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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, May 1, 2020

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In the age of Corona........5 easy steps to kill off Western Civilisation

Up is down, Slavery is freedom, just follow the 'science', illegal is legal....

by Ferdinand III



In  the era where a Virus ‘pandemic’ shuts down modern Western economies and life, we can all be reminded of the Orwellian themes, which permeate and distort modern life, via the modern-secular religions of ‘science’, relativism and the multi-kulti.


How to kill Western Civilisation: 5 easy Marxist and Relativist steps.


1) Use Orwellian language; eg. Equate Illegal Moslem and Arab immigration with Legal

Words have meaning. Illegal immigration is illegal. Legal immigration involves accepting people who will support your culture, fill jobs you want filled; and not compromise your security. Illegal immigration especially of broken families, those who don't speak your language, those from vastly different cultures; the poor, and the uneducated, bankrupt your socialist welfare systems; change your politics for the worse; and irrevocably erase your culture. Yet in the mendacious narrative of politicians and the media, the adjective Illegal disappears from its noun Immigration. Suddenly a negative process which is full of crime, family breakdowns and slave-labour wages is conflated with Legal processes designed to protect culture, security and fill higher-end jobs. Stupid.

In the immoral world of relativity up is down, gay is normal; fraud is science; lying is truth; and immoral is moral. This is progress? Why?


2) Remove Western Civilisation and Heritage from your school system

State owned education belittles the Western experience and is anti-White, anti-European in orientation. Judeo Christian ideals are mocked; whilst hoaxes such as evolution [the rat mutated into the human don't you know] are proffered as science. Multi-culturalism – itself a logical impossibility [no cultures are relatively the same] – overrides anything that the Western world has developed or created. Into this insanity are inserted lies, historical rewriting, and open racism – against Whites that is. This nonsense is offered as history and science.


3) Conflate TV with 'entertainment' and the Media with 'news'.

Instead of rational thinking and positive pursuits, the modern man is told to be dumb. TV, most movies and most other entertainment forms are not entertainment but simply mentally damaging toxins. TV amongst other time-wasters is not just a useless mind-numbing exercise, it is a toxic experience in which the brain is subjected to a wide variety of negative imagery. Sex, sexism, violence, repugnant themes, innuendo, lies and outright idiocy fill the visual junk food store called TV. Too many 'entertainments' are in reality brain destroying toxins. Read a book. Go exercise. Blow up your cable connection. Use your brain. Learn a trade or a language. Do something.


4) Erect a massive state which funds its own theology

Worship of the state is the most pervasive cult in the world today. Statism takes many varieties but the essential element is fascistic to use a word that titillates national-socialists which is defined as: the individual being subsumed into the communal. The individual has no free-will, natural law rights, or even responsibilities. The individual is micro-managed by the state and will pay homage to that state and follow its dictums. In return you receive State 'benefits', 'support' and approbation [maybe even a medal?]. Hate speech laws in Western states are really anti-freedom laws designed to silence critics of the State and some of its post-modern insanity and relativity. All education and media pump out the state pablum and directives. Your job is to follow. This is one reason amongst many why Statist constructs and actors love Islam. The Moslem cult has exactly the same animus and low regard towards the individual human that Statists possess. The communal is uber-alles.


5) Stop thinking and start following

Various cults proliferate the detritus of State theology: Abortion is fun and a 'right'; Globaloneywarming due to a trace chemical is real; Islam-is-Peace though Moslems murder Kufars every day; the EU-topia is the 'future'; Electric cars are effective; Green 'technology' is productive; Socialized education, health and pensions are 'moral' and always just; Evolution in which life came from inanimate matter and the mouse's brain 'evolved' into the human is science. These cults and dogmas all have at their core 2 expressed aims: 1) to devalue the human and 2) to equate the human to at best a evolved animal, or at worse a virus, or a cancer. In this vein the State has a 'right' to both neuter and even to kill the hated human.

With morality effaced and with 'God is Dead' the State swaggers in as the salvific Christ, ready to redeem our animalist ignorance and innate barbarity. Life therefore becomes not only cheap – who cares if 1 million post-Apes as foetuses are murdered in North America each year? Why should the stupid human have freedom? He will just waste it. Ergo death cults for the bien-pensant, and the lovers of State power are quite fashionable [see Islam, GlobaloneyWarming, Abortion].


All Statist constructs go bankrupt. They implode first culturally, then financially. But history is something to be rewritten, not adhered to or respected by the State and its Marxist cult members. Lies, propaganda, and State 'truths' are to be issued. Nothing can lie outside of the State, is how Mussolini described his fascism. A perfect and pithy summary of the current madness of States and cults. It will end and end very badly one day. But no one will blame the main actor – the Leviathan State with its Marxist dogma.

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