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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Elijah Muhammad, the man who developed the racist Moslem group, 'The Nation of Islam'

Never investigated, never queried, never vilified. Racist White hating Moslem Elijah.

by Ferdinand III

Elijah Muhammad was the progenitor of the Black-Moslem movement in the USA which now enslaves some 5 million ignorant and mendacious American Blacks. He is the most famous American Moslem in history, his famous apostate contemporary Malcolm X who left what he termed the ignorance and violence of Islam and who was murdered by Moslems, notwithstanding. Elijah Muhammad is the seed of Islam in America. He is the 'Father' and ancestor to the current racist Louis Farrakhan and his supremacist Moslem 'Nation of Islam'. He is the source of much destruction now going on in America.

Born Elijah Poole in 1897 to a Baptist preacher and like so many before him [Darwin, Flew, Malcolm X] who were born to clergy or into a church hierarchy, Poole would spend his entire life trying to demolish the Christian faith. This phenomenon would be worthy of psychological study and understanding. In the early 1930s, during the beginning of economic, civil and civic dislocation, Poole came under the influence of a colorful Black 'religious' teacher, or Moslem, named W.D. Fard.

Farce might have been a better surname. No one knew a thing about Fard, except he fashioned himself in exotic African clothing, and claimed to be a brother from the 'East'. He imbued in his followers a vanity of Black pride; an African first orientation; and a sordid if complete rejection of the White Man's world. Sermons denounced Christianity as part of the White Man's yoke on Black freedom. He urged his devotees to adopt Moslem names such as Ali, Muhammad or Abdul [which ironically means slave]. He sold his followers the Arab-Moslem attire he declaimed they had to wear, in order to differentiate themselves from Whitey.

Fard was a Moslem, a supremacist, and of course a racist.

Poole converted to Islam in the early 1930s. He adopted the Arab name of Karriem. Seeking to eviscerate Christianity, Karriem used the material supplied by the quite weird sect named the Jehovah's Witnesses [who believe like Stephen Hawking, in aliens, the JH are also termed 'scientists']. The JH cult denied the Trinity and spent lavish amounts of rhetoric as to why. Poole enjoyed such rabid and quite nonsensical, a-historical and counter-factual innuendo. It is curious but not surprising that a Moslem would use JH to denounce Christianity. Desperate fiends do make alliances.

Fard and Poole convinced many Blacks, that Christianity was the White Man's religion and that Islam was the Black Man's. Muhammad was of course white, and the Moslems the greatest slave traders of Blacks in history. Islam is racist. Black faces are cursed according to the Koran and about 50 million Blacks have been slave traded or killed by the slave trade of Moslems. But reality and the real racism of Islam, meant nothing to Fard and Poole. Their real reason to embrace and promote the cult of Mecca, was to attack both Whites and Christianity, which they perceived wrongly and quite insanely, as a part of White enslavement of Blacks.

Fard the racist, and later Poole; taught that the White Man was the devil whilst the Black race was divine. Poole would later teach that Blacks were Gods! Using White racism as an excuse to elevate Black racism [reverse racism against Whites]; Fard and later his disciple Poole would extol Islam as the liberation of the Black Man from the White God of Christianity.

Fard was murdered in 1934, some say by Poole. Poole now became Muhammad. How egos do grow. Under his guidance, and it must be admitted, his pseudo-brilliance; the movement of Moslem Blacks grew. As the growth of the cult transmogrified into hundreds of thousands of converts; so too did Poole's bank account accumulate. He became a millionaire. Proclaiming his blessings and perhaps assuaging his guilt; Poole declared Fard to be a god ! The money and power rolled in. Poole became an icon writing his 2 seminal works on Black Islam: 'The Supreme Wisdom' and 'The Message to the Black Man in America'. Blacks converted en masse.

Today we now have Poole's 'The Nation of Islam' holding many millions of Moslem Blacks within its membership; yet it is an overtly racist, supremacist, and intolerant group. The MSM never investigates this group. Its website is ridiculously open about its racist theologies. Islam by itself is both racist and supremacist, a feat that the Nazis or National Socialists, also achieved. It is hard to accomplish.

Malcolm X left his Baptist heritage, joined Poole, journeyed to Mecca and to his horror recognized in both Islam and Poole's 'The Nation of Islam' in America, nothing but hate, rancor, Jihad, violence, racism and intolerance. He left the cult. For his apprehensions he was murdered by a gang of Poole's men on Feb. 22 1965.

Maybe the quackademics and the lamebrain media could pay as much attention to that day, when Malcolm X fell, as they do to Martin Luther King Junior. But of course this will never happen and Jewish moguls would be aghast.

Elijah Poole and the Moslem Nation of Islam. The nature of both speak for themselves. Both confirm the racist, supremacist intent of Islam; and its incomprehensible stupidity.

Source: Professor Akridge, a Black American who studied the Poole movement.


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