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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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The End Game of the Corona-madness. Goal: The End of Western Civilisation.

For a 0.3% death rate flu. The flu is not the issue. The New World Order is.

by Ferdinand III



Reorganising society along communitarian-communist concepts is not a new or modern invention.  Communities far pre-dating the Christian era and the Christian enclaves of communal socialism, existed all over the globe.  What has changed is the coercive power of the State and technology.  In times past the State did not have the reach, the depth, the power, the technological means to form and mould millions into compliant sheep.  The 20th century gave the State and the socio-pathologically inclined the tools and force to shape and control the masses.  Corona and the CV 19 hysteria is no mistake.


Hilaire Beloc and many others rightly believed that the defining struggle of the past 1400 years was between the cult of Muhammad and Christian civilisation.  In that struggle the Christian culture and might prevailed, preserving and then enhancing and building modern civilisation.  If the Muhammadan cult had persevered the world would mirror the backwaters of Pakistan, North Africa, Northern Nigeria, the desert wastes of the greater Muslim-Arabian empire without their oil money.  There would be no modern civilisation.  Beloc et al are entirely correct in this assessment.  The single greatest cultural threat to the West is the invasion of Muslims and Africans and the attendant ‘leftist’, ‘globalist’, or more accurately fascist support of the multicultural philosophy of relativity and globalist harmony.  This single and singular threat is now eclipsed.


The great and earnest past conflict between the light of Christian culture and the barbarism of the Muhammandan is now superseded, replaced In the 20th century by the age-old secular imperative of unfettered State power against that of the individual and non-State actors.  Freedom in other words.  The 20th century was a general breakdown in the Western world, when the two opposing philosophies of State power and individuality met.  The great disaster for Western civilisation is that State power was drastically increased in the prosecution of two global wars against totalitarian fascism, and a warm-to-cold-war with Russian communist-fascism.  It should be noted that fascism and communism are largely the same constructs (totalitarian state power), though there may be some slight variations in aims, objectives and emphases depending on the region or country in question. 


Totalitarianism, Communism and Socialism were long ago discredited both in practice and in the cultural milieu at large.  They are, however, the default positions of ever-expanding government.  Once the ‘people’ invested, or through disinterest granted, extensive powers to mostly unelected and unaccountable mandarins to build ‘education’, ‘media’, ‘health’, ‘safety’, ‘community’, ‘progress’, ‘fairness’, ‘a just society’, and all the institutions to ‘help’, ‘to care for’, to ‘enable’ and implement every imaginable program, the slippery slope model ensures that no limits can be erected against the deepening, widening, corrupt and coercive state.  For example, once you hand over ‘health’ to the government and socialise it, there is little argument against every imaginable diktat, tax, regulation, or demand from government on the grounds of ‘health’.  Once you ‘liberate’ sexuality and ignore the science of x and y chromosomes, DNA and mitochondria, you will by default, erect gender fascist theologies denying the most basic of biological facts, leading to a sexually confused society bereft of masculine attributes.


Climate Change and Globaloneywarming are variants of the Communist-Fascist theme, dedicated to non-science, propaganda, fake data and rewritten temperature records.  Most of the population have little interest in the ridiculous theory that a trace chemical necessary for life is somehow a warming toxin, deranging the Earth Mother.  The elite are however, extremely interested in such a program.  Controlling energy, carbon, travel, and all forms of transport gives the State unfettered power and prerogative.  The emotional appeal to the Earth Mommy and ‘nature’ provides a facile and easy sell.  The problem with Climate fascism is that the average individual is not inclined to give up the benefits of carbon energy, including heating, car usage, travel, air conditioning, cheaper products and food, for abstract and irrelevant intellectual fraud.


How then to construct the modern totalitarian state?  Health fascism.  Climate Communism or better named Green-Fascism, cannot be imposed on society without a casus-belli.  The war chant of health, safety, security from a supposed plague, as evil and widespread as the various bubonic plagues of the medieval era, is the obvious pathway to unfettered power.  Connecting the two objectives – reducing carbon energy to save Gaia and reducing freedoms to save yourself from a virus – are quite obvious to any who don’t follow the propaganda-narratives of government and their media outlets.


The only way to enact Green Fascism is through terrifying the populace about health and safety.  This has been easily done across the world, achieved by governments and international organisations in no more than 6 months.  The State’s reach and power, enhanced and extended by technology, digital surveillance, media control, university and health care compliance and support, is without precedence in history.  ‘Build Back Better’ is simply the implementation of Green Fascism.  There is a reason why during the Corona-hysteria, ‘Build Back Better’ was front and centre as a goal and objective of the new Religion (for the people) and Fascism (for institutions to control the religious).  For many reasons, this program is now accepted across the world and will result in a One World Government, which will erase civilisation as it erases national borders, Western culture, legacy and heritage.  


What are some obvious outcomes of the modern Dark Age if the plans are realised, the fruits of the current efforts bear fruit and the people simply surrender and comply ?


Drugs and genomic change:

·       Normalisation of virus testing at scale for all ages

·       Normalisation of genomic changing, immune system destroying drug ingestion

·       Normalisation of health passports and digital ID cards based on drug-ingestion

·       Normalisation of social scores, digital surveillance, all linked to finance, jobs, housing and travel

·       Normalisation of drug ingestion to combat all diseases, including heart disease, cancer, AIDS, and all respiratory and viral ailments


Religion of Science:

·       Normalisation of the Scientocracy, or rule by a small technocratic-‘scientific’ elite who will manage the great herds of sheeple

·       The great religious energy and truth of Christianity will be replaced by the Religion of Science

·       Morality will become optional and based solely on the communal need, the idea of ‘humusation’ or sacrificing yourself in a natural suicide to decompose back to Gaia, will be normalised

·       Every single feature of society will be based on ‘science’ and managed by ‘scientists’


Reduced populations:

·       To reduce ‘human impact’ a forcible reduction (through drugs) will be proposed and implemented

·       Part of the population reduction will be due to the acceleration of dead and injured from the drugs, blamed on ‘variants’ necessitating more drug ingestion and lockdown hysteria, leading to more injured and dead

·    Abortions will be mandatory in some countries, 1 child policies imitating China enacted in many others, euthanasia accelerated for seniors with disabilities or poor health


Lockdowns, Control:

·       Lockdowns- full, partial, temporary – will be used to ‘reduce’ the ‘carbon footprint’

·       Governments will create Universal Basic Income levels for all citizens who comply, and punish those who do not

·       For people who do not comply, they will slowly, step by step, be ostracised and quietly eliminated from society, starting with travel, work, income, shopping, and restrictions on daily life routines

·       Non-compliant humans will eventually be deemed a ‘health risk’, they will be monitored, probably physically stamped or identified, and be subject to legal, extra-legal, even vigilante violence


If the ‘Great Reset’ based around a flu death rate of 0.3%, is not halted then Western Civilisation simply disappears into a Global Communal Fascism.  The great conflict and ‘bloody borders’ between Christendom and Muhammadanism will evaporate.  The one true religion of the New World Order is the fiction of Science.  Nothing else will be tolerated. 



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