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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Swaggering Islam, Cowering West.

A Mosque on every corner. A Human rights violation for every dissenter.

by Ferdinand III

This picture depicts 'Palestinians' [otherwise known as Arabs], recently celebrating the death of 8 innocent Jewish seminary students in Jerusalem. Of course the world yawns. Imagine the outrage if Jews or Americans did the same, slaughtered 8 Arab students at a cafe in New York, then danced and partied all night. Such is the swaggering poverty of Arab and Muslim culture. Such is the cowardice of a cowering, chattering West populated by liberal elitist fembots, too frightened to call a cat, a cat and too inclined to appeasement and cowardice in the face of a 1400 year Muslim jihad.

When Western politicians such as Geert Wilders of Holland, or writers such as Mark Steyn of Canada, quote Muslim sources to illustrate their views about Islamic intolerance they are labeled as 'right wing populists'. This label which runs akin to that of Globaloney Warming denier; Holocaust denier; fascist or neo-Nazi; is a cheap substitute for debate and reason.

As the vituperative Ann Coulter long ago pointed out, the elitist socialists and marxists who run society find it far easier to label than to engage in understanding substance. Debate and inquiry is not the goal of the feminized Western elite – social compliance and control is and screaming that anyone who opposes your view is a latter day Hitler is an emotionally satisfying yet disturbingly adolescent means to no end.

And so it goes with Islam. The Muslims have been in a watershed explosion of violence for 40 years since they lost the 1967 war with the Jews. Unable to muster coherence or power militarily, the Muslim and Arab forces turned to terror, cultural marxism, and using the institutions of the West against Western states. This two pronged attack is the only likely way that Islam can subvert the West. Terror to cow the feminized politicians and citizenry, married to educational, media and political subversion from within, sustained by massive immigration.

It is not a secret that 40 or more million Muslims now live in Europe. At least 10 to 15 million reside in North America – legally. Governments will never reveal the truth about the extent of Islamic populations in the West much as they lie about illegal immigration numbers in the US, understating them by a factor of 3. Muslims are soon to reach a political level of prominence which will only add momemtum to their precense in universities, the media and mainstream thinking. It is not for nothing that Muslim lobby groups are now targeting to bring a Koran into every North American home.

The extent of Muslim and Arab swagger is startling. Muslims and Arabs can kill at will, demonize Jews and Christians and engage in endless chatter about dominating the world, and yet we hoi-polloi are to believe the Muslim ideology is just another faith and that there are reasonable reasons for their 1400 year old jihad of conquering hate and blood. Strange logic that.

The Muslim leadership of Islamo-fascist ideals has more in common with the bold arrogance of Nazis than with the peace loving sects of Christians. It matters not if a Sufi, a Shia, or a Sunni is responsible for the advocation of domination, Islamic purity, kaffir or slave subjugation, or the eradication of democratic and successful Israel. Mentally ill and twisted fallacies are used by any and all Muslims to justify a litany of terror, hate, war and blood. Lies boldy told with swaggering confidence have been typical choices of those ideologies of fatalism and universalism which foretell their dominance of manking. After all if you are destined to win, why be afraid?

The swaggering arrogance of Muslim Islamo-fascism is legion and illustrated by the deeply held and profoundly stupid beliefs of the Western elite, their media friends and many in academia [remember go to university but miss your education]:

Islam means 'peace'
The root word of Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” The word Allah is not God in the Christian sense but denotes ali-ilah or the moon cult god, itself a paganism premised on submission. Islam in effect means submit yourself to the Mecca male moon spirit.

Islam supports freedom
Muslims create dhimmis or non-Muslims who are ruled as second class and highly taxed citizens. Islam has been history's great ideological slave trader still trading slaves in open markets today. Its misogynistic character and demotion of women to the status of a dog is of course incontestable. Full bed sheets and face coverings are worn to denote women as property and chattel – not to liberate them.

Islam is not violent
In the name of Allah or the Mecca moon cult, Islam has been involved in 11.091 Islamic attacks since 9-11 killing or wounding a million people worldwide. Imagine if Christians were involved in a fraction of such carnage.
See Islam's death toll here for details.

Islam is roughly similar to Christianity
The two have nothing in common. The bible is a collection of analogies and rules, whilst the Koran is an impossible to understand set of gibberish about ritualisation and prostration. The mores of Christianity, its teachings, its purpose and its modern relevance has nothing in common with a set of ideas frozen in the 12th century and determined through Sharia Law to be the end of man's intellectual and social development.

Mohammed was a great man of peace:
Mad Moh was the precursor to Hitler. He led 85 odd campaigns and murdered thousands of people some with his own hands. Slave trading, salacious sex, stealing, profiteering and killing off Jews and Christians were some of his main hobbies. Before his death he instructed his generals to conquer the world.

Islam is not imperialistic
Muslims sprang out of Arabia in the 7th century and have spread Islam across the world. In so doing they have killed 300 million people and probably wounded a similar number. Even the Communists have only succeeded in killing half that number.

Arabs 'own' Israel
Jews have lived in Israel for 3.000 years and David's kingdom circa 1000 B.C was the most powerful state in the region. The Jewish second temple built by Herod 600 years before the Arab-Muslim invasions was the largest structure ever built until recent times using more stone than the Great pyramid at Giza.

Jews took Israel
Starting in the 1880s the Jews began to migrate to Israel and buy land and land titles. In the 1917 British census the Jews were the majority population in what the British called the Jewish mandate. The whole point of the 1917 declaration was to give the Jews a homeland in areas in which they were already the majority. For the record Israel was a wasteland until the Jews developed a modern country and the 300.000 or so resident Arabs had done nothing to develop it.

What about Palestine ? [sniff sniff]
The Palestinian 'people' is a 1960s myth inspired by the Egyptian fascist and terrorist Arafat the world's ugliest ever Islamic murderer so beloved and coveted by an adoring and quite munificent West. He was Bill Clinton's best handshake partner. Arafat stole hundreds of millions of dollars whilst murdering over 100.000 Christians in Lebanon and thousands of Jews. [But oh okay, those are just Jews and Christians slaughtered for the Arab-Muslim 'cause' – thanks for explaining that.]

No one will read or hear about the above or countless other categories of Arab-Muslim disinformation. At least not in the West in mainstream schools or media. Any criticism of a politically sensitive group is to be radically discouraged. Hence in the West, Human Rights Councils prosecute those who criticise the Arab moon cult, even when they only quote back what is fact, or what Muslims themselves say about dominating the world, killing Jews, or wiping out the USA. Muslims themselves are a protected species, akin to the cuddly polar bears or lovely seals.

The German newspaper Der Spiegel [the Mirror] editorialised that the West is a relativist coward in confronting the insaner elements of Islamic violence and outrage, preferring to horsewhip those who criticism Islam, to those Muslims who engage in acts of violence and terror:

Der Spiegel ed.
“And now the "right-wing populist" Wilders is being sacrificed on the altar of appeasement policy. He is no cineaste, and his film [Fitna which criticises the Koran and links passages of it to Islamic violence and hate] is certainly no masterpiece. It is, however, a brute challenge to us to at least recognize reality.”

This cowardice is only part of the problem. As Steyn and others point out, Islam is confident and Western culture is not. Rotted through with self-doubt, out of control left wing politics and social commentary, and broken by an un-education system of ignorance, propaganda and relativity, the West is cowering. It will take real courage and leadership for that to change, but so far the number who want to discuss the truth are few and far between.

In the meantime the rest can enjoy hating the Jews and the Americans and embracing Islam. Maybe one day they will become mature adults. Or perhaps they will just enjoy being good little dhimmis.

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