact opposite what Arab National Socialism and Islamic Fascism have delivered, we see the Useless Nations nattering away. Libya still sits on its Human Rights Council and Iran on its Women's Council. The one Arab state is run by a murderous fanatic Muslim – a misunderstander to quote Mr. Robert Spencer. The other a Persian satrapy of the Greater Koranic empire and its kleptocracy is run by a murderous fanatic Muslim – another misunderstander one supposes. Yet the UN, the great enabler of Arab fascism in Gaza and Lebanon, which did nothing to halt the murders of 100.000 Lebanese Christians over 20 years; and which still ogles with a grinning stupidity which would make even Hugo Chavez wince, the yearly murder of females and non-Muslims throughout the wide swathe of occupied-Muslim land stretching from Nigeria, through North Africa, into the Levant and towards Afghanistan, does nothing about Libya. Civilians are attacked, jets strafe protesters and the mad Libyan Muslimissimo in charge rages about ruin and rivers of blood. The UN just issues some rather moronic protestations. This is of course in keeping with the UN's toothless, witless role in which it has viewed with callous disregard and immoral uncaring, the destruction of women, minorities, Christians, Jews and Unbelievers in Arab and Muslim lands. But never fear as Rex Murphy so rightly states in the National Post, Libya's position on the UN Human Rights Council is 'secure'. Now that is a big relief. We would never want to punish the Arabs or Muslims by removing them from their vaunted perch on the UN, that great arbiter of moral enlightenment, now would we?

The Useless Nations is a menace to natural law, natural law rights, freedom and democracy. Its corruption and disregard for reality started early in its life-cycle during the 1950s and 60s when the UN became the Muslim and the third-world's institution of choice to demonstrate power, relevancy and moral relativity in the poor world's bid to rid itself of colonialism and white imperialism. Independence of course led to disasters, wars, famines, genocides and corruption. But no matter Whitey was still to blame.  Or maybe the Jews, those Whitey-related oppressors and demons. 

In the 1960s under Secretary and marxist-relativist Hammerskjold, the UN began the pattern which is so familiar today: oppose the US, vilify Israel, support the Arabs, fund and coddle Islam, and condemn white on black violence while supporting and funding black on any race violence. Any action, result or problem was to be blamed on the white imperialist states and their proxy Israel. Thus marxist core-periphery theory and its attendant concept of the core's exploitation of the peripheral states was embraced, entailing massive [$2 trillion and counting] amounts of foreign aid, white guilt and groveling.

Darfur is an example. The Darfur genocide in the Sudan has been ongoing since the 1960s with the Arabs slaughtering blacks, animists and Christians for 50 years. Darfur is only news to the Hollywood-pot smoking crowd who got bored of crying over Tibet [but not doing anything to 'free it']. But if somehow whites were involved in Darfur....well well know that the UN would be flying in troops at a moment's notice to destroy white imperialist etc. etc. and that rapid and rabid anti-imperialist resolutions would be rattling off UN printers at a frightening rate, with Hollywood and mainstream media self flagellation, intemperate demands and hair pulling, along with Oprah Winfrey soul searching and tearful remonstrations not far behind. Such immoral posturing has been replicated across the width and breadth of Africa and Asia in the past 50 years. It is simply disgusting. Blacks and Muslims killing people – okay. Whites looking angrily at non-whites – racist intolerance to be met with an execution.

Post Cold-War the UN has become little more than a vehicle for anti-civilisational sentiments. It has never passed a resolution condemning Muslim and Arab atrocity – never. Yet over a hundred resolutions have been passed against tiny Israel – a country invaded 5 times by Arab states which outnumber her by 60 to 1, and which have created an illimitable number of atrocities against Jews and Christians. The Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East alone, are responsible for 10 major wars in the past 70 years; literally millions of dead; the destruction of once non-Islamic states such as Lebanon; genocide ranging from the destruction of 100.000 Jews in Algeria to hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq and Turkey; and the practice of honor killings, slave trading, sex trading, female genital mutilation and death through stoning. This says nothing of Arab and Muslim support for both Nazism and Communism in past world wide conflicts.

Yet at the UN it is the Jews and Whites are targeted for opprobrium – not the Muslims. The UN's voting system makes it no more than an Arab-Muslim support group – pushing forward the pagan, pre modern and atavistic program of Muslim domination. Islam as an imperialist venture has murdered some 300 million innocents over 1400 years – yet the UN is totally ignorant of Muslim and Arab crimes against humanity, but deeply concerned if Israel builds an apartment building on a bird shit covered hillock near Gaza. That is a capital crime. Christians being wiped out in Darfur or Iraq isn't. 

In December 2007 the UN passsed the quaint sounding resolution; 'Combating defamation of religions.' Cute and warm. Except that the text singles out 'Islam and Muslims in particular.' The UN of course expresses 'deep concern that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.' No kidding geniuses. An expansionist intolerant ideology, which is not a religion in any humanistic sense of the concept, is a threat to natural, civil, individual and property rights and laws. Islam is the problem.

UN stupidity was reinforced on June 28th 2008, when it was reported that, 'Muslim countries have won a battle to prevent Islam from being criticised during debates by the UN Human Rights Council.' According to the President of the UN's Human Rights Council religious issues can be 'very complex, very sensitive and very intense…This council is not prepared to discuss religious matters in depth, consequently we should not do it.'

The Muslim lobby and bloc has thus on four occasions in just 5 years, once again turned Islam from a swaggering, arrogant, intolerant cult, which murders and spreads mayhem, into a victim group. This comports itself with the Western world's media, educational and elite moral relativism. There is no reporting on persecuted, murdered, or violated Christians, Jews, non-Muslims or even moderate or female Muslims in the Islamic world in the West. Only the spectucular bomb killing gets any notice here. But that is quickly rationalised by 'not all Muslims are terrorists and there are root causes' platitudes and strikingly ignorant posturings.

The UN is a major problem in defending civilisation. In the past 5 years it has passed four resolutions designed to stop all critique of a pagan-fascist ideology which has at its core the objective of world domination. It is akin to the League of Nations outlawing negative observations about Hitlerism or the UN saying that critics of Soviet Russia are criminals.

Aiding and abetting murder and fascist destruction is a crime. The UN is guilty as charged and should not be funded by Western democratic states. After all it is the UN who is funding in part Palestinian terror which has murdered since the 1970s over 250.000 people. And that is just one example of many of UN perfidy and hatred of civilisation. It is high time to leave the Useless Nations organisation and recognise it for what it is – a vehicle to expand terror, fascism and moral relativity. Stop funding it; withdraw and condemn it to die with its fascist friends.

Libya roils and riots and yet it still sits on the UN Human Rights Council? Isn't this the proverbial straw that breaks the Arab-UN's back?


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