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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, November 1, 2010

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Muslim and former President of the Muslim Canadian Congress, rejects Sharia 'Law'.

Islamophobia!!! Will it never stop?

by Ferdinand III


Even Muslims get fed up with Islam. Hasan Mahmud is a practicing Muslim who wants no part of Sharia Law. Sharia is based on the Koran, the explanatory Hadiths, and the sayings of Mohammed. It is not a codex such as Justinian's Roman Legal system; nor is it fixed in precedent such as English Common Law. It is mutable, formless and implemented differently, depending on the political situation [and on political convenience]; in different parts of the Islamified world. Sharia has nothing in common with our Western legacy. If we had intelligent, informed and courageous politicians it would be banned in the West [it is now banned for example in Oklahoma – good for the Sooner state]. The ultimate problem with Sharia lies of course with the Koran.

As our Islamophobic Muslim states:

The litmus test to differentiate a progressive Muslim from a radical one is to inquire about the belief in Sharia law being divine. Sharia law is by no means a benign legal system; to the contrary, it is a malignant weapon that aids the pursuit of a global theocracy. The claim that the violence of Sharia law is Allah’s Law destroys the legitimacy of Islam as a “Religion of Peace.”

Like many Muslims I am deeply concerned with the alarming penetration of the institution of Sharia law into the West. After conquering most of Muslim world, this theological python is encircling our civilization and tightening its grip. Muslim women are its primary victims, followed by secular Muslims and non-Muslims. Even a cursory look into Sharia law’s content, spirit and case studies shows that it brutally violates human rights.

Sharia law forms the constitution of radical Islam. Radical Islamists often pose as “Sufi” (saint-like Muslims), “Moderate” or “Progressive” Muslims to deceive the West. But no matter how they dress or what they say, they work to destroy secular democracy and to establish the Islamic State. This deadly virus is flowing through the arteries and veins of the West with the help of numerous politicians, journalists, intellectuals, academics, judges and even religious leaders. An axe can only destroy a tree when it is helped by its wooden handle. On the other hand, the West is constantly bombarded by news of the horrific violence on women and minorities under Sharia law in the Muslim world. As a result, the recent popular opposition to Sharia law in the West was inevitable.

.......A little basic information from past and recent Sharia books can help:

1. The head of an Islamic State cannot be charged, let alone be punished for theft, murder, robbery, adultery and drinking (Hudood cases) – Codified Islamic Law Vol 3 # 914C of and page 188 of Hedaya the Hanafi manual. This law alone turns the whole Sharia doctrine upside down.

2. The perpetrators of genocide, mass rape and plunder will not be punished if they repent – Codified Islamic Law Vol 1 # 13.

3. Rape requires four adult male Muslim witnesses for proof. Women’s testimony is not accepted – Pakistan’s Hudood ordinance 7 of 1979 amended by 8B of 1980. Literally thousands of raped women and girls in many countries have been punished for Zena (physical relations outside marriage) by Sharia courts for want of witness. Ayesha Duhulowa, a gang raped 13 year old girl, was stoned to death by orders of a Sharia court.

4. Apart from strengthening the oppression of women, the very first impact of Sharia law was the violent fragmentation of Muslim society. Followers of one Imam used to curse followers of other Imams and would not pray after them.

5. Marriage between followers of Hanifa and Shafi’i was forbidden.

6. Imam Shafi’i was beaten to death by followers of Imam Hanifa.

7. None of the Sharia-Imams claimed their laws as God’s law. It was done by Caliphs and a patriarchy that needed the cloak of Islam to legitimize their anti-Islamic control of and women and people generally.

8. None of the Sharia Imams allowed their law to be enacted as State-law.

9. None of them joined the political power structures even after repeated invitation; rather each of them was brutally tortured by state-power.

10. The Sharia-Imams wrote only a few laws; the palace-clergies inserted their own laws in the names of the Imams after their deaths.

11. Imam Abu Hanifa was killed in the prison by Caliph Harun-Or Rashid. Imam Taymiyah was also killed in the prison.

12. Even the Ka’aba was not spared. Followers of four Sharia-Imams used to pray in four pulpits built in four corners of the Ka’aba by their own clergy. This anti-Islamic fragmentation continued until the 17th century.

There are many more examples. So defeating Sharia law starts with the magic question: “Can you show me your laws?” Radical Islamists cannot survive it.

Mahmud the Muslim Islamaphobe [and perforce knuckle dragging neo-white Crusader]; goes on to inform the reader that the philosophy of Sharia is being twisted around to appeal to youth. The deceit used by Muslims to entrap young minds into supporting the anti-Western theology of Sharia is widespread, conniving and willful. Sadly according to Mahumd, too many Muslim minds are ensnared by these lies and too many Muslims support Sharia.

Hasan opens his article with a clear distinction between moderate and immoderate Muslims and one based on whether or not a Muslim supports Sharia. That might be a good start. But Sharia is based on the Koran, and what a locality, state, or even a mosque might determine Sharia law to actually mean. Isn't the Koran therefore the ultimate source of the problem?  Sharia is not just the whimsical fantasy of some deranged Islamic clerics.  It receives the title of 'Law' as long as the Sharia court in question 'follows' Koranic teachings.   If Mahmud is telling us that Sharia Law is the problem, than obviously the source of that 'Law' must be the ultimate issue. Rewrite the Koran. Abolish its racism and supremacism. Acknowledge the immanent Golden Rule which applies to non-Muslims as well as to the followers of Submission. That is the real issue, and the real point that Mahmud should be making.


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