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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

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To defeat Islam we need domestic reforms

Limit Islamic immigration and reduce the mommy-state

by Ferdinand III

[excerpt from a new book out in August ‘Fascism and Paganism; A brief comparison of Nazism, Communism and Islam.’]
An activist and militant foreign policy needs to be supported by reformations at home. Islamic immigrants need to be assimilated into our general Western society. More importantly however we need to drastically curtail Islamic immigration to the West. The 2005 riots in France by so-called ‘disaffected youth’ were acts of violence caused not by Marxian dialectics, but by the utter failure of the French socialist model and the rejection by Arabs – both secular and religious – of this societal model. Historically it is a fact that when the Arab-Muslim population hits 10 % of the host society’s total population problems develop.

When Arab and Islamic populations reach a critical threshold the domineering aspect of Islam comes to the fore. This is true especially in socialist, multicultural nations that eschew a national culture and reject establishing the Western big L liberal tradition as their national ideology. The EU is thus experiencing many problems with its Muslim population and Canada will soon follow. The US has a more integrated culture and melting pot concept though ethnic divisions and a tendency towards multiculturalism pose a radical threat to US political stability. In any event the EU given its low birth rate of 1.5 children per woman will be swamped by Muslim immigration and higher Muslim birthrates. It is no exaggeration to state that the EU could become Muslim by 2050 if immediate policy changes are not made. Muslim demography makes this obvious. Europeans are getting older and having fewer children. Muslims are young, their immigration rate is high and most Muslim women have on average 4 children. Thus we have the extermination of Western civilization not by force of arms, but by force of immigration and procreation rates. Without drastic policy change the only question will be how bloody will the real estate transfer be in Europe between the Europeans and Muslims?

Two main reasons exist why Western nations persist in allowing massive immigration from Islamic lands and both are illegitimate. The first reason is the declining birth rate of Western nations which is now at 1.5 children per woman and declining. We need a rate at 2.1 or more to sustain and grow our native populations. Such a decline is a direct outcome of big statist interference in our familial structures and of the power of feminism and gay rights activism, both of which have essentially neutered Western society. Abortion on demand is funded by the state; doctors cannot legally now refuse an abortion request; women are encouraged to be as manly as men; women are told not to have babies and imitate Hollywood’s ‘whore’ culture; men are told to be as sensitive and feminine as women; gay rights and lesbian groups are funded by the taxpayer; judicial left wing activism promotes and pushes the gay-feminist agenda whilst ignoring legal statutes, constitutions and non-state organizations; and divorce has been rendered easy though not cheap. Besides these cultural changes there is the more mundane necessity to support an overbearing tax and spend system which mandates that both partners must work. This makes it very difficult to have more than one child.

Secondly we can see that welfare state governments want immigration to buy votes and produce more tax revenue. Immigration also benefits the huge constitutional-rights industry which is closely tied to politicians and is a source of great political support for many parties. Once Muslim communities become entrenched in little enclaves in certain cities then politicians rush to support and further enhance Islamic power via more immigration and ‘community’ programs. Lawyers and their political friends also dream up various ‘charter of rights’ to ensure that politically important minorities are ‘protected’ and these advocates usually cry for special rights such as Sharia or other forms of ‘minority’ protection for the Muslim community. A common refrain is of course that criticizing Islam is akin to hate speech but of course the same stricture is not applied to critiques or ‘blasphemies’ against Judeo-Christian culture. We also must listen to Muslims committed of crimes in the West blithely state that ‘the Koran made me do it’, in effect ignoring Western jurisprudence and elevating a 9th century pagan code to be its equal. As more Muslims enter and buy their way into the political system these ‘exceptions’ and the usage of various ‘rights’ based charters will only accelerate leading eventually to Sharia law or the Millett system [where Muslims own the land in which they comprise a majority within a non-Islamic state], within Western countries.

