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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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North Amer-Arabia ? Cultural self loathing will destroy the US and Canada

The Eur-Arabian multi-cult disease is killing North America.

by Ferdinand III

Islamic theology demands power, control and the submission of everyone to the moon cult of Al-Allah, formerly known as Hubal pagansim, before the great sadist, murderer, brigand, and delirious epileptic Mohammed pronounced it, the thing, to be divinely omnipotent and universal. One of the problems with Islam and with Muslims is that they can't define what Allah is. The pagan Arabs pre-Mohammed certainly knew who it was – the male moon deity in the pantheon paganism of the Kabaah shrine, one of 365 such idols. Al-Allah was married, and had daughters. Hubal or Baal were probably the more ancient ancestors of the Arab idol.

Islamic theology is poised for political breakthroughs throughout the Western world. This is obvious. These political projections of power will simply accelerate our social, cultural, economic and mental decline. It may even lead to self-immolation.

The creation of Eur-Arabia in lieu of Europe is a real and vibrant phenomenon – even if the chattering Marxists and compassionate jet-setting internationalists are too ignorant to understand it. Normally, outside of war, a culture or invalidation never disappears in a revolutionary flash. Like the decline of Rome, the change is slow, imperceptible, yet resolute and obvious. The Muslims won't conquer Europe and North America through a military campaign – they will do it by changing and controlling the culture, the political machinery of state, and the mores of society through endless propaganda. Al Qaeda has the wrong strategy. Domestic Islamic groups and their political supporters have the right one.

Marxist control of society was effected by changing the educational, cultural and psychological ethos of society. Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, Noam Chomsky, these and other 'thinkers' knew that the West could only be undermined from within – by destroying its cultural fabric and self-confidence. The Muslims have learnt their lessons well. Politically correct stupor, and [im]moral relativity are nothing more than harsh echoes of Marxian dogma and hatred for Western civilisation. This pernicious disease aids and abets the greatest threat to civilisation that man has known in quite some time – Islam.

That Europe will be lost circa 2050 to the Muslims is pretty much a fait accompli. Not even the Europeans – outside of some Dutch and Danes – care to do much about it. Once you don't care the result – any result – is fine. This Marxist disease is however spreading infectiously in North America. Over time the average North American might wake up to discover that the once proud, advanced and dynamic culture of the Anglo-Saxon 'New World', is a fetish cult, dominated by Arabs and Muslims.

The signs are everywhere. Across North America Muslim money greases the wheels of many a political campaign and the sundry Muslim lobby groups are active at every turn, and quite tenacious in lobbying politicians of all levels and stripes. In their rush to appease the liberal multi-cult chorus, most mainstream political parties can't do enough to embrace ideas bordering on insanity: more funding for 'religious' schools [sorry but Islam is not a religion]; a recognition of Islamic holidays; tolerance for Islamic dress codes; and granting Islamic demands to protest any and all perceived slight to Mohammed's political ideology. It is a cultural death by a thousand cuts.

Across North American cities, enormous mosques and Muslim centers are being created – funded by Saudi money. If you attend a Muslim recruiting session [ie. 'seminar'], you will be surprised at how many Blacks are there. In one of history's great ironies, the Blacks, of whom 11-15 odd millions were enslaved by the Arabs and Muslims, are converting to an ideology whose main book is suffused with racist, anti-Black messaging. 'Kaffir' is of course a term originally used to denote Black slaves. It is not, if one needs to know, a word of praise or commendation. It identifies non-Muslims as nothing more than slaves, or at best – high tax paying 2nd class dhimmis or apartheid separated slaves. Yet Blacks as a group, are the largest converts to Islam.

Some other disturbing trends exist in North America. Muslim prayer rooms; footbaths; and smoking lounges [which lie outside of non-smoking ordinances] are becoming common. There is the constant and usually successful demand to recognise Muslim holidays and festivals with special programs [at schools, or in public spaces]; and a demand to limit Jewish-Christian artefacts and displays. Chicago, New York, San Fran, Seattle, Toronto – these and other cities have been bludgeoned into celebrating aspects of the Islamic multi-cult or limiting displays, greetings or public appreciation of Judeo-Christian religiosity. An example is New York's bizarre idea of lighting up the Empire State building in green, to celebrate the end of Islamic Ramadan. How far away is the time when we will have a general recognition of Sharia Law in New York and beyond?

Muslims are trying to change the culture of North America to adapt to them – instead of adapting to what has made North America the greatest place in the world to live in. As columnist Mark Steyn opined, the premise of the multi-cult and the cult of [im]moral relativity is that the Anglo-Saxon ethos which created the modern world, is not worth defending, and is in fact a long litany of nothing but disgrace and violence:

An Englishman or Irishman has no culture. Indeed, Canada has no culture, save what others bring to it. Which is the logical reductio of multiculturalism....Instead of the immigrant assimilating with the host society, the host society assimilates with the immigrant....And so we confront the limits of political correctness. It’s fine for a pliant citizenry sedated by decades of propaganda, but not for Muslims or crackheads who don’t yield quite so easily. When the nanny state runs up against the unnannyable, it crumples like a cheap roll-up.”

In other words, the apathetic, 'uncultured', untutored and inferior White Anglo Saxon or infidel, will be hammered into shape by the [im]moral relativity program of the not so compassionate mommy-state. But don't try that on those inflexible Muslims. Islam is not adaptable nor amenable. It demands, it cries, it wails, it protests and it usually gets what it wants, because the mommy-state can't be bothered to defend the majoritarian culture. Easier to pass the baby some candy to shut it up, then to discipline it so it won't cry again. In that sense the multi-cult program is naturally one of appeasement, apathy, and self-loathing.

This sentiment – that North America has no culture worth protecting – runs deep. You will see it in schools where teachers report middle-school children gushing about the wonderful pagan society of the Amer-indians, or the uniqueness of the Arab-Muslim cult, whilst declaiming savagely against the White culture. TV shows, movies, most pop-junk follows the same thesis. In such a milieu it would be doubtful if North America would rouse itself to fight Hitler, let alone an ideological and political fascism called Islam.

Even that warmongering fascist Christian Bush had it all wrong. In 2007 he said,


"I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian or any other religion, prays to the same God. I believe that Islam is a great religion that preaches peace."

Politicians have been saying this for years. It is nonsense. Islam is not a religion but a political construct dedicated to jihad and world domination. Yet Bush is vilified by the really-clever-people as anti-Islamic. I guess that emotional urge to surge against Islam must have hit Bush after he dressed his wife up in Muslim garb and sent her to sundry Mosques to pay homage to the glories of the multi-cult. Obamed is of course much worse. A former Muslim, the great man or deity is the worst embodiment of Dhimmitude dhummitude, ignorance, faineance and historical illiteracy. With regards to Islam it is only getting worse with US politicians not better. Canada is even more craven.  

The current of the times runs against Western Civilisation. Rome did not fall magically in 476 A.D. By then the collapse had long taken place. The political reconstruction – an exchange as it were of pagan-barbarian kings and laws for Roman – was already well established by 476 A.D. Rome's culture, long tired, dissembling, corrupt and self-abasing, had long given up the idea of empire and glory. Rome did not crash, it just slowly burnt out.  

So it goes with politically-correct multi-culturalism. Just don't be surprised when your local school is forcing children to learn Arabic and pray to the Allah moon cult. It will happen so slowly, so stealthily, so easily, that you won't even recognise that your culture is finished, and your modern world gone until it is too late.




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