It is not hard to see the folly of such ‘progressive’ immigration and so-called ‘progressive’ thinking. The wrongly named ‘progressive liberalism’ in which the family is castrated; virtues are ignored; and convenience ensured is a program of vote buying and of brain washing. These post-modern ideals reflected in Hollywood and pop culture, emanate from post-modern ‘thinkers’ such as Derrida and Foucault both of whom supported the Nazi’s, and the media elite which postulate that ‘feelings’ and emotions are more important than rational thought, a well built moral society, or a nation state with a vibrant culture. Relativity in this regard makes no discernment between Islamic ideology and Christian dogma. In the extreme both are considered irrelevant since both purport to be religions. In everyday life Islam is to be tolerated and even protected and enshrined since it provides an alternative to the modern world based on Western decadence and provides Western society with part of its vaunted ‘multicultural mosaic’. Liberals are always offended when you point out that multi-culturalism is a gigantic and dangerous failure and it could lead to the dismemberment of our own civilization.

It is pretty clear that some traditions, virtues and ideals are conservative and should not be changed. Western society should return back to its original points of reference and establish non-relative measures of conduct. Post-Christian and post-modern society is a hoax. Anti-family, anti-procreation governmental interference and bad immigration policy needs to be rejected. In fact we need to completely disavow the entire intolerant gay-feminist axis and its related judicial activism. It also means that we need to reduce the crushing burden of tax, debt and government welfare upon the average citizen so they have enough income and time to raise families in a proper manner. These items are not however even on the political agenda of mainstream Western political parties. So farcical and dangerous policies will continue to grow inside Western states as the citizens of the West watch their societies and politics become transformed by judicial activism; gay-feminist rights; high tax and over spending governments; ‘chartered rights’ and the onrushing crush of Islamic immigration. We the decadent West will have to tolerate the intolerant and bow our heads to overbearing statist dominance in which we are treated like little children as our successful traditions and virtues are destroyed. Eventually the state will be superseded by Sharia law in Western lands as our self loathing leads the way to self destruction.

But all is not yet lost. It is a historical truism that freedom demands and depends upon military strength and our own will to fight. The Western democracies must fight to ensure that our civilization lives on – both domestically and internationally. Islam’s threat is nothing new. Hitler wanted a national-socialist, race-based utopia of perfect Ayrans dominating the planet. The perfect race would be cleansed of bad genes, dedicated to the party and fatherland and would willfully recreate the world in the model of Nazi utopianism. Stalin tried to create the utopian worker state of communal greatness and a classless society where community interests and love for the state transcended individuality. Fascist Islam mandates the utopian world of absolute submission to the Koran, the recognition of pre-destination, and the unthinking loyalty to either exterminate or convert non-believers. Jihad and war spread Islam as much as did the attraction of gold, booty, women and slaves. Like Hitlerism and Stalinism, Islam wants to dominate the world and create a classless utopianism, directed by the words of a psychologically deranged and quite insane ‘prophet’.

But as we all know Hitler’s pagan fascist cult, premised on tribal and blood superiority was a fantasy, and a horror which was brought to ruin through a gruesome military conflict. Lenin’s Marxist dialectical cult premised on theories of nonsense and class based racism was also a twisted murderous nightmare. Stalin’s pagan cult, based on extreme Russian nationalism fused with Communist destiny and power, was a psychopathic and bloody failure. Pagan Arabia’s claim that only Islam is the true doctrine of enlightenment and the only word of ‘God’ is as well an evil fantasy soaked in blood and piled high in death. Muslims today need to ask themselves a simple question; ‘does a pagan moon cult with totalitarian ideals make a religion, or is it just a mask for fascism?’

Muslims should be reading history and asking some hard questions about their ideology and how it fits into the modern world. If they don’t do this, and don’t modernize their cult, then the Western powers have no choice but to change Islam and the Arab world from without. Whether or not small l liberals, teeth gnashing liberal media personalities, chattering UN delegates, effeminate EU Marxists, or crying Canadian socialists agree is irrelevant. These personalities have never been in the vanguard of defending civilization and liberty. It is up to those that understand the precious and anomalous nature of our Western civilization to carry the banner of humanity into the future and defeat fascist paganism when it appears in any form. Those who disagree will just have to be damned.

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